Best winter travel destinations worldwide

In some of the best winter travel destiantions worldwide, the temptation to sneak in a week’s worth of sunshine at a tropical paradise during the chilly and harsh winter months is undoubtedly enticing. Winter travel can be challenging due to cold showers, slick sidewalks, and overcast skies. And in certain cities, winter brings out their … Read more

What is Famous in Manali For Shopping

The hill station of Manali is also one of the most exciting places to do some shopping. You will find many shops and shopping zones where you can explore Himachali handicraft items. Handicraft items from Himachal Pradesh and surrounding regions are famous in Manali for shopping. Manali is famous for its woolen sweaters, shawls, and … Read more

Awesome Places to Take a Solo Trip

There’s nothing like roaming around the globe on your own. The most romantic phase of the year can be difficult for some. Heartbreak is a real thing, and it can sometimes feel impossible to shake. One failsafe remedy is to go traveling. Setting off on solo travel can often blow away the cobwebs. It can … Read more

Popular Places To Visit in Goa for Youngsters

beach in india

Goa is a popular place of thrill and adventure that is too hard to resist. Its magnificent beaches, buzzing flea market, thrilling water sports, dining options, happening clubs, and pubs create a festive environment. No wonder the spot fascinates youngsters like nothing else. And you don’t need a reason to visit India’s party capital. All … Read more

Top popular waterfalls to visit around the world

One of Mother Earth’s most soothing and beautiful creations in the universe is the waterfall. There is just something enthralling about watching the water falling off a rock face into a river. Everything is magical because of the peaceful noise it makes and the volume of water. Thousands and thousands of waterfalls are present across … Read more

See Fine Art of Akshardham Temple in Delhi

Akshardham Mandir

See the fine art of Akshardham Temple in Delhi One of the most famous sightseeing spots in Delhi is Akshardham Temple. The temple is not just a single temple but it is a very big temple complex with incredible architecture and green gardens. Akshardham Temple is so huge that it will take a half-day to … Read more

Traditional Golden Triangle Tour

Golden Triangle Tour India

The Ultimate Guide to India’s Golden Triangle The Golden Triangle Tour provides a quick sneak-peek into India’s rich cultural heritage and marvelous historical splendor. Get inspired by the lavish hospitality of three major cities of India, including Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, on the fantastic Golden Triangle Tour. Explore incredible sights, relish your taste buds with … Read more

Visit Rock Garden in Chandigarh Tour


Visit Rock Garden in Chandigarh Tour Chandigarh, as you all must be aware is the capital of both Punjab and Haryana. This city is considered the most structured and well-developed city. Chandigarh ranks at the top in the names of the cleanest and tidiest cities in India. Chandigarh is one of the well-developed and well-planned … Read more

See Historical Structure of Red Fort Delhi

red fort, new delhi

Facts and Complete Information about Red Fort Delhi The famous historic fort of Delhi that garners the attention of all its visitors is the humongous Red Fort. Delhi has a rich share of many stunning forts, and Red Fort is one of them. The importance of the Red Fort is from the time of the Mughal … Read more

See Wagah Border Amritsar Retreat Ceremony

Wagah Border

Be Part of the Patriotic Wagha Border Retreat Ceremony at Amritsar Visiting Punjab and if you don’t be part of the Patriotic Wagha Border Retreat Ceremony at Amritsar then it is a sheer waste of the trip. Wagha Border is situated at just 22 km from Lahore, Pakistan, and approximately 28 km from Amritsar (Punjab) … Read more

Outstanding Memorable Destinations To Visit In Bikaner

This blooming city encapsulates what paradise is. Bikaner will astonish you with alluring destinations and cultural heritage. You can’t believe your eyes once you step in here. The colourful atmosphere, historic forts, the desert are the features that define Bikaner’s charm. Moreover, you can feel the religious vibe in the ancient temples and royal atmosphere … Read more

Captivating Places In Pushkar That Can’t Be Ignored

Jaipur Ajmer Pushkar Tour

The ethereal town of Pushkar is known for its culture, heritage, scenic beauty, temples, shopping and vibrant cafes. Visitors are sure to soak in the traditional vibe of this quaint town in the Ajmer district.  Encapsulated in the scenic landscape, Pushkar will lure your senses with surprises in every corner of the town. Unleash some … Read more

Offbeat Marvellous Places In Rajasthan To Experience Serenity At Its Best

gadisar lake

The royal charm, gripping landscapes with a blend of modern comforts and ancient tradition defines Rajasthan.  This idyllic city has many places of interest to make your trip relishing. However, if you want to hide from the city chaos and experience tranquillity, Rajasthan’s offbeat places are a beautiful and cozy experience.  Secret spots in Rajasthan … Read more

Mind-boggling Places To Visit In Udaipur To Encounter Enthralling Natural Beauty


Are you looking for an extravaganza yet cultural tour? Well, then Udaipur is your best bet. From exclusive heritage to serene lakes, mouth-watering cuisine to binge-spree shopping, Udaipur will entice every traveller. Dotted with exclusive landscape, Udaipur is also an alternative to Venice. To know more about places to visit in Udaipur, scroll down! Escape … Read more

Pilgrimage Places In Varanasi To Evoke Your Inner Spirituality


The city that holds reverence in the Hindu religion is Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. You can feel the transcendental connection as soon as you step in here. The age-old temples, chanting, bathing in the holy river is a soul-lifting experience.  In this article, we will disclose some of the magnificent religious places in Varanasi. We … Read more

Unexplored Destinations Of India That Should Be On The List Of Every Travel Enthusiasts

jallianwala bagh amritsar

India is fascinating beyond words. The rich fabled land is known for its marvelous landscape and rich diversity. While you may have heard a lot about popular destinations of India. However, if you want to shield yourself away from the busy life, the offbeat places in India will surprise you with their mystical charm. Explore … Read more

Stunning Places Of Goa- Don’t Leave The Town Without Visiting These Alluring Destinations

goa tourist destinations

The sizzling beach atmosphere, night parties, ancient churches, serene nature view, enthusiastic clubbing places, ravishing cafes are all about holidaying in Goa. Moreover, the cruises, adventure and mouth-watering cuisine of Goa are perfect for a soul-searching tranquil and passionate holiday. In this article, we will reveal some of the best places to visit in Goa … Read more

Beautiful Destinations Of Gangtok That Will Capture Your Heart Forever


The place that mesmerizes all avid travellers is Gangtok. This gorgeous destination will leave you in complete awe and entice people of different interests irrespective of their age groups. From vantage points to green mountains, and from rich flora and fauna to picturesque towns, Gangtok will inject serenity to your senses.  So, there is no … Read more

5 Scariest places in Lucknow with their horrifying stories

Sikandar Bagh

The City of Nawabs “Lucknow” is known for its royal hospitality. This city will welcome you with its culture, history, delicious food, and its entertaining stories. There are many ancient monuments and buildings here, which you will surely appreciate after seeing them. But Can you believe that there are some horror stories behind them? One … Read more

Travel best Buddhist places in India

buddha temple

What are your thoughts on spirituality? Maybe you are thinking of getting peace and knowing life deeper. Yes, it is but it’s developed in culture. India is a proud place where particularly spiritualism has different cultures. Buddhism is one of them. Gautam Buddha traveled all over the country and taught his teaching people, due to … Read more

5 amazingly stone monuments in the world that will blow your mind

taj mahal agra

Does history have a profound impact on your life and archaeological ancient monuments make you even more thrilled? This better time today is the result of safe steps taken in the shadow of history. This historical monument is not just any old buildings, such secrets are still hidden in them, which you need to know … Read more

Top 7 places to visit in India at Christmas time

manali trekking

It is the end of the year when you get a chance to celebrate a festival to express your happiness in the midst of the intense cold. Christmas is the time when the sparkling X-Mas tree, fragrant plum cakes, and sweet candy all begin to merge with joy in the best way. As well as … Read more

List of top 7 UNESCO world heritage sites in India

Taj Mahal Agra

The UNESCO World Heritage Convention, established in 1972, whose work is to recognize cultural and natural places around the world. According to UNESCO, India ranks sixth in the world in heritage sites. According to the recent list, 38 places in India have got world heritage status. India is a place which is culturally and naturally … Read more

5 Best Places to Visit in India in This New Year


A new year eve and some moving thoughts, something different have to be done with new zeal, no longer stop because you have to go on a journey that stays together like energy for the whole year.  Get ready to welcome 2021 because whatever you have not been able to do due to the pandemic … Read more

The 5 must-visit destinations in Shillong

shillong peak

Shillong which is called Scotland of North East. The capital of Meghalaya, Shillong is a unique blend of culture and natural heritage. It is like a small paradise rather than just a hill station where the joy of sanity reaches its climax. Undoubtedly in the land of Shillong has numerous destinations to visit. Shillong can … Read more

Agra Jaipur Places Tour

Hawa Mahal Jaipur

Agra Jaipur Places Tour – Two different lands have two distinctly different cultures and history wrapped in themselves, want to tell you something unique and strange. One of the best destinations in India for tourist attractions is Agra and Jaipur. The places of Agra and Jaipur are enough to convey the philosophical beauty of North … Read more

Top 5 Uttarakhand Places to Visit


Top 5 Uttarakhand Places to Visit – Uttarakhand, “the Land of the Gods”, is a mystery, beautiful, attractive, and magnificent, and so much that people resembling heaven is here. Uttarakhand is surrounded by Nepal, Tibet, and Himalayan peaks. It is distributed into two zones- Garhwal in the north and Kumaon in the south. Uttarakhand is … Read more

Visit Amazing Tourists Places in India

agra fort agra

Tourist attractions in India seem to be infinite; they range from beautiful scenic destination to historically and culturally soaked archaeological sites, from chaotic cities to destinations which offer a calm and serene environment. Among this huge list of amazing tourist places in India, there is always a dilemma among tourists of choosing a destination which … Read more

A Best Tourist Attraction in Shimla – Kufri


Shimla – Kufri Anyone visiting Shimla also visits Kufri, about 17 minutes away by car. Shimla’s signature snow-clad mountains, beautiful lakes and majestic greenery make it unsurpassable in beauty. Not surprisingly, the Queen of Hill Stations, Shimla is Himachal Pradesh’s most highly visited tourist spots.  It was also the summer capital of the British, something … Read more

Memorable Tourist Attractions in India

kumbh mela india

A subcontinent with as varied topography and climate as India’s also boasts a variety of holiday destinations. Each of them has several Tourist Attractions in India, ranging from beaches to spiritual centres to hill stations to wildlife safaris and much more. Standing at No. 7 in the world in terms of size and No. 2 … Read more

Book Now! North India Tour Packages

city palace jaipur

Book Now! North India Tour Packages As we move into winter, it’s time to round up a good holiday destination. Yes, it is that time of year, which we have waited for. If you haven’t yet considered where you want to go for a vacation and enjoy the cool air there, let’s help you with … Read more

Special Tourist Attractions in India

tourist places

Special Tourist Attractions in India Are you considering enjoying your next holiday in lovely romantic India? Well, why not? This is a country where modernism and traditionalism coexist peacefully. You’ll be amazed to see several examples of it during your stay here. Why Visit India India is home to the oldest civilizations in the world. … Read more

Enjoy the Flavors of Punjab by Visiting Amritsar


Amritsar as a city is a stream of flavors, flowing from the heart of Punjab. You can walk around this divine city and keep savoring dishes, get tired, but the stream of flavors won’t end. A dramatic amount of tourists from all over the world visit to Amritsar as the city never fails to win … Read more

Here’s A List of Places You Should Visit In India!

wildlife tours uttarakhand

 Here’s A List of Places You Should Visit In India! India is a vast country filled with rich culture, heritage, and a diverse population. It is the land of history, peace, and spirituality. India is the world’s most hospitable and spiritual country. All guests are treated with respect, kindness and are provided with personalized service. … Read more

New Year Tourists Attractions in India

tourists attractions india

New Year Celebration places stays in India in three sides and make a triangle and this is famous by name of the Golden Triangle Tour Packages. So if you want to visit these places and enjoy and collect more information. New Year trip of the golden triangle and make your trip to know about the … Read more

See Adventurous Places to Travel in India


Indian Tourism industry in trying to explore new adventurous areas in India having rich culture with enjoyment. Every corner of India is full of new cultural colors which Japji Travel as a leading travel agent company is trying to bring to the people as Tour operators located in Delhi, India who offers North India Tour … Read more

Most Beautiful Wonders of the World – The Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Few Things to Know about One of the most beautiful wonders of the World – The Taj Mahal The epitome of romance and an awe-inspiring architectural wonder, Taj Mahal is a beautiful place located in Agra. It was built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The artwork … Read more