Mind-boggling Places To Visit In Udaipur To Encounter Enthralling Natural Beauty

Posted On January 12th, 2022


Are you looking for an extravaganza yet cultural tour? Well, then Udaipur is your best bet. From exclusive heritage to serene lakes, mouth-watering cuisine to binge-spree shopping, Udaipur will entice every traveller.

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Dotted with exclusive landscape, Udaipur is also an alternative to Venice. To know more about places to visit in Udaipur, scroll down!

Escape into the paradise of luxury and serenity in the incredible city of Udaipur

Udaipur being incredibly magnificent is sure to make your holidays the most memorable. Check out some of the best recommendations of Udaipur tourist places. Here we go!

City Palace: Illuminating beauty

The City Palace is one of the best places to visit in Udaipur. Tucked around the serene Lake Pichola and natural environment, it is the numero uno place to treat your eyes to the beauty of Udaipur.

Moreover, the mesmerizing architecture, garden, corridor, Rajput arts and museum will take you back to the Maharaja’s era. The flamboyant outlook and the traditional touch to the palace make it a perfect place to spend a memorable vacation. 

Jaisamand lake: Refreshing ambience

The artificial lake with the perfect backdrop of stunning nature is Jaisamand Lake. It has earned reverence worldwide for its sprawling beauty. 

Go on a boat ride excursion, soak in nature’s tranquillity, hear the birds chirping. There is also a temple by the lake that makes this place more divine.  To forget all your work blues add Jaisamand Lake to your Udaipur sightseeing places.

Lake Palace: Architectural marvel

Lake Palace is synonymous with royalty and aesthetic construction. Moreover, you can book a luxurious stay here to taste the royal feel. 

It is also among the best places to visit in  Udaipur for honeymooners.The marble palace is sure to make your stay ultra-romantic with its royal aura. Furthermore, the tranquil surrounding and the intrigue craving will entice the visitors. 

“Saheliyon Ki Bari”: Outstanding beyond words

One of the most beatific places to see in Udaipur is “Saheliyon Ki Bari”. Tucked by the famous “Fateh Sagar Lake ” is this beautiful garden. The perfect setting and view of the place will flutter your heart. 

The charming manicured gardens, tall trees, lotus pool, fountains will amp up positive energy. Moreover, the soothing fragrance of different flower beds is just out of this world. Visit the garden and experience the magical vibe in your heart. 

Eklingji Temple: Feel divine

Eklingji Temple is among the best places to visit in Udaipur in 1 day itinerary. To get divine blessings from Lord Shiva in your Udaipur trip, visit Eklingji Temple. It is an age-old temple with marvellous architecture.  There are also idols of other deities with the three Nandi Bull statues carved with different metals. 

Moreover, the idol of Hindu God Shiva is four-faced with a silver snake garland. The sight is blissful and is a true blessing. Chant the lord’s name and seek his grace when in Eklingji Temple.

Sajjangarh Palace: Palatial heritage complex

Perched on the hilltop, the Sajjangarh Palace offers an outstanding panoramic view. Famous as “Monsoon Palace” it overlooks Lake Pichola and offers an excellent view of the surrounding area.

Sajjangarh Palace is the ultimate destination in Udaipur to visit in the evening hours. As the white marble palace is brightened up with lights during the evening. The overall view is nothing less than an enchanting castle from a heavenly world. 

Bada Mahal: Sight to behold 

Another architectural wonder of Udaipur is the attractive Bada Mahal. The overall structure of the palace is beyond outstanding. With a touch of Mughal and Rajput architecture, we bet you can’t get over its exclusive beauty.

Bada Mahal is the most beautiful destination to visit in Udaipur. And you will discover its charm the moment you step in. The exquisite pillars, intricate carvings, manicured garden and royal vibe will charm its visitors. 

Ambrai Ghat: Spectacular surrounding

Want to capture the best view of Udaipur? Ambrai Ghat is the ultimate place offering scenic views. Visitors can enjoy the boat ride and take an up-close look at the enchanting surroundings. 

If you want to explore the religious side of the Ghat, you can visit the aarti in the morning and evening. The quaint environment and close to nature will leave you refreshed and stunned. Thus, it is also an excellent place to do meditation and yoga. 

Shilpgram: Explore rural arts

If you want to explore rural arts and exclusive craftsmanship, then Shipgram is the place to head. It is one of the hidden and best places to visit in Udaipur. 

The village is a spot of glitz, tradition and hard work that is combined in a wonderful fusion of artwork.  Witness the various architectural displays that are sure to add their colours of flamboyance to your trip. 

With an array of places to visit in Udaipur, it’s time for a vibrant vacation. Stuff the above-mentioned places in your travel itinerary and have a fun-filled and blissful holiday. 

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