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Content writing is more than just writing; it is much more than that. You must have a thorough awareness of how online content works and the methods involved in creating a decent piece of web content, Blog, Articles Etc.

A Content Writer's Primary Responsibilities Include:

Content creation for a website, articles, blog posts, and social media. All of them require different forms of material, hence a professional content writer's job entails writing various sorts of content based on format and structure.

What is a Travel Blogger?

A travel blogger, often known as a travel writer or simply "blogger," is a person who travels the world collecting material for writing about their travel experiences, earning money from a number of online and offline sources.

These freelance writers have their own blog and try to make money off the worth of their written articles and features. They frequently provide travel advice on bucket-list items, luxury travel, and far-flung destinations such as India, Himachal, Trekkings, New Zealand, Hawaii, Thailand, Colorado, and New York City.

Indian Travel Bloggers List