Monthly Car Rentals

Renting a Car and Driver on a Long-Term Basis

Opting for long-term car and driver services offers unparalleled convenience, especially for those who seek comfort and hassle-free commuting without the commitments of ownership. Such arrangements are ideal for business professionals, expatriates, or individuals with extended stay requirements.

The package typically includes car maintenance, insurance, and the driver's salary, ensuring a seamless transportation experience. Renters can customize vehicles based on preference, and seasoned drivers bring local expertise, adeptly navigating through traffic and routes. While this choice brings ease, it's imperative to understand the terms, costs, and responsibilities involved, like driver accommodations on outstation trips, to ensure a smooth tenure.

If you are planning to rent a Car and Driver on a Long term / Monthly Basis, Here you can choose the best and cheapest car rental plan which is suitable for you. Amid corona Virus/Covid19 people want to safe travel while going to the office, Shopping, Market, Required For office staff, Or whatever is used for travel purposes with family and kids also.

Monthly Car Rental Plans Starts From:

  • 4 Seater Swift Car @ RS 25000/- 
  • 6 Seater Ertiga Car @ RS 30000/-
  • 6 Seater Innova Crysta @ RS 50000/- 

Note: Above Price Not Included Fuel & Driver, Its Only Vehicle

These vehicles Are Available for long-term hire services in Delhi & NCR. Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad Monthly Car Rental Rates are available at a Very affordable and pocket-friendly budget

  • Delhi Gurgaon Route Innova Rental

    Monthly Charges
  • 95000/-
  • Include : Vehicle

  • Visit : Delhi Gurgaon Route 12 Hours a Day

  • Delhi Noida Route Cab Rental

    Monthly Charges
  • 50000/-
  • Include : Vehicle

  • Visit : Delhi Noida Route - 12 Hours a Day - 5 Days a Week

  • Electric Vehicle Monthly Rental
  • Electric Vehicle Monthly Rental

    Monthly Charges
  • Include : No Hotel

  • Visit : Electric car on Rent Monthly Basis

  • Car Hire on Lease Delhi NCR

    Monthly Rental
  • 30000/-
  • Include : Vehicle

  • Visit : Car Rental on Long Term Lease

  • Corporate Car Rentals

    Monthly Charges
  • Req/-
  • Include : Vehicle

  • Visit : Corporate Car Rentals

  • Long Term Car Hire Service
  • Long Term Car Hire Service

    Monthly Charges
  • Include : Vehicle

  • Visit : Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad & Sonepat Routes

Monthly Car Rentals: A Brief Overview

Monthly car rentals offer a practical solution for individuals and businesses that require a vehicle for an extended period but do not want the commitment of purchasing one. With the flexibility to choose from a variety of car models and the option to switch vehicles if needed, renters can tailor their transportation needs month-by-month.

Such rentals can be more cost-effective than daily or weekly rentals, often coming with discounted rates that make longer-term use more affordable. This setup is particularly beneficial for business travelers, people on extended vacations, those awaiting car repairs, or even individuals testing out a car model before making a purchase.

Furthermore, monthly car rentals often come with comprehensive insurance coverage, regular maintenance, and roadside assistance, ensuring peace of mind for the renter. This removes the worries of depreciation, servicing, and other long-term costs associated with car ownership.

However, it's crucial to read the rental agreement carefully and be aware of any mileage limits, maintenance requirements, or additional charges. While monthly rentals offer convenience and flexibility, they may not always be the best financial choice for everyone, depending on individual circumstances and usage patterns. Always compare options and consider your needs before committing.


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Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Are there mileage limits on monthly car rentals in Delhi?

A1. Mileage limits depend on Which Plan You Hired and have a daily or monthly cap. It's essential to check this beforehand to avoid additional charges for exceeding the limit.

Q2. Is maintenance included in the monthly rental fee?

A2. Most monthly car rental services in Delhi include routine maintenance in the rental fee. Always clarify the maintenance terms before signing the rental agreement.

Q3. Can I take the Monthly rented car out of Delhi?

A3. Generally, you can take the car outside Delhi, but it's important to inform the rental agency in advance. Some might have restrictions on inter-state travel or require additional documentation and permissions. (on additional Charges)

Q4. How is the driver's salary managed in a monthly car rental service in Delhi?

A4. Typically, the driver's salary is either included in the monthly rental fee or charged separately. Its all depends on what plan you rented. Normally we provide a package rate that includes the car rental, driver's salary in rental.

Q5. What advantages are there to opting for a monthly car rental?

A5. Monthly car rentals usually offer better rates compared to daily or weekly rentals, providing cost savings for extended use. We also provide flexibility for those who need a vehicle for a more extended period without the commitment of buying.

Q6. Is insurance included in monthly car rentals?

A6. Yes, basic insurance is Included in the rental fare, but it's essential to understand what's covered. Additional or comprehensive insurance might be available at an extra cost.

Q7. Can I switch cars during my monthly rental period?

A7. Yes, we allow you to switch vehicles (depends on availability), Kindly check with us by Mail.

Q8. What happens if I want to terminate the monthly rental agreement early?

A8. We have specific terms and conditions for early termination. There might be penalties or charges, so it's crucial to understand the agreement before committing.