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Today, the India tourism industry is expanding rapidly. Many areas are being opened for Domestic visitors, including places where tourists were previously not permitted. There are still some places in India that have recently been discovered and are now accessible to visitors. In most tourist areas, there is no such thing as a "off-season." With such a significant rise, Indian travel blogs all over the internet have compiled a list of essential travel tips. There are various travel tips for different areas of india travel.

All of these are not safety tips but also necessary details that you should be equipped with so that your travelling experience becomes memorable. For instance, if you are touring the Himachal with our travel packages booking, there are few tips you must keep in mind. You must ensure you have taken your confirmation brochure and receipt with you. Take a note of the weather conditions so that you trip isn't spoiled by bad weather. Keep your mobile phone charged at all times and keep you emergency contacts in the right place


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India Travel Amid Corona Virus

The India travel ban was implemented in March of 2020 year as a result of the corona virus pandemic, and India closed its international borders. All tourist visas were suspended, leaving many travelers stranded in India as the country entered one of the strictest lockdowns in history.

Unless you are an Indian national or carry an OCI passport, India will remain closed to international tourist visas as of May 2021. As restrictions are relaxed, India has reopened to domestic tourism, but there is no set date for reopening to international tourism.

Indian Domestic Tourism

The India Domestic tourism may start as soon as off this covid pandemic, Indian peoples now a days planning to travel wiyhin home country (INDIA) and Promote "Bharat Dekho" to Searching More Destinations.

The UNWTO emphasizes the capacity of domestic tourism as a means of boosting economic and tourism recovery in destinations worldwide. They explain that as global travel restrictions ease, destinations around the world are focusing on domestic travel, with many offering promotions for travelers to meet and visit their own countries as an ideal opportunity for destinations and tourism businesses – in both developed and developing countries – to recover from the social and economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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