Park-life Festival Manchester UK

Manchester the birthplace of change Manchester, United Kingdom is quite famous. For obvious reasons. Heritage or history, music, science, and many more. Most importantly, you’ll adore it. Be it dreamy historical castles or industries. Also, so many extraordinary is excellent for filming. In particular, Peaky Blinders were shot here due to industrial setups.  Besides, Manchester … Read more

Indie Music Festival, Normandy France

French Medival Dreams France is definitely the largest country in the European Union. Not just that, it’s the dream for many. Undoubtedly France is one of the best tourist destinations. Also, Paris is the third most visited city in the world. Additionally, France does have a lot of interesting facts.  France is filled with history. … Read more

Orujo Festival In Cantabria

Cantabria Filled With Gems Cantabria is mountainous and lush green. Cantabria has the most beautiful beaches. Above all, surrounded by ancient history and rocks. Also, it does have the highest density of caves. With some surreal cave paintings. There are almost 6500 paintings. Besides, one of the caves named Altamira is a UNESCO heritage.  Also, … Read more

Tartelet Festival In Odense

Odense tartlet festival

Odense is the third biggest city in Denmark Odense, Certainly the most beautiful city. Denmark is known for its historic charm. And Odense is one of its gems. Odense is filled with History, culture and exotic food experiences. You can start your day at Munke Mose Park. Furthermore, it’s an open-air space. Especially surrounded by … Read more

St. Petersburg’s Annual Art Festival

St. Petersburg fine art festival

Discover the magic of Russia St. Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Not only in art but also in rich cultural traditions. Besides, it is also known for great literature. Especially during winters the visual arts, and operas rules here. Certainly, you can experience the most stunning winters here.  St. … Read more

King’s Day: Amsterdam’s all-day citywide street festival

Amsterdam King’s day festival

Amsterdam Street Festival Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. A very well-known tourist destination. Also, Amsterdam is a winning place in Europe. Both, historically and culturally. Additionally, it is also known for pre-historic homes.  Amsterdam altogether is a place of amalgamation. Chiefly, the well-preserved heritage homes, and research institutes. Not just that, but you … Read more

Amsterdam’s Tulip & flower festival

Amsterdam the beauty

Amsterdam the beauty Amsterdam is certainly the best city in the world. The capital city of the Netherlands. Undoubtedly, the most happening city in the world. Also, it is known for its history. Meanwhile, it is also known as “the venice of the north”. This city is quite significant for romance.  This city is illuminated … Read more

10 Popular Spanish Festivals That One Should not Miss

Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

For many people, participating in Spanish festivals is one of the top reasons for visiting Spain. Celebrations occur in every village, town, and city throughout Spain. The best Popular Spanish festivals have religious meanings. While others are for partying and having fun. Our festival guide offers information on Spain’s most popular festivals, including La Tomatina. … Read more

15 Popular Italian Festivals

Festival of Sant’Agata italy

Besides places of incredible charm, Italy further means traditions of centuries preserved to this day. From north to south and from east to west, almost every city, town, or village has popular Italian festivals dedicated to a particular saint, celebrated yearly with lots of joy and enthusiasm. Italy has a long history of traditions and … Read more

Top Music Festivals in France to Experience This Year 2022

Tomorrowland Winter

At music festivals in France, music lovers are spoiled for choice. People worldwide welcome the unique, high-end Festival. Music has the power to unite us, and France music festivals prove it well. There are several other options for you to go wild in great vibes. Camping under the stars is the best thing no one wants … Read more

Copenhagen’s 3-week-long musical feast 

Copenhagen’s 3-week-long musical feast

Vinterjazz Denmark is known as a bicycle nation. Certainly, environment-friendly citizens are here. This country is also known for green thinking. Besides, Denmark has a world record in many things. Such as, 50% of energy is produced through winds. Undoubtedly, the Danish energy system is renewable.  Denmark is also known for its valuable nature. Specifically, … Read more

11 Music festivals in Australia to experience before you die

Splendour In the Grass

Are you looking for the best music festivals in Australia in 2022? Look no further because we’ve compiled the bucket list of Australian Musical Festivals. It will keep you dancing, grooving, and partying all year. First, you will find the massive music festivals in Australia. It attracts large crowds to hear a range of music … Read more

Halloween Festival Celebration & Costumes

halloween festival

Once upon a time, part of Celtic culture, now Halloween is a popular celebration many countries have adopted. Pumpkins all around, witch and gosh costumes, candy and caramel apples, and spooky decors are all about the Halloween celebration. This phantom party is more about enjoying the eerie feeling than just partying with your buddies. So, … Read more

Top Cultural Festivals in the USA You Should Not Miss

Cultural festivals are of great significance and happiness to people who belong to a particular culture. Different festivals are celebrated around the year in various states of the US, depending on the diverse population that lives there. If a large population of a specific ethnicity or race, they tend to join together and celebrate their … Read more