King’s Day: Amsterdam’s all-day citywide street festival

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Amsterdam King’s day festival

Amsterdam Street Festival

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. A very well-known tourist destination. Also, Amsterdam is a winning place in Europe. Both, historically and culturally. Additionally, it is also known for pre-historic homes. 

Amsterdam altogether is a place of amalgamation. Chiefly, the well-preserved heritage homes, and research institutes. Not just that, but you can dig deeper. Moreover, like literally. Apart from that, there are numerous theaters and entertainment places. 

Besides, there are more than 6000 plus heritage buildings. Which is actually from the 16th to 18th century. Through those canals, bridges are also made. Eventually, these bridges connect to 90 other islands. 

Immerse yourself in the essence of Amsterdam. See the art collections at Rijksmuseum, the national museum. Surprisingly, you will millions of cultural artworks. Also, witness 13th-century evidence through 8000 masterpiece paintings. Not only that but also more than 35,000 manuscripts too.

  1. Identically Cultural destination.
  2. Numerous historical evidence.
  3. Iconic Bridges.
  4. City of masterpieces.
  5. Visit National Museum.

Amsterdam Festivals in the city

Amsterdam is known for its diversity and festivals. Certainly, this culture is the key to Amsterdam. Throughout the whole year, events go on. Especially during the summer season. As it’s one of the best times to visit. 

Starting from the Amsterdam street festival to Holland Festival. So much more, namely Uitmarkt, Grachten Festival, Amsterdam Dance Event, and the Amsterdam Light Festival. Following that, the animation festival, and Amsterdam coffee festival. Where you can try out new baristas. 

Amsterdam has even more. That includes the Amsterdam Flower festival, and street party festival. Moreover, we have the Amsterdam art week festival, Amsterdam food festival, open-air festival, and contemporary dance festival. And so much more to count on.

  1. Particularly Diverse.
  2. Undoubtedly Numerous festivals.
  3. Summer is preferable.
  4. Culturally very lively.

Amsterdam King’s day festival

It’s a national holiday to commemorate King Willem Alexander’s Birthday. Furthermore, it is open-air festival. Every year in April it is celebrated. Generally, it’s a kind of street festival. It is different from any other event. Also, it is celebrated in traditional monarch and modern open-air style. 

Indeed, it is counted as a crucial day. This street carnival not only has day time celebrations but also nights too. The whole streets are decorated with small dutch flags. As a result you can see Dutch patriotism in the air. 

Especially, everywhere you will see orange colours in the city. The color symbolizes Dutch tradition and culture. Furthermore, you get to experiment the different types of food. Also, try out traditional beer and orange juice. 

At night it is called “King’s night”. At night generally many concerts and parties are held. In fact the spirit of celebration also continues the next day.

  1. National Holiday
  2. Dutch tradition is the highlight.
  3. Experiment with the food.
  4. Attend concerts and parties.

Free Market in Amsterdam

Particularly, on the occasion of King’s day, open markets are also set up. Traditionally, the Dutch are a nation of merchants and sailors. Buying and selling is a very important part of it. Starting at 7 am, the open market starts. 

Usually, the peak market timings are from 11 am to 4 pm. Not only, the market but also you can go for a festive boat parade. From time to time you see people dancing on the boats. They enjoy the floating party. 

You should not miss Museumplein, which is an open air pop concert. Specifically, it is a pop music festival. Since it is an open air market you can visit Vondelpark. This place is a free market for kids. You can even watch them perform. 

Also, you should not miss the south and west Amsterdam market. South Amsterdam is the biggest street market. And in west Amsterdam market you can go for dancing clubs. Groove on traditional songs. 

  1. Surely an important day for merchants.
  2. Festive boat parade.
  3. Amazing performances by children.
  4. Traditional songs.

Visit Anne Frank House &  Van Gogh Museum

 A very famous house during world war II. its quite significant for Holocaust victims, especially the Jewish refugees. Based on the scenario, Anne wrote a diary. Which eventually became a best international seller after the war. 

Witness the history straightaway and breathe the air of martyrdom. Also, you can find historical documents, papers, and images. You will find compelling evidence here. Also, visitors can go for a virtual journey through the exhibition. 

Not to mention Van Gogh Museum, is known for Art. In particular, you will witness history’s extraordinary art. Van Gogh paintings and artifacts are world-famous. Especially, the famous “Potato Eaters” realistic series. 

Surprisingly, not just the paintings. But also explore exhibitions, events and activities as well. The Van Gogh Museum is the best museum in the world. Witness both 200 permanent paintings also, 500 drawings and 750 letters. By Vincent van Gogh. explore 19th-century gems here.

  1. Significance of Historical houses.
  2. centuries-old arts and artifacts.
  3. Most iconic art.
  4. Realistic series.

Explore Jordan Neighbourhood

Lastly, you must not miss Jordan when you are in Amsterdam. It is much more than a popular neighborhood. Even more culturally vibrant. It is a well known area with a mixture of residences and courtyards. This neighborhood is the prettiest here. 

Especially the picturesque streets filled with colors. Also, there are treasured homes like Anne frank. And not so treasured too like Woonbootmuseum. It’s a floating museum. Also, by all means, you must visit Amsterdam cheese factory. 

Furthermore, you must shop for some traditional dutch linens, and pottery too. Above all, you must surely try some exclusive food. Both,  Lindenmarkt on Saturdays are great for food and Westerstraat on Mondays. 

Also, you will witness the best illustration here. Visit the Fluorescent light museum also called the electric lady. And the church in the neighborhood. Sometimes, there are concerts which are conducted too.

  1. Surly, the prettiest neighborhood.
  2. Floating museum.
  3. Amsterdam cheese factory.
  4. Taste the best food.

frequently asked questions.

Q1. Why is the King’s street festival is celebrated?

Ans: It is the commemoration of King Willem Alexander’s Birthday.

Q2. Why does everyone dress in orange on King’s street festival?

Ans: Because orange signifies patriotism for the Dutch.

Q3. What time does the King’s street festival begin?

Ans: The markets start as early as 7 am in the morning.

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