Top mountains for trekking in the world

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Mountain Trek is considered the best due to the vast array of varied terrains and the fantastic terrain locations. Currently, the trekking trend has gained much traction, with tourists from worldwide visiting some famous mountains for trekking. Trekking offers tourists an insight into the culture, varied topography, and pristine beauty of the places they visit. There is a lot to explore here. When it comes to discovering the most incredible mountains in the world, height isn’t everything. There are many factors to consider, and some tallest peaks are relatively easy to complete. There are some significant climbs that almost anyone can do as long as they’re active and healthy.

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Best mountains for trekking in the world

Here are some best mountains for trekking in the world to test your strength and perseverance.


Kanchenjunga is the third-highest mountain in the world, with an elevation of 8,586 meters. It is in the eastern Himalayas and is one of the most incredible mountains for trekking in the world. There’s a total climb, giving excellent acclimatization. However, the route itself is long and tiring. Climbers must be physically fit and healthy with a backpack to prepare for a load of carrying a bag.


The GR20 is said to be the most challenging long-distance trek. It is one of the most stunning, making every minute worth it. This long hike journeys you along Corsica, a sunny mountainous island. The trek is a serious challenge, even for the most seasoned hikers. The terrain is rocky, and there are few steep inclines to face.


Located inside the stunning Fiordland National Park of New Zealand, the Routeburn Track is a favorite for many. Expect to see skyrocketing mountains, huge valleys, beautiful waterfalls, and large glistening lakes. The route connects Fiordland with Mount Aspiring National Park and is roughly 32km in distance.

Most walkers take 2-4 days to complete their trek. This route is best from November to April, as facilities are significantly reduced from May to October. Walking the track outside the main seasons should only be done by skilled hikers. The weather conditions can be difficult and sometimes dangerous.


The Narrows is named the narrowest part of Zion Canyon in Zion National Park. This Utah-based trekking route is a famous trail that takes you along the Colorado Plateau. A slot canyon hike completed by individuals of all ages – including children – it’s an easy trek to tick off your list. In saying this, good fitness levels are required. Although just 16 miles long, the trek is physically demanding for children. You’ll be wading through waist-deep water, and there may be some light scrambling. It is one of the best mountains for trekking in the world.


WHW stretch is one of the finest self-guided walks, suitable for individuals of all levels. It will take 5-8 days to complete, with some great stops. Some severe athletes challenge themselves to run the entire distance in less than 24 hours. The 95-mile route starts from the southern edges to the crux of the Ben Nevis mountain range. One of the biggest attractions is the shores of Loch Lomond and the beautiful Rannoch Moor.


The crossing on South Georgia ranges from 35-50 kilometers depending on the selected route. You’ll be traversing large, crevassed glaciers and rugged alpine passes. The course is epic, but the ice and snow experience is a must. In pleasant weather, this can be done in two days. But always allow for three days in case of bad weather conditions.


One of Europe’s most prominent treks, Tour du Mont Blanc offers stunning views away from the crowds. This trail is an excellent step up for keen hikers looking for a more significant challenge. Along the journey, there are some fantastic mountain cabins to stay in. It include locations such as Chamonix, Tre-le-Champs, Col de Forclaz, Champex, Col de Bonhomme, and Cotnamine Valley. The trekking will take at least nine days in a clockwise direction. So practicing hill walks with a heavy load is essential. One of the best mountains for hiking is this one.


The Dodital Trek starts from the Asi-Ganga Valley and continues till the Dodital Lake. It is at an elevation of 3024 mts above sea level and encircled by pine forests. This lake has mythological significance in our history. It is considered the birthplace of Lord Ganesha and where Lord Shiva beheaded the young Ganesha.

The Dodital Lake, situated in the North Uttarkashi region, is a particular destination for trekking in India. After reaching the lake, people often take subsidiary treks, such as Asi-Ganga Valley to Bhagirathi Ganga Valley or the Yamuna Valley and vice versa.

Apart from the mythological importance of the place, Dodital is famous for its stunning display of natural beauty and the diversity of culture and heritage. The beautiful combination of the serene waters of the lake and the encompassing forests of pine trees has a soothing effect on the minds of the tourists.


Har Ki Dun, also called the Hanging Valley of Gods, is India’s most popular track for trekking. It is also considered a paradise for trekkers. The valley is at an elevation of 3536m above sea level at the bottom of Fateh Parvat. It also falls within the Govind Pashu Vihar wildlife sanctuary. The region is considered the best place for bird watchers and nature admirers. It is one of the most incredible mountains for trekking in the world.


If you are a spirited adventurer who loves to explore, the Kauri Pass Mountain Trek is a must-cover pass in the Garhwal Mountains region. The trail passes via some very scenic places having verdant green forests, meadows, and even some isolated villages where you can get a natural feel of their rustic cultures.

Overall the unique attraction of this trek is the Gohna Tal, known for its surreal beauty. The hike is also recognized as the Curzon Trail because Lord Curzon trekked up the Kauri Pass. The best part of this trek is that it offers a close-range view of Mt Nanda Devi atop the Kauri Pass. All these make it one of the best mountains for trekking.


Auden’s Col is a high-altitude mountain pass situated at 5490 meters, which links Rudugaira and Bhilangna valleys. This pass also links the ridges of Gangotri III and the Jogin I along with binding two glaciers, the Khatling glacier and the Joglin I glacier, opposite each other.

This trek comprises some stark picturesque beauty of nature that will mesmerize you to the crux of your heart. The Auden’s Col trek is one of the most difficult Mountain Treks because the pass is infested with fissures. So, a person planning to do this trek should have proper ability and skills. Moreover, it is also recommended to take assistance from a trained guide who has adequate knowledge of this track.


The Kaphini (Kafni) Glacier is in the Bageshwar in Uttarakhand. This glacier and the region surrounding it has a mystical allure that attracts hundreds of trekkers yearly. This trek provides the trekkers with a fantastic trekking adventure in the Himalayas. The trek route to the Kafni Glacier encompasses places like Bharadi, Saung, Loharkhet, Dhakuri Pass, Khati, Dwali, and Khatiya, of which Khati is the latest addition. Until Loharkhet, the route is motorable, and the distance is approximately 90 km for the round trip. Moreover, no rest house is located after Dwali. So hikers have to use tents, which are easy to set up as grasslands are ideal for pitching tents. This is one of the most breathtaking mountains for trekking in India.

Top Tips for Trekkers

Before you pack your backpack with trekking socks, consider the route you plan to conquer. Some treks need total self-sufficiency, sleeping under canvas and purifying water as you go; others have shelters or rustic teahouses every step. Some of the main factors are as follows:

  • Travel light
  • Respect your feet
  • Protect your knees
  • Climb slowly
  • Heed the weather
  • Be prepared
  • Plan ahead


Which are the best places for trekking?

Some of the best places for trekking are Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, Chadar Trek, Gomukh Tapovan Trek, Markha Valley Trek, Kuari Pass Trek, Nanda Devi East BC, and Milam Glacier Trek, etc.

Which is the best place for trekking in India?

Himachal Pradesh is the best place for trekking in India.

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