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Explore 10 Most Attractive Waterfalls in Laos

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Laos is a fascinating country with an impressive landscape, rich history, spiritual places and vibrant culture. Brimming with mountains, Laos has some of the best waterfalls to witness. With many attractions in this lively city, it is a perfect vacation spot for adventure and nature lovers. While the Waterfalls in Laos are a prime attraction for nature lovers.

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If you are someone who loves to watch gushing waterfalls amid a serene environment, Laos has some of the best places for you. With its green countryside and forest area, you can find the best waterfalls in Laos. 

Spellbinding Waterfalls in Laos

Birds chirping, flowers blooming, greenery all around, and a waterfall amid them is a true peace. Nature lovers are always in search of such mesmerizing places. Waterfalls in Laos have a similar vibe and will leave you awestruck with their charm.

 Want to witness some of the best waterfalls in Laos? Below is your guide, which you need to bookmark!

1. Kuang Ki 

When you are in Laos, you can’t afford to miss Kuang Ki Falls. Thus, this hits on our top list of waterfalls in Laos. The turquoise water and pleasant environment of the falls are perfect to beat the heat.

You can also trek to the other side of Kuang Ki waterfalls, and the view from the top is breathtaking. Or else spend leisure time taking a dip in the falls and strolling around the natural beauty.

2. Tad Fane

Perched in the Champasak Province, Tad Fane is the gem of Southern Laos. Two falls at about 400 feet high join together and drop down with force. 

The view of the sight is something that you see in the painting. As you stand in front of the falls, you are sure to be spellbound by its charm. 

3. Tad Sae

Want to get away from the chaotic crowd and spend a peaceful time? Then, Tad Sae will serve your needs. It is less popular among tourists but great with views, Tad Sae is a heavenly place.

This waterfall covers dense forests, and you can also spot elephants here. One of the best places in Laos for photography is Tad Sae. 

4. 100 Waterfalls Trek

Are you shocked by this name? You must be having a scene of 100 waterfalls together. Right? Believe us or not, the 100 waterfalls trek has more than a hundred waterfalls.

It’s a 10 km trek, and you get to watch the astounding view of 100 waterfalls. On your way, you can also explore a local village and experience the culture. 

5. Tad E-Tu

An attractive offbeat waterfall in Laos is Tad E-Tu falls. Imagine a place full of colourful butterflies, the sweet fragrance of nature, and gushing water. Yes, such places do exist, and it is none other than Tad E-Tu falls.

There are nature-friendly resorts nearby, where you can book a stay and enjoy this picturesque location. Avoid travelling here during the rainy season, as it can get slippery at this time. 

6. Khone Phapheng Falls

Khone Phapheng is the biggest waterfall in Laos. The view of this waterfall is enough to sweep your feet off. There are about 4000 islands next to Khone Phapheng Falls.

It is the best place to plan a picnic with your friends. Plan your visit to this 21-meter-high fall and witness its magical charm. 

7. Tad Yuang

This fall is quite popular among tourists so there won’t be any quaint time for you. However, its beauty cannot be ignored amid the noisy crowd. 

Being one of the famous waterfalls in Laos, Tad Yuang has all the arrangements to entertain its tourists. Along with a scenic view of this waterfall, there are exclusive restaurants in the surrounding area to bring joy to your tastebuds. 

8. Nam Kat 

If you love trekking then you will enjoy Nam Kat waterfalls. As you need to trek for 2-3 hours to get to this beautiful waterfall. Other than taking pictures and enjoying the view of this fall, the trekking trail is outstanding, brimming with natural beauty.

The suspended bridge and the dense forest on your way will add adventure to your trip. So, get ready to add excitement and soak in nature’s art at Nam Kat falls.

9. Li Phi 

If you are interested in folklore stories, there’s an exciting anecdote connected to the Li Phi waterfall. It is believed that this waterfall traps the spirits of people and even animals who did not live their lives morally.

So, along with stunning views, there are interesting stories connected to this spectacular waterfall. It is a part of 4,000 islands and a good place to enjoy time with nature. 

10. Pha Suam

This dynamic waterfall is located in the Bachieng District. The environment around the waterfall perfectly defines a leisure holiday. You can book a stay at a tree-top resort and other luxurious stays near Pha Suam.

The horseshoe shape of the falls is an interesting sight to behold. You can spend a lazy evening by this waterfall and smack delicious food in the nearby restaurants. 

These waterfalls in Laos are enough to make you pack your bags and travel to this heavenly abode. Any plans to investigate the beauty of Laos?


What is the best time to visit Laos?

You can visit Laos between October to April. It’s best to avoid the rainy season as it can postpone or cancel your plans. 

Can I swim in Kuang Si waterfall?

Yes, you can spend time swimming in Kuang Si waterfall and enjoy your leisure time.

Which is the biggest waterfall in Laos?

Khone Phapheng Falls is the biggest waterfall in Laos.

Which is the best transport facility to head towards waterfalls in Laos?

You can hire a tuk-tuk or take a boat ride. Moreover, some places also have hiking options. 

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