Must Road Trip every bike rider Needs to take in India

Girl Bike Rider

Traveling in India is a joyful and exciting experience all in one. Today’s generation has a different definition of travel than our ancestors. Travelers in our part of the world are no longer limited to using local transit to explore their destinations. They even now commute on bicycles! Instead of being leisure-seeking maniacs, today’s vagabonds … Read more

Popular trekking places across the world

Trekking is done to discover and take in a location’s beauty. It is a style of strolling that exposes you to various aspects of life. Numerous thousands of people go trekking every year. If this is your first trip, you should look into some of the popular trekking places across the world. There are countless … Read more

India Snowfall Places between November to February

Snow fall adventures

The first snowfall is always such an exciting event. In India, tourists visit the hill stations in North India, especially to experience the first snowfall of the season. It is a wonderful feeling to play with the snow, shaping the snow into various shapes and treading on the soft snow. Fortunately, India is blessed with … Read more

Best places to do paragliding in India

Paragliding, a dangerous adventure sport, is said to inspire a wide range of feelings as you soar through the air. The adventure sport has developed over the last ten to fifteen years from a nominal to a well-liked adventure activity in which everyone wants to partake. In India, Paragliding has only recently gained popularity. India … Read more

How To Take Jim Corbett Tour From Delhi

Jim Corbett in Uttarakhand has always been the favourite place of avid travellers. Thanks to its rich flora and fauna, glorious nature and adventurous activities. There are exclusive Jim Corbett tour packages from Delhi, which will help you explore the best of this zone. The road trip from Delhi to Jim Corbett is beautiful and … Read more

Famous Cruise Vacations in The World 2023

Cruise Vacations

None of the adventures get more exciting when traveling worldwide on a cruise. The words – “famous cruise vacations in the world” have a specific dramatic emotion attached to them, and the excitement of witnessing the world on the water is genuinely exhilarating. As countries worldwide continue to open up and pandemic travel restrictions fade … Read more

Explore Trekking in Uttarakhand Tour


Uttarakhand is blessed with the magnificent mountains of the Himalayas. These mountains are a challenge to trekkers and mountaineers. These lofty mountain peaks lure even tourists not accustomed to trekking and climbing mountains. But mountains are not the only place to go for a trekking tour in Uttarakhand. There are so many other geographical features … Read more

Adventurous Rajasthan Desert Tour

Rajasthan Desert Tour

Rajasthan “The land of Maharajas” Rajasthan, is one of the most welcoming states in India. Witness Royalty as well as vibrant culture together. Rajasthan certainly is one of the best destinations. And every year tourists swarm here. Not only colours but also learn the glorious History. After all Rajasthan is filled with art and the … Read more

Enjoy Rafting in Manali Tour Package

Rafting in Manali

Manali features a set of entertainment and scenic places to visit. Thus, Manali is one of the favorite tourist destinations in North India. Be it a long vacation or a quick weekend getaway, Manali will never disappoint you. And when it is about adventure, Japji Travel helps you book rafting in Manali.  One of the … Read more

WildLife Adventure in Ranthambore

ranthambore tour

Enjoy Adventure in Ranthambore National Park Rajasthan is famous worldwide for its opulent heritage, vibrant culture, royal grandeur, ancient forts, and kaleidoscopic celebrations. However, there is more to the city of royals that attracts tourists from distant corners of the world. In the heart of South-Eastern Rajasthan resides the most adventurous Ranthambore National Park. It … Read more

Adventure in Kullu Manali Tour Package

Ropeway-kullu manali

Adventure in Kullu Manali Tour Package Manali, one of the most attractive tourist spots in India, merits particular recognition for its spectacular flora and natural beauty. Manali has the most stunning scenery, surrounded by mountains that are generally snow-capped and charming settlements with rivers that flow through rock beds. The Manali adventure vacation package is … Read more

Book Your Adventure Tour in India

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Mark Your Bucketlist From The Most Adventurous Tour in India From North to South, India is the best place to unwind your soul. The soul-lifting landscape with a touch of rusticity and royalness will offer you a glimpse of heaven you have been craving. Other than the mesmerizing landscape, environment, and food, adventure activities will … Read more

Enjoy Mountain Adventure in Shimla Manali

Mountain Adventure

Majestic mountains, evergreen forests, enchanting valleys, the purest oxygen, spirituality, culture, and heritage come together to form the hill station of northern India. If it’s too hard, you’ll be amazed at the variety this destination has to offer. A visit to one of these high elevation areas is a proven way to escape the summer … Read more

Explore River Rafting Adventure in Manali

river rafting

Explore River Rafting Adventure in Manali River rafting is one of the most adventurous activities which draws the most attention from adventure lovers. River Rafting in Manali is famous for amongst both the newbies and the trained ones. River rafting is the easiest adventure sports activity that can be learned with much ease and definitely … Read more

Places To Explore The Tranquillity Of Jibhi, A Hidden Gem Of Himachal Pradesh

With touristy places like Shimla, Dharamshala, Manali and Kasauli, some destinations of Himachal Pradesh is unknown to the world. One such untouched beauty of Himachal Pradesh is Jibhi. Well, you may have recently heard about it on a Youtube channel or a blog. Right?  Well, that’s the reason you are here to explore more about … Read more

Experience Winter Adventure in Kullu Manali

winter adventure

Experience and Create Cherishable and Mesmerizing Memories of Winter Adventure in Kullu Manali Escapade Activities to be Explored and Experience during your Visit to Kullu & Manali  Kullu – Manali is called the Delight of Traveling Enthusiasts and Manali is said to be one of the most prominent and frequently visited tourist destinations in Himachal … Read more

The Most Dangerous Haunted Places In India That Will Scare You Even During The Daylight

haunted place india

Are you the one who gets curious about supernatural elements? Does shrieking cries, lurking phantom, dreadful noise make you curious? If yes, then haunted places in India will entice you with their mysterious side. These places have many uncanny stories backed up with ghosts, death, suicide, and black magic. Get ready to explore the spooky … Read more

Popular Trekking Spots In India To Treat All Adventure Junkies

manali picture

Home to alluring landscapes, the trekking spots in India will amaze you with their boundless charm. Whether it’s your first experience or you are an expert trekker, India has a range of trekking places to add to your bucket list. Away from the loud raucous city overlooking marvelous scenery is the soothing trekking trails of … Read more

Discover Adventure Travel in Wild Jungles of India

wildlife india

Discover Adventure Travel in Wild Jungles of India India’s wildlife is a least explored gem and it is now available for tourists to scour. This article will help the adventurous traveler know the best places to explore the wild jungles of India. Known for its dense and vast jungle Indian sanctuaries and wildlife habitat gives … Read more

Experience Adventure in Ranthambore Rajasthan

Ranthambore, Rajasthan

Experience Activities in Ranthambore Rajasthan Ranthambore is a famous spot for both tigress and tigers. It is such a beautiful place that you will see the kaleidoscopic colours and in-depth sense of culture, and set up your plan and visit this amazing place. You can even check out the delicious food trails and get a … Read more

Indian Travelling Adventure: Things To Know

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Indian Travelling Adventure Things To Do Adventure travel is extremely popular in India, as there is a huge range of possible activities that people can indulge into and create cheerful memories. Since many of us love to move outside our comfort zone and enjoy pleasing outdoor activities, we would discuss in detail how you can … Read more

5 Thrilling road trips in North India that will blow your senses

road trip

Road trips are best when you have to feel these magnificent landscapes and settle in the heart. This India is very unique and when it is connected by roads, then we can see what we cannot believe without seeing. Whether you are planning a solo trip or going on a road trip with the family, … Read more

Adventure Tourism and Jungle Safari in India

wildlife tours uttarakhand

Adventure tourism is a relatively new idea. The principle distinction between journey, tourism and other styles of tourism is the practice and making plans concerned. Journey tourism is a visitor pastime, including bodily activities, sports in nature, and exchange of lifestyle. Adventure tours in India- There are a plethora of activities one can do on … Read more

Enjoy River Rafting Adventure in Manali

river rafting in manali

Enjoy River Rafting Adventure in Manali  Are you keen to take a River Rafting Adventure in Manali? When you take a holiday in Manali, one of the must-do activities here is river rafting on the River Manali. Manali is encompassed by scenic landscapes and mountain ranges with the river swirling on one side. Such exquisite … Read more

Explore Adventure Tourism in India

adventure tourism

Explore Adventure Tourism in India Adventure Tourism in India – In recent times, adventure travel has grown into a popular holiday experience. One of the Top Destinations for Adventure in India, the Himalayan region, attracts people to it right through the year. India boasts several options for adventure travel spots both in the north and … Read more

Experience Adventure of Travelling in India

Adventure of Travelling in India

Experience Adventure of Travelling in India India is blessed with a diverse topography which lends itself beautifully to adventure tourism. So, it’s not surprising that Adventure Travel in India has taken off in a big way. This has not only put us on the international map of adventure traveling but has also opened Indians’ eyes … Read more

See Adventurous Places to Travel in India


Indian Tourism industry in trying to explore new adventurous areas in India having rich culture with enjoyment. Every corner of India is full of new cultural colors which Japji Travel as a leading travel agent company is trying to bring to the people as Tour operators located in Delhi, India who offers North India Tour … Read more

Snowfall in Manali

Himachal Pradesh Tour

Snowfall in Manali Manali in Himachal Pradesh is a small but extremely attractive and charming resort town, near the northern end of Kulu Valley and in the Beas River valley. About 51 km north of Manali lies the enchanting and rugged Rohtang Pass, beyond which lie the two valleys of Lahaul and Spiti. Rohtang Pass: … Read more

Top Trekking location around Jaipur


The pink city of India “Jaipur” and has become a popular tourist destination nowadays. Tourism besides the beautiful scenes it is having some wonderful locations for trekking which attracts most trekking lovers. Some of the best trekking locations in Jaipur are Mount Abu, Rajasthan It is famous for Nikki lake which one does not miss … Read more

Popular adventure activities in South India

If you are fond of adventures, then South India can be one of the best destinations for you where you will get several options to explore. There are lots of places in South India, where you can definitely enjoy several adventure activities like trekking, wildlife safari, snorkeling and other adventures which you desire to explore … Read more

Experience Royal Rajasthan with Amber Fort Elephant Ride

Adventure can of any shape and size. What that is most important that we enjoy the experience and feel thrilled.  When you are all set to plan for a trip to Jaipur then how can you miss the chance to go for an elephant ride? You will miss the chance to taste the flavor of … Read more

Top 5 adventure activities to enjoy in Manali

Manali is one of the favorite destinations for the adventure lovers and here in this blog we are going to share with you 5 amazing adventure sports of Manali which will surely add thrill to your memories of Manali Trip. Rafting: Visiting Manali and not taking the chance to enjoy rafting in the water of … Read more

Best adventure tourism destinations of India

Be it any season, an adrenaline junkie will always look for reasons to pack their bags and break the monotony of regular life. This is the age of the millennials, and has seen some of the rarest places being developed as an adventure tourism destination. India has a whole big bunch of young tourists and … Read more

Fly high in Kamshet Maharashtra

Are you sick of your monotonous life? Do you want to try some adventure sports? How about paragliding? Paragliding is a super fun adventure sport, slowly gaining traction in India. One of the best places which host a great environment for paragliders is Kamshet Maharashtra. Each paragliding shift is of 8 – 10 minutes but … Read more

An adventurous expedition in Spiti

Spiti lays calmly in the Himalayan mountain range in Himachal Pradesh. The arena is much similar as compared to Tibet with old antiquated monasteries, sparkling river and streams, enchantments or prayers by monks and the place contoured by mountains and pearly white glaciers is a heart stealing experience to the beholder’s eye. The taintless land … Read more


In the state of Jammu and Kashmir lies a peaceful isolated land Leh Ladakh. Considering the geographical features, Leh Ladakh is a perfect destination for your adventurous expeditions. Due to its statuesque scenic beauty, this place is a dessert for an adventurous person. The nature rests peacefully away from the hassles of the world. This … Read more

Ever tried Rafting in Haridwar?

Well, everyone craves for some sort of adventure in his or her life, right? The thrill and excitement is what makes life interesting and worth living! To the adventure lovers, have you ever tried Rafting in Haridwar? It is one of the famous adventure sport nowadays, and has become world famous. People from far off … Read more