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Adventure can of any shape and size. What that is most important that we enjoy the experience and feel thrilled. When you are all set to plan for a trip to Jaipur then how can you miss the chance to go for an elephant ride? You will miss the chance to taste the flavour of royalty if you are not opting for elephant ride. Major highlights of visiting the royal Amer Fort is golden chance to go for a ride on elephant till the main entrance.

The elephants are well behaved one and are decorated beautifully with Rajasthani traditional patterns of painting. The elephants play a very responsible role towards entertaining the tourists while taking them on a ride to Amber fort. They effortlessly transfer visitors till steep slopes of the fort. Have you ever experienced this? If not, then you must check out once.


Experience Royal Rajasthan with Amber Fort Elephant Ride: A fantastic experience
• It is compulsory for the visitors to arrive at the start point early in order to get a guaranteed ride.
• It will not take more than 20 to 30 minutes time to reach the entrance of the fort.
• These few minutes will offer you are life time experience which is worthy and precious.

Fun things to know about Amer fort elephant ride:

1. The elephants at Amer Fort in Jaipur are enchanting, lovely, kind, and adorable.
2. There’s a special team called Elephant Entertainment that takes care of these royal creatures.
3. It works for the welfare of elephants in Jaipur.
4. They offer elephant safaris so that people can enjoy spending time with these wonderful creatures.
5. It’s a fun way to interact with the elephants while ensuring their safety and happiness.

What is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Jaipur is from October to May, as the weather is pleasant during these months. However, from June to August, it can be a bit rainy. Despite that, people visited Jaipur in January and found the days quite comfortable at 20 degrees. Whereas, the nights were cool at 8 degrees. As winter progresses, the temperatures get warmer from December to February.

Furthermore, Jaipur hosts several exciting events that attract many tourists. For instance, the Jaipur Literature Festival takes place in January, and the Gangaur Festival also in March. These festivals add to the city’s charm and draw visitors from far and wide.

What is the cost?

• You can have a special experience there by riding on an elephant! The entry fee is cost for two people to enjoy this fun ride is INR1000.
• The elephants take up to 30 minutes to climb up the hill to the area of the fort. Additionally, there are close to 80 elephants which are serving the tourists.
• Overall, they have the capacity to carry close to 900 visitors on a daily basis.
• Moreover, special attention is given for the welfare of the elephants so that they keep serving the tourists in a better way.
• While on this adventurous elephant ride do not forget to take some photographs on the elephant. The guide will help you to take the clicks.

Things that are included with Amber Fort Elephant Ride:

1. Arrive and depart in a comfortable private vehicle.
2. Additionally, enjoy the company of a professional local guide who speaks English.
3. Engage in various exciting activities such as feeding the elephants, painting on elephants, bathing with elephants, and experiencing thrilling elephant rides, among others.
4. Moreover, all taxes and fees, including toll tax, parking, driver allowance, and state tax, are covered, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Additionally, the visiting hours at the Fort is 8 AM to 7 PM. However, the elephant ride timing is 8 AM to 12 PM. Similarly, the entry Fee of Amer Fort is INR50-INR100

Visit Jaipur and experience the royal adventure with elephant

How to get there?

To get there, you need to travel from Jaipur. You can easily take a private taxi or cab, as it runs every day. Additionally, the fort is perched on a hilltop, offering breathtaking views. For a royal experience, you must take the Amer Fort elephant ride. This will make your entry into the palace special.

It is well connected to Delhi and other parts of North West India by rail. If you plan to visit Rajasthan by train, you should know that the journey from Delhi to Jaipur takes about 5-6 hours. You can hire a taxi. However, those who are far from the city can choose to travel by train. Overall, it can be a fun way to explore this amazing place!

1. The distance from Delhi to Jaipur is 270 kilometres.
2. Agra to Jaipur is 240 kilometres away.
3. The distance between Jodhpur and Jaipur is 340 kilometres.
4. Bikaner is 345 kilometres away from Jaipur.
5. Jaisalmer is located at a distance of 595 kilometres from Jaipur.

agra jaipur tour

Wait! We have more on the Experience Royal Rajasthan with Amber Fort Elephant Ride. Along with the Elephant rides, you can do more. Any guesses? Continue to read.

• At Amer Fort, you can enjoy entertaining puppet shows, which showcase traditional Rajasthan culture.
• The puppet shows engage visitors and are especially loved by foreign tourists.
• Additionally, another must-watch attraction is the Amer Fort Light and Sound Show.
• The show uses laser lights and stories from Rajputana times to create a magical experience.
• Furthermore, it highlights local legends, folklore, and Rajputana’s glorious history.
• The Light and Sound Show takes place between 7 to 9 pm and costs around INR 300.

Also, you can explore the beautiful Jai Mahal, where exclusive meetings with the king were held. It is lavishly decorated with the famous magic flower on its pillars.

Next, there’s Zeena Mahal, where the queens and royal women resided, offering individual kitchens and sitting areas. Lastly, don’t miss the-famous Ganesh Pol, the main gate with artistic excellence and small windows for royal women to see around.

Safety tips while you ride:
1. Firstly, allow experienced guides and drivers to take care of the elephants.
2. Secondly, refrain from touching the elephants unnecessarily.
3. Moreover, show respect and kindness towards the elephants.
4. Additionally, follow all established rules and regulations while interacting with the elephants.
5. Lastly, maintain cleanliness and avoid littering to protect the environment.

Amber Fort main entry

Conclusion: Experience Royal Rajasthan with Amber Fort Elephant Ride
Alright, let us explain in an easy way! First of all, at Amer Fort, you can take a special ride on an elephant! It’s so exciting! The tour starts from a special place and then goes up the hill to the fort. You can book the ride before or simply ask local people there.

During the ride, you’ll see the beautiful Jaipur city and a lovely lake called Maota. Also, Jaipur is also called the ‘Pink City’ because its buildings are painted pink, isn’t that cool? So, riding an elephant at Amer Fort is super fun and, as a matter of fact, lots of people love it! So, are you ready to Experience Royal Rajasthan with Amber Fort Elephant Ride?

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