India Vehicle Rental Service

Car Hire service Can Be The New Normal

The hustle-bustle and loss caused by covid-19 actually led to the downfall of many business ideas. The fear of roaming freely in rental cars, taxis or public transportation is not leaving us anytime soon. However, car rental is considered to evolve much more in the business world after the lockdown ends. According to experts, car rental will help the country’s economy to overcome the situation triggered by this pandemic. So, people who are still wondering about a good startup business idea, this can be your stepping stone. To help you understand more about the estimated rise in car rental, here we have combed the top 4 predictions.

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Fear of the virus

It’s no secret that the entry of coronavirus has created a strong fear among the people on the global level and it’s believed that this fear won’t fade post the lockdown. To maintain a comfort zone and to stay on the safer side, people will start preferring car rental over any other public transport. The impact of the virus will make everyone cut off the distance between people and commonly touched surfaces, this way car rental will get a booming rise.

Scarcity of Personal Vehicle Rental

As per the ICE 360 survey of 2016, only 11% of the Indian population owns personal vehicles but dependency on public transport is used to cover up for them. However, public transport is likely to see a downfall in the post-covid-19 lockdown era. Considering this fact, car rental will become an easy-peasy option, especially for the youth. Be it for intercity usage or interstate, the demand for car rental will increase dramatically. We believe car rental is a better option after all, who doesn’t want a safe, comforting, and affordable way of commuting, isn’t it?

Longer duration of Car Leases

Few other renowned self-driven car rental companies shared their views and future thoughts about the approach for post-lockdown. Moving ahead the company promised that it will now provide a longer lease duration ranging from 12 months to 36 months, considering the needs of the society after the lockdown. Isn’t this what we all have been looking for? Driving a car with freedom without owning it. Saving money and time while driving a car without buying it seems like icing on the cake we have been waiting for!

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