Road Trips

Surprising locations in India for unforgettable road trips with friends. Road trips are one of the greatest ways to rediscover your inner self after it has been concealed for too long. Here are some unusual destinations in India that will provide you with an unforgettable experience with your mates.

Top 5 North India's Best Road Trips

  1. Delhi to Leh
  2. Chandigarh to Spiti Valley
  3. Chandigarh to Kasol
  4. Amritsar to Dharamshala
  5. Delhi to Dhanaulti

Road trips in India are the perfect way to experience the country's scenery and breathtaking vistas when traveling from one city to another. Long drives allow you to relax and break away from your routine, whether you are planning a solo trip on your bike or a family trip in a car. While long weekend getaways inside your state can be enjoyable, they cannot compete with the allure of interstate road trips! If you enjoy long drives and want to challenge yourself with some must-do and unusual road trips, look no further than our list below.

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