Best Road Trips in India From Mumbai

 Best Road Trips in India From Mumbai

Posted On : 09-08-2022

The Best Road Trips in India from Mumbai 

There is no doubt that Mumbai is the city of dreams, but it can also be a very stressful city. It is true that the city is full of beautiful attractions and reputed heritage hotels, but the fast-paced life, the rush-hour traffic, the long working hours, and the commute take their toll on our enthusiasm. You can take a break from your busy life and all the famous things in Mumbai and embark on a road trip. The city is near some spectacular weekend getaways that can make all the stress vanish in no time. Mumbai has something for everyone, no matter what your interests are. We offer five road trips from Mumbai that you should add to your list of weekend getaways this year. 

Lonavala and Khandala: 

It is practically sinful for a Mumbai resident who has never been to Khandala or Lonavala. The Twin Cities are known for their adventure activities. A bicycle trip from Mumbai to Lonavala can take you hiking, camping, waterfall rappelling, and other activities. You need to visit the Korigad Fort, the Karla and Bhaja caves, the Lonavala Wax Museum, and the Duke's Nose on a quick excursion. 

Travelling through the Mumbai-Pune Expressway is a fantastic experience in and of itself, so you'll likely feel refreshed even before you arrive in Lonavala. You should think about making a pit stop at Bushi Dam, Tiger Point, Rajmachi Point, and Lonavala Lake along the way. You may need two hours to reach Lonavala via the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway to cover 85 km by car. Your visit during the first rainfall of the monsoon can be a memorable experience where the beauty of the Western Ghats is at its prime.  


Matheran, a charming hill town located about 800 metres above sea level, is another well-liked driving retreat from Mumbai. Many vistas in this environmentally sensitive area provide 360-degree views of the magnificent Sahyadri Range. Visitors will find the intriguing landscape to be tranquil. While waiting, thrill-seekers can try rock climbing, hiking, and waterfall rappelling. 

The little hill town of Matheran in Maharashtra's Raigad district is close to Mumbai and a great getaway from the noise and bustle of the city. It is lovely during the monsoon when the neighbouring waterfalls are at their loudest, and the deep forests are lush and green. Matheran offers many enjoyable and impressive things to do, especially if you love the outdoors. 

There are 25 famous attractions in Matheran. The hill town's numerous attractions provide countless opportunities to partake in the best activities. You may enjoy the Panthers' Caves, Dodhani Waterfalls, Louisa Point, Rambagh Point, Western Ghats, Charlotte Lake, Panorama Point, and Irshalgad Fort while visiting Matheran.  


The Satara district of Maharashtra's lovely hill town of Mahabaleshwar is well-known for its strawberry farming. The roads are easy to travel on, and it's important to note that the itinerary also includes the Golden Quadrilateral Road. One of the best road journeys from Mumbai involves a stop at this location because of the breathtaking views such as Arthur's Seat and Bombay Point. However, the last 50 or so kilometres involve a climb. You'll pass by gorgeous strawberry fields as you get closer to Mahabaleshwar; their beauty is impossible to overlook, especially from February to April when they fully bloom. 

When visiting Mahabaleshwar, don't forget to check out the Wilson Sunrise Point, go boating on Venna Lake, and browse the grand strawberry and mulberry markets. Mahabaleshwar's most beautiful locations include Venna Lake, Elphinstone Point, Mapro Garden, Lodwick Point, Wilson Point of Sunrise, and Lingmala Waterfall. You can book a room facing Venna Lake for a panoramic view of the lake. The town of Panchgani is 18 km from Mahabaleshwar, where you can enjoy paragliding. The best months to visit Mahabaleshwar are March through June and December through February. The distance between Mumbai and Mahabaleshwar is about 225 kilometres. It can take 5 hours and 30 minutes from Mumbai. 

The Kaas Plateau of Flowers: 

The Kaas Plateau of Flowers, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is nearby. Kaas, known as Maharashtra's version of the Valley of Flowers, is renowned for its massive carpets of blooms that come to life during the tail end of the monsoon season. During the monsoon, the Kaas plateau receives an average of 2000 mm of rain, which seeps through the porous laterite rocks.  The Kaas Plateau, a preserved forest, is home to over 850 blooming species, some of which are rare and endangered and many new to botanical science, making it a vital study site. Kaas Plateau, also known as Valley of Flowers, is located on the high slopes of the Sahyadri range on the western ghats, 22 kilometres from Satara City in Maharashtra. 


On the Mumbai-Goa highway, Alibag is another magnificent spot for weekend vacations from Mumbai and a bike trip around Mumbai. It is a popular destination for couples looking to enjoy some alone time at the beach, but it is also a terrific place to ride a bike. Bikers will enjoy Alibag's expansive shoreline, delightful beach, and breathtaking view of Kolaba fort. The Alibag area of Mumbai organizes several bike rides. Visitors can use another route via the Sion-Panvel Expressway and the Karnala Bird Sanctuary for people who enjoy bird watching (100 km round trip). You can also visit Karnala, which has a magnificent fort, on the way to Alibag. 


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Which is the best road trip, Alibag or Lonavala?

A1. Alibag is an excellent place if you need to take advantage of the beaches and sports. Otherwise, Lonavala would be a better option if you wish to appreciate peace and are looking for a weekend gateway. Lonavala is excellent for weekend getaways, and Alibag is better for beaches and water sports.

Q2. What is the Mumbai-Pune expressway's speed limit?

A2. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway has a speed limit of 80 kmph, although the expressway delineates for speeds of over 120 kmph.

Q3. Is it safe to drive a car from Mumbai to Lonavala?

A3. The 82 kilometres on the Mumbai-Pune Highway that connect Mumbai and Lonavala are easy and completely safe to travel in a private vehicle. You'll probably use the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, the nation's first high-speed, six-lane, toll-controlled expressway, to get from Mumbai to Lonavala. Two-wheelers are not allowed on this highway.

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