Types of Visa in India

Visa Types in India

Travelers looking forward to exploring the Indian boundaries must look for applying to different types of visas online. Simply, if you wish to choose the appropriate visa for you it directly depends upon the type of Visa you wish to avail. It can be either a travel visa or a visa for checking the nationality of the visitor.

While applying for any of these kinds of visas, all the applicants are required to fill out an application form. Then, you are required to go ahead for submission the scan of the passport’s information page. 

The handed-over passport should be in the best condition. 

It must have six months of validity existing on the passport along with two blank pages left on the passport.


Visa Conditions

  • Before applying for the visa, the choice of the visa type for the corresponding purpose of your visit must be mentioned beforehand. 
  • In case of any misuse, the immediate cancellation of the visa is done.
  • As far as the details of various categories of visas are concerned, the maximum duration and supporting documents are decided beforehand.


Types Of visas:

  • Tourist Visa (T) - A tourist Visa is issued for tourism purposes in the Indian job market. Not only the issued tourist visa is non-extendable and non-convertible but the change of the purpose is also not allowed.
  • Business visa (B) - It's offered to foreign nationals who wish to take a trip to India for exploring the end possibilities. All the industrial as well as the business venture. Here, you can purchase as well as re-sell industrial products in India under this category of Visa.
  • Employment Visa (E) - An employment Visa is given to a foreign national who has the desire to come to India for Remunerative employment or Intra-company transfers in the company.
  • Student Visa (S) - A student Visa is given for completing the under-graduation, Master, or other higher educational studies which are under-recognized Universities or Institutions in India.
  • Transit Visa (TR) - Transit visas are issued for alterations/changes of flights. While traveling to another country, the complete transit must be the sole purpose and the complete process must not be misused for the work or business process.
  • Medical Visa (Med) - Medical Visa it is operational for the category of foreigners who have major objective to visit India for medical aid. Looking for the medical assistance and aid from the established/recognized/specialized Hospitals/ Treatment centers in India is a cake-walk with this kind of Visa. 
  • Medical Attendant Visa exists for the attendants as well as the family members of the patients who are visiting India for medical treatment. This type of Visa is for the co-terminus with the medical visa that is existing for the patient.
  • Entry (X) visa - Granting the entry Visa to people of Indian Origin, Foreign nationals, and those married to Indian citizens/OCI/PIO card holders and foreign nationals owning property in India.


Foreigner Registration in India

Are you looking to stay in India for long-time?

If a foreigner intends to stay in India nation for more than a particular period of 180 days. The traveller should be registered under the government of India rules. Among all the foreign travellers who wish to visit the Indian territory under the Medical/ Medical Attendant/ Employment/ Research/ Student/ Entry/ Business Visas should get themselves registered initially.

  • Registration should be done by tourist within 14 days of arrival in the country. All the concerned Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) in India must be intimated beforehand.
  • A foreign national that's not registered by the endorsement on passport or through the acceptance of disembarkation card by Immigration officials on his/her arrival. All the immigration officials in India get a Certificate of Registration when all the terms as well as the requirement conditions are fulfilled.
  • Once a foreigner departs from India, he must show the certificate of registration to the existing immigration officials. Once the foreign national is not expecting any visit on the same Visa, he/she must look for submitting the certificate of registration at the departure port.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is the Information that's required for the Indian Visa Application?

A1. a. Personal information: Name, Last name at birth (If different), Marital Status, Gender, Date of birth, Place of birth, Spouse information (if married): Maiden name, Name, Nationality.

b. Nationality: Current nationality, Acquired by birth or by naturalization
What is the Nationality at birth, any other nationality held at present/past?
Information about the Educational Qualification, Religion (you may choose not to disclose)
Present address: Street number, City, State, Zip
Permanent address: Street number, City, State, Zip, Country
Contact numbers: Home phone, Cell phone
Employer information: Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Country
Passport information: All the details on the passport with all information. Credentials along with the existing passport number, Issuing date, Date of expiration.
Details of any other Passports/Identity Certificate held
Parents information: Father/ mother's name, nationality of the parents or Grandparents (paternal and maternal).
Visa information such as the type of visa.
All the entries present, places to visit by the individual, objective of the Journey while travelling.

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