Sanitized Car Rental Services

Sanitized Car Rental Services

Japji Travel Commitment for Safe Drive During Covid19

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic when people have understood the importance of social distancing and self-isolation, we at Japji Travel are trying our best to ensure safer transport and assure public safety. To prevent the further spread of Covid19, we are following precautionary guidelines for public safety and implementing stringent measures to guarantee a safe drive. Here is how we are making our rental cars and buses ready to fight the pandemic:

Plastic Partitions to Ensure Safe Distancing

We have updated all our rental vehicles including Innova Crysta, Ertiga, and 9-seater Tempo Traveler with transparent partitions to ensure a safe distance between the driver and passengers. Similar modifications have been done to the 12-seater Maharaja Tempo Traveler for secure transit.

The newly installed plastic shield partitions between the driver and passengers warrant minimal human contact while traveling. Plus, our drivers wear face shields and gloves as an added precautionary measure. Furthermore, our 18 and 21-seater Minibusses have partitioned cabins for driver and helper. Plastic separators are also installed for travelers.

Mandatory Safety Supplies in All Rental Vehicles

Under the havoc of Covid19, we have equipped all our rental vehicles with primary safety supplies like water bottles, paper soaps, tissue papers, face masks, and alcohol-based sanitizer. We encourage hand hygiene and make these supplies available to our passengers whenever required.

A small closed-lid bin is also kept handy for quick disposal of trash. In case, you cannot procure a bottle of hand sanitizer, we keep it handy in the car for our passengers to ensure hand hygiene before every drive.

Mandatory Disinfection After Every Ride

In case you are worried about riding a rental vehicle because it is boarded by so many people earlier than you, you should know that you can travel safely with Japji Travel. We at Japji Travel disinfect all our vehicles after every ride with alcohol-based solutions to eliminate any possible chances of communicable infection and make it safe for our passengers.

We clean every exposed surface with isopropyl alcohol to remove smudges and eliminate exposure to infection. After extensive disinfection at every level, we properly aerate our cars and buses as an added precautionary measure so that you get well-ventilated, deeply disinfected, and properly cleaned vehicles for every ride.

Safety Mandates for Passengers

In light of the Corona threat, we request all our passengers to follow certain safety mandates as per the guidelines issued by the WHO. It is required for our passengers to wear face masks and sanitize their hands before boarding our cars and buses.

To remove possible chances of infection, we provide our passengers with a COVID travel kit that contains a hand sanitizer and a personal face mask to ensure their safety. The use of the hand sanitizer is mandatory before and after every ride. All the luggage is loaded in the luggage carrier or boot space to ensure a zero-contact ride. 

Drivers Being Trained for COVID Safety

All our professional chauffeurs have undergone intensive and rigorous training to understand the complications of Covid19, practice mandatory safety guidelines, and encourage personal and vehicle hygiene. All our drivers have face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers to ensure safe travel.

Our drivers make sure to disinfect the vehicle after every ride focussing on cleaning the high-touch surfaces like door handles, steering wheels, shift levers, buttons, touch screens, door armrests, seat adjusters, and wipers. Masks are mandatory for the driver and passengers. A perspex divide between the driver and the back seat ensures proper communication with minimal contact.

Another step in this safety scenario is the promotion of contactless payments. In light of the pandemic spread, we encourage passengers for making contactless payments via credit and debit cards or Paytm.    

Prepared to Combat the Pandemic

We at Japji Travel are committed at every step to combat further spread of Covid19 and ensure safe drive with proper hygiene. Book an Innova Crysta or Ertiga for a short-distance ride. Hire a 9-seater Tempo traveler or a 12-seater Maharaja tempo traveler for a family trip downtown. Board an 18 and 21-seater Minibuses for your next Bleisure travel with Japji Travel.

All our rental vehicles are equipped with essential tools and the right accessories to stay safe during the pandemic. Drive safety with well-trained professional drivers who are well-aware of the complications of Covid19 and practice ultimate personal and vehicle hygiene. We have implemented necessary safety mandates at every possible step to ensure a secure ride for every passenger on board.

We understand that vehicles run the risk of exposure to infection during pickups, drop-offs, and refueling locations. For this reason, we ensure thorough disinfection of our vehicle after every ride. The mandatory steps of disinfection and aeration keep our vehicles deep clean and free of possible infection. For any further concerns on travel during Covid19, you can contact our customer care team with any queries. Book your rides today and get a safe ride with Japji Travel.  

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