Electric Car Rental Company

Electric Car Rental Company

Best Electric Car Rental Company

Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. The electric vehicle is a trending new concept in the transport industry. Many companies are now shifting their car models to electricity-based vehicles. It not only helps to save money but also leads to a more clean and green environment. Moreover, the Indian Government has also subsidized and plan to give incentives on electric vehicles.

As part of our attempts to provide seamless travel and customized services, we are glad to introduce the electric car fleet. Our huge fleet of electric cars allows you to drive plug-in electric vehicles and make the environment greener and pollution-free. We allow our customers to hire an electric car on a daily or hourly basis.

Possessed with special advanced features, our gas-powered cars enable a smooth and comfortable journey without recharging up to 100 km. With no smoke emissions and pollution, our electric cars help to keep our cities clean. 

Benefits Of Electric Cars

  • Better For The Environment- Electric cars do not emit smoke like combustion-engine vehicles, thereby leading to a clean environment. In addition, electric cars do not require spark plugs, thus this reduces the waste in the environment. This way, we can contribute to a more clean and green climate. 
  • No Usage Of Oil or Gas- Since electric cars use battery-powered electric motors, they do not require oil. These battery motors can be recharged at any electric charging station.
  • Reduce Emissions- Electric cars are thoroughly eco-friendly as they run on battery-powered engines. Therefore, these cars do not emit smoke or toxic gases.
  • More Convenient- It is easy to recharge electric vehicles since they do not require motor engines. So, you do not have to wait in long queues at petrol pumps to get them charged. You can easily recharge them from normal sockets at your house.
  • Cost-Effective- Owning an electric car is very cost-effective now. Its purchasing cost and maintenance cost have significantly decreased with time.
  • Minimal Maintenance- Electric cars run on batteries, so the costs for maintaining and servicing the engines are eliminated. Moreover, these electric cars require minimal servicing, thereby reducing the extra servicing costs. With the latest technologies, it is further expected that the cost of batteries will come down.
  • Easy To Drive- Electric cars are so easy to drive. They come with one long gear and there is no clutch mechanism in it. 

How Electric Cars Are Different To Drive

Electric cars work differently than gas-powered cars. Like automatic, there are two pedals in electric cars, namely throttle, and brake. While an automatic car uses its gears to adjust the speed and load of the engine, the electric car has only one gear. The rechargeable batteries installed inside the electric cars are used to power the car and its lights and wipers too.

Electric vehicles also have a unique feature called Regenerative Braking. When the driver takes off his foot from the gas, the car automatically starts applying brakes. This helps to increase the battery charge by saving energy, which would have been otherwise wasted by using brakes.

Why Rent Electric Cars

Our best electric car rental provides smooth acceleration, noise-free rides, and the best driving experience. Since they do not emit emissions and smoke, they are better for the environment. Our automatic electric cars are comfortable to drive even on confined and narrow roads. Moreover, you do not have to stress changing gears frequently.

Our fully electric cars with Bluetooth, navigation and automatic transmission will fully impress you with their long durable battery capacity. Our electric vehicles are well-maintained and in perfect conditions which will surely tempt you to rent again and again. We are one of the most reliable car rental companies and provide the best and personalized rental services on-demand. 

For a unique and comfortable driving experience, hire an electric car and feel the difference. 

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