Tips for Rishikesh River Rafting


River Ganga entices you to experience taming it and the best way of doing it is through Rafting! The people who are born with the passion for performing adventure sports cannot stop themselves from doing river rafting in Rishikesh. Besides this, there are various rivers rafting which you can perform from dangerous level to easy one. One should not forget themselves while having fun as your life is the precious thing given by God. By following some safety tips you will be able to multiply your joy while performing the sport. Some of the precautions which will help you while doing rafting are

Be a good listener to your rafting guide

If you will listen to your guide carefully you will be able to handle every situation. As rafting guides are very experienced because they have faced every situation and know what to do and how to do. They are the one which is going to make your rafting experience wonderful if you have the ability to be a good listener.

Wear comfortable clothes

Wear clothes in which you feel comfortable to perform rafting as you have to do paddling and much more. It is advised to wear clothes in a layer so that you can remove some of the clothes if required.

Do not carry expensive things

Rafting is an adventure sport in which you cannot carry any valuable items like wallet, keys, phones, cameras etc.

First Aid kit is must

Having fun is a good thing to do but remember do not perform the activities by which you can harm yourself in case any mishap took place so you should be having first aid kit with yourself and do not forget to carry dry carry bag in which there should be an inhaler, bee sting kit, insulin etc.

Physical fitness

You should be physically and mentally fit to do rafting as it demands a lot of strength and stability to face rapids. One should consult rafting instructor if you are having any health issues.

Gain knowledge Beforehand

Try to gain knowledge about the rapids so you can face it with ease. Some of the basic techniques are jumping to the high side of the raft. If it gets capsized then keep the raft straight.

Never go without a lifejacket

Lifejacket is the essential part while doing rafting. You must select the jacket that perfectly fits you and in which you feel comfortable. It is also important to carry personal flotation devices.

Never raft alone

Whether you are a beginner or experienced you should always raft with a group and an instructor as it is a group activity. As if you will be with the group you will be easily able to face the Rapids .You should know what to do if you fell out of the raft or if someone else fell out of the raft. Never ever raft without a helmet.

Try not to lose your T-grip

T-GRIP (it is upper part of paddle which is in T shape) in excitement do not lose your t-grip while rafting if you lose then you will lose your paddle.


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