Facts That You Never Heard About Mount Kailash

The most sanctum place for Hindus, Jains and Buddhists is Mount Kailash. Located at a staggering elevation of 6,656m is where divinity resides in the mountain range of Kailash. As per the Hindu religion, Lord Shiva resides here.  There is also a belief that if a person circularly walks around the mountain, their all sins are destroyed.

Moreover, it is said to be the gateway to peaceful heaven. Being such a supreme destination, visiting here is true bliss. However, unknown Mount Kailash facts will make your head spin.

Surprising facts about divine Mount Kailash

Did you know, climbing Mount Kailash is impossible? To date, no one has succeeded. Even the Mount Kailash Nasa team was left surprised by its facts. Want to know more about the mysterious secrets of Mount Kailash? Keep reading ahead!

The human ageing process speeds up here

How long does it take to grow your hair and nails? Well, maximum 3-4 weeks, isn’t it? However, at Mount Kailash, you can see a difference in your hair and nail growth in just 12 hours. Unbelievable right? But people have witnessed such miracle changes.

It is said that the air here speeds up the aging process. There’s also a story of Siberia climbers, who passed the forbidden line of Mount Kailash. The group experienced a leap of age and unfortunately died after a year. Mount Kailash mysteries are intriguing. The cosmic control here fails rational thinking.

A mountain or a pyramid?

The look of Mount Kailash is different and mysterious. Why? Because the shape of the mountain resembles a vacuum pyramid. Scientists claim that it is a manmade pyramid. According to the reports, there are other small pyramid’s surrounding it.

There is also research stating that the pyramid shape is hollow inside. The height of the pyramid complex here is about 100-1800m. So, if it is a pyramid, then it is the largest pyramid in the world today. Mount Kailash altitude and its cosmic connection will surprise you to no bounds.

Mysterious association of two lakes

There are two water bodies here called Mansarovar Lake and Rakshastal Lake. The Mansarovar Lake is considered pure and divine. On the contrary, Rakshastal Lake is considered the demon lake. Mansarovar Lake has pure and freshwater, while Rakshastal Lake is a saline lake.

Moreover, Rakshastal Lake has no vegetation and aquatic creatures. The Tibetans have named it “Ghost Lake”. As per popular folklore, the demon king Ravana has taken a dip in this Rakshastal Lake. Mansarovar lake has a deep spiritual connection. According to popular belief, people who drink water from Mansarovar lake get purified from their sins. Thus, this is the mystery of two lakes contributing to the mysterious Mount Kailash facts.

Creating Om symbol and Swastika naturally

As Mount Kailash is associated with Lord Shiva, several mysteries have proven his existence here. The symbol and word Om have reverence in the Hindu religion. At Mount Kailash, one can witness the natural formation of Om with snow deposits. Woah, this is a huge surprise!

People also get to see Lord Shiva’s face projecting on the Kailash Mountain. Moreover, as the sun sets, its shadow is reflected as the swastika symbol on the mountain. Pilgrimages visiting here have felt the supernatural powers here. Devotees believe it is a feast to their eyes and sing the glories of God.

A moving Mountain

We believe mountains are immovable, but Mount Kailash has a different law. Due to the changing position of the mountain, it is impossible to climb Mount Kailash. Moreover, the pyramid shape and unfavourable weather conditions create obstacles.

Furthermore, due to the changing position, it confuses the trekkers. Many people have tried climbing the mountain but were unsuccessful. Tragically, many people who have attempted to climb have not returned.  Surprisingly, in 1928, a monk named Milarepa was successful in climbing Mount Kailash. He was a Buddhist Tibetian monk and the only person who succeeded in surviving Mount Kailash mysteries and returning safely.

An Axis Mundi

As per research, Mount Kailash is perched on the centre of the revolving earth. Even in Ramayana and Vedas, Mount Kailash is described as an Axis Mundi. Researchers also state that this mountain is connected to other monuments of the globe like Stonehenge.

While the Mount Kailash altitude is a surprising fact, several other stories will also stun you. As stated earlier, the mountain is a step towards heaven. Yes, this is proven in the story that date backs to Mahabharata time. The Pandavas and their wife Draupadi went climbing this cliff on the journey to attain salvation. Finally, the door of heaven was open for the elder Pandava called Yudhishthir while others slipped off. So, Mount Kailash is a centre where heaven and Earth meet.

These are some of the surprising Mount Kailash facts that can make anybody curious. Thus, despite the journey being an arduous task an influx of tourists visit here around the globe.

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