Popular Trekking Spots In India To Treat All Adventure Junkies

Posted On October 28th, 2021

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Home to alluring landscapes, the trekking spots in India will amaze you with their boundless charm. Whether it’s your first experience or you are an expert trekker, India has a range of trekking places to add to your bucket list.

Away from the loud raucous city overlooking marvelous scenery is the soothing trekking trails of India. In this article, we will unwind some of the popular trekking destinations in India.

Unfold the eye-soothing trekking destinations of India

With diverse climatic and mountain ranges, India offers the best trekking trails to explore nature at its best. So, let’s begin to unravel the electrifying trekking trails. Read all the deets below!

“Beas Kund Trek”

One of the popular treks in India is Beas Kund, located in Himachal Pradesh. The century-old trees, lush greenery, lofty mountains, glaciers, flora and fauna are the main highlights of trekking here. Moreover, the place has religious significance. According to Hindu mythology, Sage Vyas has meditated and taken bath in this Beas river.

The trek trails will offer you a sight to remember keeping the thrill lively. Witness the stunning view of Hanuman Tibba, Pir Panjal Range, and Deo Tibba as you pass by. The trekking trails are also comfortable for beginner-level trekkers. Start your journey from Dhundi and capture awe-inspiring memories.

Altitude: 12,772 ft

Difficulty Extent: Moderate

Best Season: Starting from May till mid-October.

“Markha Valley Trek”

Do you want to experience an adrenaline rush? How about a strenuous hike? If your answer is yes, make your way towards the “Markha Valley Trek” of Ladakh. It is one of the best trekking spots in India for an action-filled memory. You get to walk through the splendor beauty of Leh Ladakh.

Surrounded by beautiful monasteries and temples, your trip will be divine as well as adventurous. Moreover, the quaint villages you get to encounter will further astonish you.  The slaying colorful mustard and wheat fields are a visual treat. Furthermore, idyllic places on your way will add a heavenly feel.

Altitude: 17,100ft

Difficulty Extent: Moderate

Best Season: June to October.

“Clouds End Trek”

Unleash the beauty of Uttarakhand at “Clouds End Trek”. If you are looking for popular trekking destinations in India, then add this place to your itinerary. Located in the Mussoorie district of Uttarakhand, the trekking trail will enthrall you with its beauty. It is a perfect spot to soak in adventure.

Furthermore, the Deodar and Oak forests encircling the area add a pleasant view to the trekking trails. You also get to witness the architectural wonder of a beautiful bungalow from the British Era. Soak in the cultural vibe and relish the spectacular view while trekking at “Clouds End Trek”.

Altitude: 7349ft

Difficulty Extent: Moderate

Best Season: April to October.

“Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek”

For adventure and a pioneer of peace, Kanchenjunga Trek is an incredible experience. Located in the quaint Sikkim region, it is the “3rd highest mountain” of our planet. However, the trekking trail is complicated. Not to worry, but the immense pleasure of the panoramic view is worth all the complications.

Opt for the “base camp trek” to unravel the scenic view of pleasant geographical locations. On your way to trekking, you get to witness the alluring view of Chandra Peak, Frey Peak and Kabru Peak. The panoramic view, remote villages, waterfalls and rivers will take you to “La-La land”.

Altitude: 5200m

Difficulty Extent: Moderate and challenging

Best Season: March to May, October till November.

Rajmachi Trek

 Located in Maharashtra, Rajmachi Trek is among the popular treks in India. Away from the hustle and bustle of city chaos, explore the quaint side of Maharashtra. Amid the breathtaking views of Lonavala and Karjat, the trekking trail here is the best weekend entertainment.

You get to admire the beauty of Shrivardhan and Manaranjan forts on the way trekking. The adventure thrill starts from the forest zone. It’s a fusion of adventure and tranquillity. Furthermore, the view of Dhak Bahiri, Kataldhar, Bhimashankar and Madan point is the true prodigy of nature.

Altitude: 2750ft

Difficulty Extent: Moderate

Best Season: From June till September

“Valley of flowers trek”

Explore the magnificent charm of Uttarakhand while trekking at the “Valley of flowers”. As the name suggests, your heart will indeed flutter seeing the blooming flowers. Moreover, the bonus of birds chirping, colourful butterflies and lofty mountains will enthral you.

The blessed land is regarded as one of the best trekking spots in India to get close to nature. Especially the aroma of flowers will drain all your worries away. Moreover, you can spot endangered animals and medicinal plants here. Plan your trip during the monsoon to enjoy the best nature tapestry.


Difficulty Extent: Moderate

Best Season: Mid June till September

So, these are our suggestions for the popular trekking destinations in India. Escape into the extraordinary paradise of nature while chasing your adrenaline. Pack your bags and get ready to stumble into the world of adventure with visual delight!

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