India’s Most Beautiful Flower Valleys That Will Bowl You With Their Beauty

Posted On October 31st, 2021

flowers of india

Flowers and flowers till the eyes can see. As if flowers are epitomizing nature. Furthermore, clouds all around, birds chirping will take you to another world of mental healing.

India houses various flora and fauna that offers an up-close beauty of mother nature. Escape from your busy schedule and explore the flower valleys in India for a tranquil journey. 

Traverse around India’s flower valleys to comfort your eyes and soul

Ditch the same old boring routine and let your eyes see the colours of nature at India’s flower valleys. Here is the perfect list to tour around the most alluring flower valleys of India. Let’s dive into the journey of serenity.

Yumthang Valley

Amid the untouched nature of Sikkim is the Yumthang Valley. If you want to experience the royalty of India flower valley, Yumthang Valley is a perfect choice. Moreover, Sikkim is attracting avid travellers because of its natural charm.

Surrounded by different species of flowers, Yumthang valley is a must-visit if you love getting close to nature. The snow-covered mountains, flowers blooming, sprawling spring water and yaks roaming around will boost up your ecstatic energy. To name a few, Iris, Louseworts, Primroses, Poppies and many other flowers bloom in this paradise. Moreover, it is the best place to spend summer vacations, avoid winters as the place is shut down due to the snowy climate.

Address: Yumthang Valley, North Sikkim

Best season: March till June.

Tulip Garden

Our list of India’s flower valleys is incomplete without the Tulip Garden of Kashmir. It is the most attractive Kashmir India flower valley. The beautifully sprawling Tulip flowers look as if nature is flaunting its colours. You can spot tulips of different colours and also black tulips.

Moreover, Tulip Garden houses other species of flowers such as Daffodils, Hyacinths and Narcissus. There is also a Tulip festival held every year. The location of the Tulip garden is also magnificent by overlooking Dal Lake. Visit Tulip Garden and fill your day with bright colours.

Address: “Cheshma Shahi Road, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir”

Best Season: From March till April.

Munnar Valley

One of the most attractive flower valley’s in India is the Munnar valley. Located straight down to the south of India is the Munnar Valley in Kerala. The speciality of this valley is the Neelakurinji flower that is lavender in colour. And the flower blooms once in every twelve years.  Too long to wait, isn’t it? However, the view is worth the wait.

Munnar Valley combines breathtaking locations with the alluring charm of the Neelakurinji flower. It is also a paradise for photographers and honeymooners. Don’t forget to capture the lavender carpet of flowers for the gram.

Address: “Idukki district, Kerala”

Best Season: August till October.

“Valley of Flowers”

The “Valley of Flowers” located in Uttarakhand is the UNESCO world heritage site. It is one of the best flower valleys in India. And you can witness the beauty after trekking to this place. Up above the western Himalayas, amid the verdant valleys, the various blooming flowers is a treat to your eyes.  

Along with mesmerizing blooming flowers such as Brahma Kamal, Daisies, Orchid, Cobra lilies and many others, the scenic view will bring joy to your soul. Go on trekking with your pals to witness the beautiful flowers of the valley. Strike a dashing pose with the flowers and make it a memory forever to cherish.

Address: Govindghat, Uttarakhand

Best Season: June till September.

Dzukou Valley

This paradise consisting of beautiful blooming flowers is located in Nagaland. Dzukou Valley is among the hidden gems of India but has the most beautiful India flower valley. Get away from the city rush and have a quaint time at Dzukou Valley. So, if you wish to get away from the maddening crowd and admire nature’s beauty, Dzukou Valley is the ultimate place.

The celestial scenic beauty along with the carpet of colourful flowers is mesmerizing. You can plan to go trekking here and witness various species of colourful vibrant flowers. Some of the species of flowers here are euphorbias, aconitums, lilies and others. The rambling walk alongside beautiful flowers amid scenic nature is a perfect go-to holiday.

Address: Border area of Manipur-Nagaland

Best Season: June till September.

Kaas Plateau

This UNESCO world heritage site is located in the Satara district of Maharashtra. The colourful butterflies flocking around, waving clear clouds and the fragrance of flowers is the highlights of Kaas Plateau. You can spot different species of flora and fauna here.

Visitors will get to witness Orchids, Dipcadi, Y-tura and many other flowers to activate your dull mood. Moreover, there is a purple-blue flower that blooms once in 7 years. Visit Kaas Plateau and enter into a dream world of flowers.

Address: Satara, Maharashtra

Best Season: August till September.

Add these beautiful flower valleys of India to your bucket list and enjoy the sense of contentment close to nature. Hit the dart on your favourite location and have a splendour holiday.

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