What You Have Learned From Travel

When you travel, an entirely different world opens in front of us. Travel can be anything from a long holiday trip to Europe or a short hiking trip in the remote regions of Ladakh. But the one thing that is common to any kind of travel is that it is exciting and adventurous. Travel can be a very memorable experience in itself. It can also teach us some things that are of tremendous value to life. If people ask what you have learned from travel, you have so many answers. All the things that we have learned from travel enrich our lives and make us better human beings.

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To leave your comfort zone and dare to venture into the unknown

Traveling is all about venturing out into the unknown and leaving behind the daily grind that can bog you down. Living a comfortable life and going through the same routine every day makes life very boring. It is only by traveling that we can go out and meet new people and experience a different facet of life. We see newer things that we do not get to see every day. You get to learn about various crafts, the ways of life, the food, traditions, historical roots, and so many other things. Travel can be so exciting and it is also never a boring activity.

See natural beauty and never stop appreciating it

Appreciating natural beauty is what you have learned from travel the most. The forests, rivers, valleys, wildlife, snow-covered mountains, and all the natural beauty are there to be enjoyed. But this natural beauty is also so very delicate. You appreciate water only when you visit the desert regions. The glaciers are melting very fast. The forests are also cut down to make way for farmlands. You witness the delicate balance in nature only on your travel journeys.

Experiences are what makes us happy, not material things

What you have learned from travel is to experience new things. Experiences are what we cherish for years to come. We experience the joys of travel when we meet new people from different cultures. We experience what it is to live in the harsh environments of the desert or the mountains. We learn new skills in our travel and it also is a new experience. Experiencing the thrill of river rafting is so fulfilling than buying a car. Experiences give us so many memories.

Be a part of a new culture

If someone asks you what you have learned from travel, the answer would be to be part of a new culture. A new destination can be explored in so many ways. You can see its landscapes, its temples, its historical values, and its rich traditions. You can take part in a local festival or interact with local tribes. You can learn a few foreign words, or try your hand at making a new food dish. You can listen to stories behind a famous fort or a historical monument. All these are ways to be part of a new culture.

You learn the art of making relationships

While you travel, you meet so many people. You talk to them and interact with them at a personal level. Whether it is at a restaurant or a homestay, you know what it is to strike a casual conversation and be friendly. The answer here is being curious and open about establishing a relationship. This can happen even on short trips. Your fellow passenger may want to know more about a particular destination or a hill station. These types of conversations are what eventually lead to a better relationship.

You learn to be spontaneous and flexible

When you travel you learn to be spontaneous and ditch that travel plan or schedule. Many times it may happen that you will not be able to stick to your trip itinerary and you will be forced to follow another course. The weather may turn nasty, and a landslide could block the road ahead. In those times you have to learn to adapt to situations. It may rain suddenly and you may have to postpone the visit to the famous temple or heritage fort. You have to make a second backup plan at such times.

You learn to be patient

Travel teaches us to be patient at all times. You will have to be patient when you are standing in a long queue. You will have to show some patience when speaking a foreign language or a new skill. Journeys can be frustrating also. Unexpected events may arise and you have to be patient to tackle these things. Travel, therefore, shows us to be patient.

You learn to never stop learning

Travel is the opportunity to learn new skills and crafts. To never stop learning is the one answer to what you have learned from travel. You learn so many things and you never stop learning. It can be a local language. Or, attending a cooking workshop, or trying your hand at making handlooms or pottery. These skills are exciting and make us realize the enormous ability that we have to learn. You also learn about the history of a monument, or folk tales behind a destination.

We learn to find beauty in smaller things

Travel makes us appreciate the beauty that is there in small things. We may ignore these things in our daily life. But when we visit a different place we learn how beautiful these simple things are to other people. We may have taken for granted the simpler joys of life. But other people find joy in these things. There is beauty in the setting sun on the beach, the cool winds on the mountain peaks, and the innocent smile on the shepherd boys grazing their cattle. These are the things that give us infinite joys on our travel journeys.

You love being alone

You may travel with friends many times but there can be times when you want to travel alone. Traveling solo is a thing that you should do at least once a year. Being alone can make you more introspective. You can visit any place, stay there for any duration, and eat whatever you like. You will not have anyone exerting their opinions on you. You can set your itinerary and have the full freedom to fulfill your desires.

Conquer your fears

What you have learned from travel is to conquer fear. There are unknown fears that you may have. What if there is a violent storm? What if the train meets an accident? These are physical fears. But there are fears deeper than these. Like fear of talking to strangers on a train. Fear of not being confident enough to travel alone. Travel makes us conquer so many such fears.


Is traveling solo dangerous?

Traveling solo is not dangerous at all. It is among the greatest joys. However, you must remain cautious when dealing with strangers or traveling alone at night.

What is the greatest benefit of traveling in groups?

When you travel in a group you share the expenses of the tour and it is a more affordable way to travel in groups.

What are the things to take care of when traveling with family?

You should take care of children and elderly people when traveling with family.

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