Best Spring Destinations Around The World

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There’s a lot more to springtime travel than drinking cocktails with coeds in Cancun—we’re talking about whale watching in Alaska, island hopping in Greece, and dining at some of the fantastic restaurants in the world. Whether looking for an unexpected spring break destination or a sudden weekend getaway, spring destinations come alive during the season.

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Spring is taking over the world, converting the greyish landscapes into a fragrant, colorful mirage. Nature is waking up, and people all over the world spend more and more time outside. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, the sun is shining, and joy is everywhere. That is the ultimate vibe of the Spring season. Are you looking for a guide to travel during the spring holiday around the world? Here is an excellent list of the best spring break destinations around the world to experience the magic of Spring.

Tulip Fields, The Netherlands

The Spring season is the best to visit Holland or the Netherlands when thousands of visitor’s flocks here to see the beautiful tulip fields. Dutch land is gorgeous this season, with tulips and many other flower fields that decorate gardens, areas, canals, and cities. Keukenhof tulip garden allures natives and tourists equally every year.

Amsterdam and Utrecht are two cities that take the scenic crown during this season. Apart from the very touristic towns, you can also free and open tulip fields in Holland if you drive up North. Another hidden gem is the canal-only village called Giethoorn in the North of Amsterdam, where you can also travel by boat just like the locals. The vibe here is exceptionally unique during Spring, with great weather and bloomed flowers.

Best places to visit in spring season in Netherlands:

  • Keukenhof
  • Lisse
  • Amsterdam
  • Utrecht
  • Giethoorn
  • Flevoland

Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo, Japan

If you want a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, visit Tokyo during the sakura (cherry blossom) season to participate in hanami. It is a significant social event surrounding the cherry blossom season in Japan. As you explore the city, thousands of trees burst with bright pink flowers, and many families and friends hang out, eat, and drink under the beautiful trees.

You’ll need to visit Tokyo between late March and early April to catch this famous spring phenomenon. This is usually when the cherry blossoms are at their highest bloom, which only lasts about two weeks. Explore the many things to do in Tokyo as you take in the beauty of the sakura, and then take part in yozakura, the act of viewing cherry blossoms at night. You’ll find many trees lit with tiny lanterns.  

Best places to visit in the spring season in Tokyo:

Tokyo’s top places to praise sakura are Uneno Park, home to cherry blossom trees, Shinjuku Gyoen, a park perfect for hanami, and the Chidorigafuchi Moat. You can rent a boat here to row around underneath the trees. While the charming sakura season is the right time to visit Tokyo, everyone thinks the same too.

Bonn, Germany

Europeans have embraced the Asian Cherry Blossom festival. Blooming sakura makes people happy in various European cities. In Bonn, the blossoming trees create this incredible tunnel avenue. The locals and visitors take time to spend in the old town and admire the trees.

When to go there?

Usually, sakura starts blooming here in April.

Why go there?

Bonn is found near Düsseldorf and Cologne – the three cities worth visiting once in the area.


There’s a reason this beautiful island in the Indian Ocean has become a honeymoon destination: it offers reasonable temperatures hovering in the low 80s and rarely suffers from the rain during monsoon season in November. The best weather, though, is from January to March, when the water is at its calmest and the sky a permanent sapphire blue.

Cartagena, Colombia

March is the sunniest month in Cartagena, but it’s the ideal weather for a trip to this oceanfront colonial-era hub. Squint lightly on a bougainvillea-wreathed street in the UNESCO-protected Old Town, and it’s like heading onto the pages of a magic realist novel from Colombia’s own Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Then head towards Getsemani, a once-rundown neighborhood a short ride beyond the city walls for a thrilling street art scene and some of the city’s best nightlife. The Miami-like hotel in the district of Bocagrande is an accessible place to relax by the pool.

Rocky Mountains, Canada

One of the best spring destination in the world is the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It is a beautiful area to see as the temperature warms up, flowers blossom, and waterfalls are at their peak. It is a pleasant time to hike in great weather before the busy tourists. Not to mention, it is the best nature escape after the cold winter!

With so many unique places to visit in the Canadian Rockies, visitors can explore mountains, waterfalls, and stunning lakes in just one trip. It is worth visiting waterfalls such as Athabasca Falls and Sunwapta Falls, as the volume of water is at its highest after the snow melts. They make for really photogenic areas with tall mountains in the background!

Camping during the Spring in the Rockies at Banff or Jasper National Parks is famous. Campers wake up right in the center of the mountains, where the scenery looks straight out of a postcard, and there’s quick access to thrilling hiking trails. These parks are a mainstay to some of the most beautiful lakes in the world, like Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. Visitors frequently catch sight of wildlife here, including moose, elk, bears, and more, during their visit to these parks!

Cornwall, UK

One of the best spring holiday locations in the UK is Cornwall. It is famous for its beautiful beaches, rugged coastline, great tourist attractions, and family-friendly atmosphere. Visiting Cornwall in Spring, you’ll experience a pleasant atmosphere and lesser crowds for a more peaceful holiday. One of the best things to do is walk. The entire coast of Cornwall is a part of the southwest coast path, a huge walk taking in Cornwall, Devon, and some of Somerset.

A vast range of towns and villages are scattered around Cornwall, from small remote coastal villages to large coastal towns offering one of the top scenic drives in the UK. It is worth a visit. Choose between relaxing on the stunning beaches, learning to surf, going on a scenic walk, or experiencing the streets and winding alleyways. Padstow is another popular destination. Perfect your cooking schools with world-famous chef Rick Stein’s. Take in the picturesque harbor or have an animal experience at the national lobster hatchery. Just along the coast is Newquay, a sound – known tourist town where you can learn to surf and shop till you drop and relax at one of the 12 beaches. Cornwall is one of the best spring destination in the world.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a popular destination in Croatia and a fantastic place for spring trips. Particularly in the spring season, the so-called “Pearl of the Adriatic” has a lot to offer! First, the mild Mediterranean temperature of around 15-25 °C makes a visit just perfect. Flowers are blossoming, and also the orange trees are opening their buds. You can take long beach walks, and if you are lucky, you can even go for a swim! There are many interesting things to do in Dubrovnik, and this city is perfect for sightseeing with crowds, especially at that time of the year.

Spring Festival in Budapest

One of the best places for spring destinations worldwide is Budapest. It is one of the most magnificent cities in Europe. But the temperature in Spring is perfect, making it easier to explore the city. Budapest is where you can do many outdoor activities, from hiking in the hills just outside the city center or picnicking in the city’s beautiful parks full of flowers to simply strolling through the many gorgeous neighborhoods.

Visiting Budapest also allows you to see the different open-air food markets where you can grab a bite from many food stalls. Vegans don’t have to stress either: The vegan food scene in the city is so delicious that aside from the various vegan restaurants in Budapest, there’s even a fully vegan open-air food market.

Spring cheese festival, Gruyeres, Switzerland

On the first Sunday each May, the attractive medieval town of Gruyères conducts a festival celebrating its famous and tempting cheese. Gruyères isn’t a large town, but the event has festive air. The main street is decorated with stalls selling cheese and other local products. There are also many craft stalls and often some music along with the delicious smells of warm melted cheese, which float over the entire town. In the center (just follow your nose), you’ll usually find a vast vat of fondue, which you can enjoy a sample from, complete with various things to dip into.

It’s free to visit the festival- turn up and walk around. There are many places to stay overnight (although you might want to book in advance) or, if you’re campervanning in Switzerland, there are some mesmerizing campsites near Gruyères. Whether you arrive early or late is not essential- the festival doesn’t get crazy crowded. The atmosphere gets busier, adding to the beauty and charm, but if you’re a cheese connoisseur and want to talk to the cheese makers or stall holders about their produce, try a few samples, getting there early is a good idea. 

1. What are some great vacation spots for spring?

You can travel to Portugal, Maldives, England, Tokyo, Italy, and Croatia for your spring vacation break.

2.  Which is the cheapest place to visit during spring?

Myrtle Beach, Mexico, Texas, Florida, and Jamaica are some of the cheapest places to visit during spring.

3. What is the nicest part of Florida to go on a vacation?

Some of the most excellent places in Florida are Sarasota, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Key West, Naples, Miami Beach, and St. Augustine.

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