Adventurous Rajasthan Desert Tour

Rajasthan “The land of Maharajas”

Rajasthan, is one of the most welcoming states in India. Witness Royalty as well as vibrant culture together. Rajasthan certainly is one of the best destinations. And every year tourists swarm here. Not only colours but also learn the glorious History. After all Rajasthan is filled with art and the golden era stories. 

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Another best part of Rajasthan is, states are color coded. Such as, Jaipur is known as pink city. Jodhpur is known as the blue city. Jaisalmer is known as the golden city. Also, udaipur is known as white city. And multiple names to express.  The meaning state can be seen as colored illustators.

Besides, did you know that Rajasthan is the largest state in India? Yes, its true and this is not it. Rajasthan is also known for traditional food. Rajasthan has must more interesting facts.

Such as, Bhangarh is one of the most haunted forts in india. Also, Thar Desert everyone knows.  It is 9th largest subtropical desert in the world. Above all, Rajasthan is home to 8 UNESCO heritage sites.

Furthermore, Rajasthan has a “Palace on wheels”. Which is one of India’s luxurious trains. Moreover, Rajasthan is a versatile land. You can find multiple surprises across the land. For that reason, you must always explore. Cater to your inner being in the land of colors.


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Tour to the Deserts of Rajasthan

Everyone have must slept under stars in mountains. But, ever thought of sleeping in vast desert? It is even more exciting. Especially, at the present time you must experience. Rajasthan’s vast stretch of Thar desert is the answer.

Rajasthan does have many options for desert Tour. As well as you can do desert camping. Also, many more adventure activities. Immerse yourself in both, adventure and culture. Above all sunset pictures.

Jaisalmer, sam sand dunes

Sam sand dues altogether are the best desert safari. Especially in Jaisalmer, it gives a quaint experience. Basically, sam sand dunes are 45 km’s from Jaisalmer city. Above all, its a perfect place to see the Rajasthani culture. You can go for a camel safari and also a desert jeep safari. 

Certainly, you get to experience the local village lifestyle. Witness both the desert lifestyle and Rajasthani dance. Altogether, you can try Rajasthani fashion as well. Not just that, you can eventually do some creative photoshoots. Fill your social media with colours. 

  1. Go for Desert safari.
  2. Go for camel safari.
  3. Particularly Rajasthani culture.
  4. Local lifestyle, Iocal similar fashion.

Jaisalmer, Khuri sand dunes.

It is 40km’s southwest of Jaisalmer. Unquestionably, it is quite stunning beauty. One important thing to realize here is. Thar desert is home to many sand dunes. It is the palace to spend in some solitude. This place is perfect for solo travellers as well as families. 

Above all, the best way to explore here is Camel safari. Experience the local way of living. Not only you can watch sunrise but also golden sunsets. You can also go shopping for souvenirs. Listen to some amazing folk tales by locals. Above all, you must visit during mid October till March. That’s the most favorable time.

  1. Nuemrous of tranquility.
  2. Also, perfect for solo travels.
  3. Enjoy dusk and breaking dawn.
  4. shop souvenirs.

Jodhpur, Osain Desert.

The osain desert is 62kms from jodhpur. Besides, its quite famous for three reasons. Not only desert, but also Osain mata temple, jain temple. Which is along with the dunes. Certainly, it is one of the least crowded spots. Above all, you get to see the tribal houses here. 

In the meantime, you can meet Bhil and Bishnoi tribe. You must talk an understand the culture.

Another key point is, here you can stays are quite modern here. All the modern amenities are provided in tents. Also, You can opt for over night camping here. Besides, you can go for dune bashing, sunset camel safari, jeep safari. Also, to be noted this place is knowns for weddings as well.

  1. Known for temples.
  2. Also, the least crowded.
  3. Over night camping.
  4. Adventure activities.

Barmer, Maharbar sand dunes.

 Maharbar sand dunes is just 5 kms from Barmer city. This city can be seen as an illustration. Since it is a mixture of arts, tradition as well as ethnic culture. Desert dunes are equally stunning as city. Basically,  Maharbar sand dunes is famous for desert safaris and camel rides. 

Also, you must visit Chintamani Jain temple and Sidheswara Mahadev Temple. Well, its lesser known place. Yet it is famous for wooden cravings, pottery. As well as costume works. Apart from that you must visit some historical spot. Such as sanchal fort. Above all, you can take your own bikes and SUV’S on dunes.

  1. Experience ethnic culture.
  2. Meanwhile elevate spiritually.
  3. Purchase some local stuffs.
  4. Explore history at sanchal fort.

Nagaur, Khimsar sand dunes.

Nagaur in near to jodhpur as well as jaisalmer. Basically, khimsar is remote location. It is majorly known for wildlife. Which is definitely enriched. Also, there are other wildlife sanctuaries here too. Khimsar sand dunes, is known because of sand dune resort. 

Another key point is, an oasis in desert. And for that reason, thar boats Khimsar. You can go fo jeep safari. Also, the camel safari to explore desert countryside. This makes it even more romantic. Khimsar is eventually making you experience rural and rawness.

  1. Enriched wild life.
  2. Sand dune resort.
  3. Desert countryside especially is best.
  4. Opt for camel safari.

Bikaner, sand dunes.

Bikaner is quite a famous place. Chiefly, it is known because of Junagarh palace. As well as Karni mata temple. Also, it is one of the royal cities on rajasthan. Especially, you will see numerous landscapes. Both fortified city and village mystery.

Sand dunes in bikaner is quite famous. Especially for two things. Camel safari as well as camping. Also, you must try lipsmacking cuisines.

By all means, you will be stunned by beauty. Following sunsets would be the best. Amidst all these things, you can relax. At the same time, enjoy some folk music over tea. The picturesque natural setting upbeats all. Even more when you immerse in locals.

  1. Fortied historic evidences.
  2. Also, go for camel safari.
  3. Folk music and sunsets.
  4. lastly, enjoy golden hour.

Pushkar, sand dunes.

Pushkar is one of the holiest cities. Undeniably, Pushkar is surrounded by desert. Also,  Pushkar is very well known for yearly festivities. Besides, you can explore hidden places in Thar. Not only sunsets but also sunrise campings you can do. 

Additionally, you can opt for camel safari at fair. Spend some time on oldest aravalli range. Also, go for jeep safari. Here things are quite unique. You can also go for horse riding too. And above all, go for desert camping. 

  1. Holiest city of India.
  2. Pushkar festival.
  3. Opt for camel and horse riding.
  4. Desert Camping.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. What is the best time to visit Rajasthan?

A: Between mid October till march.

Q. Are accommodations provided?

A: Yes, tents with modern facilities are provided.

Q. Is it possible to make advance bookings for safaris?

A: Yes, we suggest to make advance bookings especially during peak season.

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