Pushkar Tourist Places

Pushkar is a hidden gem of Rajasthan, and this beautiful ancient city has many attraction points. With many historical temples, heritage sites, a fantastic desert landscape, and beautiful lakes, Pushkar is the place you must visit once in your life. On your trip to this place, You will explore more about the authentic culture, visit the camel fair, experience royalty, and taste mouth-watering food. 

The magnificent Pushkar Lake attracts millions of foreign tourists every year. Famous tourist places include Man Mahal, Taragarh Fort, Ana Sagar Lake, Sarafa Bazaar, and Pushkar Yoga Garden. You can also visit famous temples to seek blessings or go shopping at the vibrant bazaars. Other must-visit places are: 

1) Brahma Temple, 2) Pushkar Fair, 3) Rangji Temple, 4) Foy Sagar Lake, 5) Taragarh Fort, 6) Varah Temple, 7) Panch Kund Shiva, 8) Ghats, 9) Saraswati Temple, 10) Ramavaikunth Temple

Things To Do In Pushkar

Pushkar is known as a holy city and is a pilgrimage site for Hindus. Apart from visiting the temples, you can do many things. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset at the prominent hill and desert scenery, and have tasty meals at cafes with lake-side views. The peaceful vibes, rich culture, tasty food, colourful bazaars, and incredible surroundings are the reasons why you should add Pushkar to your must-visit list. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Which Is The Most Visited Temple In Pushkar?

A1. Brahma Temple in Pushkar is the most visited and famous temple. The ancient temple is close to the incredible Pushkar lake.

Q2. Which Is Better To Visit Pushkar Or Ajmer?

A2. Both places have unique identities and are among Rajasthan's most visited places. Pushkar is better in terms of affordability, and you can visit all its famous places in 2 days.

Q3. What Is The Best Time To Visit Pushkar With Family?

A3. Pushkar is an ideal place for family trips and the best time you can visit is in winter, between October to February.

Q4. Why Do Foreign Tourists Visit Pushkar?

A4. Pushkar is a unique place with many attraction points, and it has the largest camel fairs. Tourists visit this place to learn more about the ancient culture.