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Rafting in Manali

Manali features a set of entertainment and scenic places to visit. Thus, Manali is one of the favorite tourist destinations in North India. Be it a long vacation or a quick weekend getaway, Manali will never disappoint you. And when it is about adventure, Japji Travel helps you book rafting in Manali

One of the best activities to try in Manali is river rafting, and if you are an adventure junk, you should not miss this opportunity. The surrounding beautiful views, gushing water and air splashing your face doubles up your adrenaline rush. 

Best River Rafting Packages in Manali

There are many river rafting places in Manali, but there are very few that offer you the best booking price. Japji Travel is one such tour organizer, you can completely trust to book rafting in Manali and seal the best deal. 

With years of experience, Japji Travel can help you seek the best adventure in Manali. Explore the different range of offers with us that are suitable for your pocket and best to relish a good time. Book rafting in Manali and unlock the adventurous time of your life. 

Things to know about river rafting in Manali

River rafting is an experience that all adventure junkies will love. However, river rafting in Manali price may vary, but if you book with Japji Travel, you get the best price with a minimal budget.

Basic things about river rafting:

  • There is an age limit for river rafting. Anyone below 10 years of age is not allowed for this adventure activity.
  • It’s a group activity consisting of 6-7 people.
  • All safety measures are followed. You should carefully listen and follow the safety instructions.
  • There is also a time duration at different spots of adventure activities. 
  • You need to be physically fit to experience this activity in Manali.

Best time to try river rafting in Manali

River rafting in Manali is done throughout the year. However, in extremely bad weather conditions, this activity is prohibited. The best time to try this activity is From March to July. Monsoon and winter season is avoided if weather conditions are not favorable. 

Things that you can carry while river rafting

Trying adventure sports is equal to challenging yourself to overcome fear and boost the adrenaline rush. Here is what you can carry along while your river rafting expedition:

  • Water bottle
  • Camera
  • Medicines
  • ID proof
  • Extra shoes and clothes

River Rafting Packages

River rafting packages include stay options, food and also other adventure activities. Japji Travel will help you provide the best package that is comfortable for you and make your Manali trip memorable. 

For the best package in adventure activities or river rafting, you just have to contact Japji Travel.

Bottom Line

If you are planning an adventurous trip and are confused about where to book rafting in Manali, Japji Travel is always there for your help. We help you explore the entire North India and plan an itinerary according to your interest.  


1) Is it safe to try river rafting in Manali during winters?

Yes, many people visit Manali during winters, and you can try river rafting. However, check for weather conditions before planning river rafting as harsh weather is not favourable. 

2) What is the age limit for river rafting in Manali?

The age limit for river rafting is above 10 years and below 65 years.

3) Can a non-swimmer try river rafting?

Yes, non-swimmers can try this river rafting adventure. There is a life jacket for your protection, and instructions will be given to you prior to starting the rafting journey. 

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