Top Three Travel Books of All Time

Books are a great way to forget the world and get connected to a dream zone. It rejuvenates your mind and helps you learn new things, calm down your soul and bring positivity to you. While there are many books of your interest, if you are a travel enthusiast, top-selling travel books will inspire and give you a better idea about travelling.

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Stepping out to a new place and exploring its beauty is undoubtedly the best feeling. And there may be many social media platforms and videos to inspire you to travel, but imbibing knowledge through reading a book is different. Well, only book lovers will understand this feeling.

Top travel books that can instantly change your mood

Sometimes we can’t travel to certain destinations. All that we can do is dream about that place. This is where top-selling travel books fulfill our dreams.

They take us to our favorite destinations and help us live our dream. Want to know about the top-selling travel books? Here is the list:

1) “Along the Ganges”

This is a book by IlijaTrojanow, who loves travelling and exploring different parts of the world. You can find religious enthusiasm in this book. He talks about the Hindu religion and has great respect and reverence for it.

He also describes his journey to various cities in India. The author also states how the Ganges is serene, and the environment is divine. For anyone who is planning a trip to India and want to visit the famous Ganges river, you must read this book. It is also one of the best travel books for young adults, who love exploring different corners of Asia. Even for spiritual people, “Along the Ganges” is a wonderful book to read and know about the Hindu religion. 

2) “A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush”

This book was published in the year 1958 by author Eric Newby. “A Short Walk” describes the author’s experience of adventure in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan. It is also among the top 50 travel books every adventure enthusiast must read. 

The book describes the unseen beauty while exploring Hindu Kush mountain. This book has even been translated into other languages like Spanish, French, German etc. Along with the adventure story, there are comic effects, which will further add to your entertainment. 

3) “On the road”

One the road is one of the best novels by author Jack Kerouac that will resonate with most people desiring to explore the world. The book explains how travelling makes you more confident about yourself and also rejuvenates your mind. 

The story states his journey as he waves off to New York and explores different places. He mentions about making new friends on his journey, the beauty of places, and how he enjoyed partying and chasing the night. Overall, a great book while you’re travelling or in an off mood, the story and activities explained will excite your mood.

Bottom line

These are the three travel books that you can trust completely to entertain yourself and gain knowledge. Gift yourself these top-selling travel books and quench your wanderlust through reading. 


1) Which are the popular travel books?

Some of the popular travel books that you can check are:
1) “Along the Ganges”
2) “A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush”
3) “On the road”
4) “An area of darkness”
5) The lost city of Z”

2) Will travel books guide me in travelling?

To some extent, the stories and incidents will help you plan your trip better. And yes, you can get some guidance through travel books.

3) Who are the best and most famous travel writers?

The best travel writer are:
1) William Dalrymple
2) Pico Iyer
3) Colin Thubron
4) Kapka Kassabova
5) Richard Grant

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