Offbeat Destinations Of Jaipur For Blissful Holidays

Jaipur has always been the favorite destination of all travel wanderlust around the globe. Dotted with picturesque landscapes, royal palaces, serene lakes, and ancient temples, the charm of Jaipur is undeniable. However, being one of the popular tourist destinations, you can expect chaos all around. Want to ditch the hustle and bustle? Well, then you need to explore offbeat places in Jaipur. These places will lure you with their tranquillity.  

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Explore the hidden gems of Jaipur

Want to give your senses the treat of serenity and pleasure? Well, the hidden places of Jaipur are the ultimate destination. To know about these places in detail, read the following section.

Jaigarh Fort

One of the magnificent unexplored places of Jaipur is the Jaigarh Fort. High above sea level, it stands elegantly on the “Cheel Ka Tila”. The calmness around and the panoramic views make this place worth visiting. 

The fort will take you back to the ancient days, and the highlighting feature is the wheel here. It is so large that there is no such wheel in the whole world. Visit Jaigarh Fort and witness the unusual architecture and soak in the exquisite vibe of the past era. 

Chandlai Lake

Beautiful, marvelous, outstanding is what defines Chandlai Lake. It is also one of the best places to visit near Jaipur for couples. If you want to soak in the ethereal beauty of nature, then visit Chandlai Lake. 

The sunset view with your better half gets all the more romantic. You can also witness beautiful migratory birds if you plan your trip in winter. Away from the pollution, away from the chaos, experience the untouched beauty of the Jaipur’s land in Chandlai Lake.

“Garh Ganesh Temple”

Want to add religious places to Jaipur’s travel bucket list? Then, you have to visit this divine temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh. It is one of the lesser-known places in Jaipur and a must-visit if you are a religious person.

The ancient temple worships Lord Ganesh in his child form. As the temple is situated on the hilltop, you need to trek to this place. The aarti, chanting, fragrance of incense will evoke spirituality within you. Moreover, you can also get an outstanding panoramic view from the temple. 

Amer Sagar

Amer Sagar is one of the offbeat places in Jaipur to plan a picnic with your family. The stunning views and the quaint environment make this place one of the favorites among peace lovers. 

As you drive to this place, you get to explore small villages, temples and animals around. You will be surprised to see the simple lifestyle of people and happy environment. Relax by the lake and forget the city chaos. 


One of the unique places in Jaipur is the Elefriend. What makes this place unique from others is your interaction with Elephants. Yes, peeps, here you can play around with Elephants. Elefried is an opportunity to know Elephants better. 

Go on a ride with Elephant, paint, wash and feed them. Make Elephants your best friend and spend time with them for a day. It is one such experience that is difficult to grab. So, don’t let this chance go away. 

“Sisodiya Rani Ka Bagh”

This garden is another extraordinary place to explore in Jaipur. One of the offbeat places around Jaipur that are perfect to plan a trip with your family is “Sisodiya Rani Ka Bagh”. For nature lovers, this garden is nothing less than a paradise.

There are different flowers, water fountains, galleries and pavilions. The rich flora and the natural environment will offer a sense of peace to your mind. Moreover, it is an excellent place for photography. 

Kanota Dam

Want to go on a fishing expedition when in Jaipur? Then, plan your trip to Kanota Dam. It is among the unexplored places of Jaipur to get away from the city hustle and bustle. The bright sky, view of Aravali hills, flying birds, natural environs is the perfect setting for relaxation. 

You can pass your time fishing in this clean water. Visitors can also go on a boat ride and imbibe the surrounding peacefulness. For a better experience, cycle around this serene environment and shoot away all the worries in your mind. 

Samode Palace

Plan a luxurious day out at this offbeat mansion of Jaipur. Samode Palace is one such place in Jaipur that will forever capture your mind. Be it the architecture or the natural environment, everything is special about Samode Palace.

You can even book a stay here to feel the royalty of Maharaja. The luxurious room with modern and antique amenities will make your stay memorable. Visitors can also have a lavish lunch at the restaurant of the Samode Palace. 

These offbeat places in Jaipur will not disappoint you with their ethereal charm. Happy journey in advance to your next Jaipur trip. 

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