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Experience and Create Cherishable and Mesmerizing Memories of Winter Adventure in Kullu Manali

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Escapade Activities to be Explored and Experience during your Visit to Kullu & Manali 

Kullu – Manali is called the Delight of Traveling Enthusiasts and Manali is said to be one of the most prominent and frequently visited tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Kullu-Manali offers great deals of adventure and escapade sports activities that help you create your Manali trip cherishable and mesmerizing for a lifetime. Kullu- Manali is a stunning hill station that bargains visitors with a collection of adventure sports. There are a lot of adventurous activities in Manali that one can pamper in on a trip. 

The beauty and grace are added to the Adventure Winter Holiday Trip when it is organized by M/s Japji Travelers. Kullu-Manali is the first choice of all traveling lovers in North India, other than that M/s Japji Travelers offer tours to places that make the travel all the more exciting like Shimla, Nainital, Kasauli, Mcleodganj or Dharamshala. All these places get Mild to Moderate Snow Fall during the winter season and they become the most enjoyable places to visit and make your travelling experience Cherishable and mesmerizing. It is one of the most popular places at the end of Jammu and Kashmir and is also called the heaven on Earth, many tourists both adventure and Religious, worshipers visit here almost every year during the winter season. The Ethnic and Traditional regional dresses and customs add to the memories of your Trip, the way of wearing Dresses is quite different here, which makes it a must-visit place for Tourists.

Many people visit Kullu Manali to enjoy the popular Folk Dance of the region as well. M/s Japji Travelers offer all kinds and types of packages to make a cherishable and enjoyable experience and help you make unforgettable memories and visit the places time and again. At Japji Travelers we offer you an adventure full trip along with our very experienced, knowledgeable and trained staff. In case you are looking for travelling arrangements to such places, we help you arrange and customize your tour packages and make your amazing travel experience. We offer customized tour packages for all your needs that too at affordable prices and make your trip more enjoyable. At Japji Travelers we take care of complete services and can offer you a very affordable customized experience to delight you.

Adventure has always been the fantasy and fantasy of all human beings but comes with limitations of humans as well, it poses a great number of challenges as well to test the endurance and check one’s caliber and guts at the same time. Adventure Destination in India may have a long list of Places but when it comes to winters Kullu-Manali features on the top of the list. You can take a back seat with our Travel Packages and you can simply scroll through our varied to-do list at Kullu-Manali.

Let us talk about the most popular adventure activities and sports in and around Kullu & Manali, most of the sought-after activities of the Tourists are: –

  1. Solang Valley: it is one of the most sought-after tourist spots and is located just 15 Kms far from Main Manali town. One can easily access Solang Valley by bus or taxi or local transportation available. It is also popularly known as Land Of Adventure Activities in Himachal at Manali. It offers many adventure activities Paragliding to Rope Way Ride are the one on the top list of Tourists here. 
  • Dobhi: it is situated in the lap of Kullu & Manali and is one of the paradises for Paragliding ride Lovers. The place got its popularity within 3 years of its opening as a paragliding ride spot and it offers the paragliding of 5 min to 25 min. 
  • Raison: Raison is known as the oldest point for River Rafting lovers in Kullu Manali and is situated just 1 km from Dobhi and it offers a River Rafting – Fight The Gushing Waters ride of 5-7 km.
  • Babeli: it is closely Located near Kullu and can be attributed as the most popular spot for Rafting in Kullu Manali as well as in Himachal. Babeli offers a Rafting Ride of 7- 10 km. It hosts and organizes the River Rafting Championship and encourages and enhances the growth of adventure sports in Kullu Manali. Especially for those who wish to surmount the hard streams of water, The River Rafting is a must to indulge in Water Sport.

The encounter of surviving through the terrific spirals and turns of the water rapids will suffice in quenching your thirst for adventure. Preparatory instructions are given to the rafters with introduction and then made cautious of the loitering dangers.

The Adventure Activities Include the Following: –

  • ActiviParagliding – Bird’s Eye View
  • Skiing – Play, slid Around the Snow
  • Hiking – Wander Amidst the Nature
  • Mountain Biking – Embrace and Squeeze the Adrenaline Rush
  • Mountaineering – Go Beyond and out of your Comfort zone
  • Zorbing – Look at the World Upside Down
  • Jeep Safari – Travel With The Local on Special Utility Vehicles (SUVs)
  • Snowboarding – Slide Along with Chilly Winds
  • River Crossing – Challenge Your Fears
  • Angling – Catch Your Seafood
  • Snow Scooter – Skid Through The Snow
  • Quad Biking – Cross The Varied Terrains
  • Camping – Witness A Thousand Stars After The Sun Sets
  • Trekking – Conquer Those Mountains
  • Ziplining – Swish Through The Jungles
  • Rock Climbing – Challenge Your Physical Strength
  • Cable Car Ropeway – Witness The Miniature Town Below
  • Rappelling – Climb Down A Rock
  • Bungee Jumping – Leap Into The Arms Of Nature

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