Offbeat Marvellous Places In Rajasthan To Experience Serenity At Its Best

Posted On January 16th, 2022

gadisar lake

The royal charm, gripping landscapes with a blend of modern comforts and ancient tradition defines Rajasthan.  This idyllic city has many places of interest to make your trip relishing. However, if you want to hide from the city chaos and experience tranquillity, Rajasthan’s offbeat places are a beautiful and cozy experience. 

Secret spots in Rajasthan to discover a new world of placidity

Want to soak in the palatial yet tranquil atmosphere of Rajasthan? Well, then check out the listicle below to get all the deets about the quaint secret places in Rajasthan.


A quaint village surrounded by Bamboo groves is the Banswara district. If you love nature and want a welcoming ambiance, Banswara is the perfect getaway. It is one of the best Rajasthan unusual places to stay and experience different facets of the Rajasthan trip. 

The fertile land with soya bean, wheat, cotton, and other vegetation makes this town alluring. And the thick forests covered with mango and date trees are another attraction of Banswara. There are also many lakes, palaces and temples to make your trip a fun-filled experience. 


One of the hidden gems of Rajasthan is the Bundi district. Tourists often choose places such as Udaipur and Jaipur and miss the mesmerizing beauty of Bundi town. Known for its age-old ancient palaces, beautiful architecture, and history, Bundi is a must-visit among the other offbeat places in Rajasthan.

Dotted with natural scenery, step wells, waterfalls, forts, and palaces, Bundi is the ultimate visual splendor. Also, the scrumptious cuisine of Bundi with decadent gravy and a perfect blend of spices is the best reason to plan a trip here. 


Want to feel the vibe of old traditions? Want to explore the true colors of Rajasthan? If your answer is yes, then Barmer, with its richness and simplicity will make your trip phenomenal. The colorful quaint villages, folk music, traditional dance will soak the visitors in its cultural tune.

The handcraft of Barmer is worth appreciating. The wood carvings, embroidery work and carpets are more than alluring.  So, if you are looking for offbeat Rajasthan places, Barner must be on your travel bucket list. 


Resting on Aravali Hills, Narlai in the Pali district is perfect for a laid-back vacation. The town has all the amenities and activities to entertain travellers of different interests. Also, Narlai offers various stay options to experience rural life with royalty. 

The scenic countryside, cuisines prepared with fresh local produce will double up your fun experience in Rajasthan. Your trip to Rajasthan is incomplete without including Narlai in your Rajasthan offbeat places itinerary. 


This town is famous for shimmery sand dunes. While Rajasthan is known for the Thar Desert, Osian offers the view of the desert away from the chaotic popular places. Osian is also famous as a pilgrimage hub, the town is dotted with prominent temples of the ancient era.

You can also find many Jain temples with beautiful architecture. Some of the renowned temples here are “Sachiya Mata Temple”, Sun Temple, Harihara Temple and Kali Temple. So, for all those interested in history, visit Osian and witness the most enthralling offbeat destinations in Rajasthan.


An offbeat destination that will sweep the visitors off their feet with its natural beauty is Karauli. The countryside of Karauli boasts awe-striking palaces, forts and temples. The “Karauli City Palace” is a must-visit in this town. 

The beautiful age-old architecture of different monuments, palaces and forts are a treat to your eyes. History buffs will fall in love with Karauli as there is so much to explore about history here. 


Do you enjoy watching different bird species? Want to witness the beauty of migratory birds? Then this offbeat place called Kheechan in the Jodhpur district will surprise you with different species of birds. 

The bird sanctuary here is always vibrant with colorful birds. You can find birds from Poland, Europe, South Africa, Kazakhstan, and many other countries. So, this makes Kheechan one of the attractive offbeat tourist places in Rajasthan for all bird watchers. 


Mahansar is famous for sightseeing as well as popular food joints. If you love savoring authentic Rajasthani cuisine, you must visit Mahansar. The friendly ambiance and every nook and corner of  Mahansar will welcome you saying, “Kamma Ghani” (Hello).

It is one of the attractive Rajasthan unusual places to stay and explore. There is an antique yet modern golden shop at Mahansar. The interiors and paintings of this particular shop are of gold. So, when in Mahansar do not miss such an eye-catchy unusual attraction to treat your senses. Other places of interest in Mahansar are temples, Havelis and forts. 

Surrender yourself to the exclusiveness of Rajasthan. These are offbeat yet interesting places that will take you to a different side of the royal land of Rajasthan. Explore Rajasthan offbeat places and allow its charm to lure your senses. 

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