See Wagah Border Amritsar Retreat Ceremony

Posted On March 12th, 2022

Wagah Border

Be Part of the Patriotic Wagha Border Retreat Ceremony at Amritsar

Visiting Punjab and if you don’t be part of the Patriotic Wagha Border Retreat Ceremony at Amritsar then it is a sheer waste of the trip. Wagha Border is situated at just 22 km from Lahore, Pakistan, and approximately 28 km from Amritsar (Punjab) in India, the Wagah Border signifies the boundaries and division between India and Pakistan, through the Grand Trunk Road.

The very popular Wagah Border Ceremony or the ceremony of Beating Retreat Ceremony, organized every day, is the best of attraction. Before the Sunset every evening, the Army (soldiers) from both sides India and Pakistan meet at the Wagha Border and engage in a Rhetoric Retreat of approximately 30-minute to demonstrate and Parade the Camaraderie and showmanship of the Military of both sides.

It is one of the most magnificent traveling experiences in the North India Tour at the same time enjoying the rich culture and traditions of Punjab. One can relax, travel and also explore the stunning and glorious place. An Avid Traveler visiting Punjab cannot afford to miss the pleasure and goosebumps of witnessing the Wagah Border Retreat Ceremony while exploring other things.

All Tour Operators have Amritsar Wagha Border Retreat in their Itinerary while visiting Punjab or even in North India to make tour enjoy full, outstanding and unforgettable, one can never forget the time and experience of Beating the Retreat Ceremony of Amritsar.

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Every day the ceremony includes the historic routine of closing the international gates and lowering the flags from both sides India and Pakistan. The flag ceremony is displayed and conducted by the great none other than Indian Border Security Force and on the other side by the Rangers of Pakistan since 1959. 

the visitors and spectators from both sides also show their Patriotism by participating and cheering the national Pride in the count of thousands every day. The Crowd indulge in chanting and reciting the National anthem and rounds of Applause During the build-up to the Retreat ceremony, they also engage in the tune of Bollywood Hindi songs.

History and Significance of the Wagah Border Ceremony

The Wagah Border Ceremony or commonly called Beating the Retreat Ceremony was initiated in 1959 and it was mutually agreed upon by the government of both sides. It signifies and symbolizes the enmity between the two countries, at the same time the collaboration and association of both realms. The aggression, anger and fury of both nations have been toned down with time. Even the women battalion of BSF have also started taking part in the ceremony Since July 2011.

Timing Schedule of the Wagah Border Parade

The Wagah Border Ceremony or Beating the Retreat Ceremony twitches at 4:15 PM during Winters and 5:15 PM during the Summer. It persists for approximately 45 minutes duration. The rights of admissions are strictly restricted, not anyone and everyone can get in. Therefore, it is important to be at the spot at least an hour before the time of the ceremony. Usually, the border gates are kept open from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM, but once cannot reach or allowed to enter before 3:00 PM to be a spectator of the ceremony.

Important Things to remember For Visiting Wagah Border

  • The mobile towers are jammed with the help of Jammers installed around the surroundings of the Wagah Border so there is no mobile network available in the vicinity of the border.
  • One can find a huge rush and crowd at both sides and after security clearance one is taken to the proper and appropriate stands. The right queue is meant for female visitors and the left for the males.
  • There is an arrangement of sitting for the visitors. Selected spots and seats are reserved for female visitors, on the other side general seating are meant for males. The sitting arrangement is designed like a stadium. So that the visitors get to see a similar view irrespective of their location of sitting.
  • Separate arrangements of stands for International Visitors or the Foreigners. The first row is meant for VIPs and the 2nd for the International or Foreigner, they need to carry their passport along with them to prove their rights to claim the seats. 
  • One can take their Cameras along, yes they are permitted but One cannot bring their carry bags no matter small or handy they are just not allowed. One can avail the facility of Lockers keep one’s belongings for INR 50/-.
  • One can also enjoy the Street Food at food stalls located at the entrance and water bottles and cold drinks.

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