Pilgrimage Places In Varanasi To Evoke Your Inner Spirituality

Posted On December 30th, 2021


The city that holds reverence in the Hindu religion is Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. You can feel the transcendental connection as soon as you step in here. The age-old temples, chanting, bathing in the holy river is a soul-lifting experience. 

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In this article, we will disclose some of the magnificent religious places in Varanasi. We bet these places will bring ultimate pleasure to your soul and eyes.

Connect with the spiritual legacy in the holiest places of Varanasi

Want to soak in the sanctity of Varanasi? Here is the list of top spiritual places in Varanasi that you must visit at least once in a lifetime. 

Assi Ghat

Want to experience the best of Varanasi tourist places? Well, then you can’t afford to miss Assi Ghat. Tucked in the meeting junction of River Ganga and Assi, it holds a great religious significance. 

There is a Shiva Lingam right under the peepal tree at Assi Ghat. Visitors can also go on a boat ride or hot-air balloon ride to enjoy the surrounding view. Take a dip in the river and wave away your past sins. Meditate and feel the good vibes touching your soul. 

“Kashi Vishwanath Temple”

One of the must-visit places in Varanasi is the “Kashi Vishwanath Temple”. It is a dream of every Hindu to visit here at least once in their life. Located by the banks of River Ganga, Lord Shiva is worshipped here with full faith. 

Varanasi tourism plan is incomplete without visiting this temple. Moreover, there are various shrines around the temple. Visit the divine temple and let the lord’s supreme grace shine on you forever. 

Dashashwamedh Ghat

Want to witness the holy Ganga aarti in Varanasi? Then, Dashashwamedh Ghat is the right place to head. The spiritual ritual of Ganga aarti is spellbinding and a feast to the devotee’s eyes. 

It is the most sacred among the pilgrim places in Varanasi. The fire offering and the flowers, dia floating in the river is an incredible sight. Also, the devotional music and the aarti is sure to make you feel blessed at this Ghat. 

Durga Temple

The temple dedicated to the supreme Goddess Durga should be in your itinerary of religious places in Varanasi. It is an age-old temple displaying unique architecture. According to the mythological belief, the idol inside the temple is not man-made and has appeared through cosmic connection.

Such a temple with natural creation is rare. So, grab the opportunity and visit this spiritual abode. Also, there are many monkeys around the temple, so be careful about your belongings. 

“Sankat Mochan Temple”

If you are a true devotee of Lord Hanuman then, you must visit “Sankat Mochan Temple” on your trip to Varanasi. One of the best temples to include among the places to visit in Varanasi in 1 day itinerary. 

Saturday and Tuesday are regarded as the best days to visit this temple. As it is the special day of the week devoted to Lord Hanuman. However, the best part is the laddoo prasad of the temple. The delicious laddoo is sure to make you drool. 

Chinese Temple

This Buddhist temple with marvellous surroundings is among the best places to visit in Varanasi with friends and family. The bright colours of the temple with Buddhist and Chinese architecture is a stunning marvel. 

As the atmosphere is quaint, visitors can have a good time meditating here. The dive vibe and the serenity of the temple will transport the visitors to a new world of calmness.

Shivala Ghat

The alluring  Shivala Ghat is one of the mesmerizing tourist places near Varanasi within 100 km. The view of the meandering River Ganga from this Ghat is absolutely stunning. Also, religiously the place has a lot of significance.

A boat ride in the morning hours is a different feeling. The nature and the surroundings look all the more beautiful and pleasant. Furthermore, photography enthusiasts will fall in love with this place. You are sure to capture some of the best picture-perfect scenery here. 

“Tulsi Manas Temple”

The white marble temple is a must-visit in your itinerary of Varanasi tourist places. Why? Because this is the place where the saint Tulsidas has written  ” Ramcharitmanas” 

Moreover, the sprawling garden and the construction of the temple add a unique attraction to the place. The walls and cravings of Ramayana will spark a religious vibe in the heart of the visitors. 

Nepali Temple

One of the historical religious places in Varanasi is the Nepali Temple. Have you heard about the famous Pashupatinath Temple of Nepal? Well, the Nepali temple is similar to it. 

The wooden temple architecture is quite different from all other temples of Varanasi. Dedicated to the Hindu Lord Shiva, explore a hint of Nepal amid the spiritual town of Varanasi. 

When life feels dull and to get a dose of spiritual enlightenment, visit religious places in Varanasi. Soak in the traditional culture and breathe in supernatural energy.

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