Stunning Places Of Goa- Don’t Leave The Town Without Visiting These Alluring Destinations

The sizzling beach atmosphere, night parties, ancient churches, serene nature view, enthusiastic clubbing places, ravishing cafes are all about holidaying in Goa. Moreover, the cruises, adventure and mouth-watering cuisine of Goa are perfect for a soul-searching tranquil and passionate holiday.

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In this article, we will reveal some of the best places to visit in Goa that will set you on a journey of enthusiasm in the alluring seascape. 

Retreat your monotonous life with the most enchanting places in Goa

Want to experience the best time of your life in Goa? Here are our top picks to make your sojourn beautiful:

Baga Beach

Owing to the popularity of Baga Beach, it is a must-visit place to include in your itinerary. The main attraction of this beach is after sunset. Baga Beach is known to be the party spot of all party animals. It is also one of the best places to visit in Goa for couples

The nightlife here whilst enjoying mouth-watering delicacy is just an outstanding experience. Moreover, if you are visiting Baga beach during day time, you can enjoy various water sports here. 

Fort Aguada

If you are searching for places to visit in Goa other than beaches, then Fort Aguada is the ultimate place.  The beautiful architecture of the fort will take you back to the Portuguese era. Fort Aguada overlooks the meandering Mandovi River, which is a perfect spot for photography. 

You can have a good time feeling the cool breeze and watching the view of sunset and sunrise. It is also an ideal place to have the best photoshoot session covering the scenic views in the background.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

One of the best places to visit in Goa with friends is Dudhsagar Waterfalls. The mere sight of the magnificent waterfall dropping from the height is outstanding. It looks as if milk is flowing from the hilltop. As the name suggests, Dhudhsagar in Hindi means Milk Sea.

You and your pals can share a good camaraderie by hiking to the falls. If not trekking, you can plan a picnic here with your family and enjoy the tranquil vibe.

Calangute Beach

In search of fun and entertainment? Woah, then Calangute Beach has plenty of things in store for you. It is one of the best places to visit in Goa and bag yourself a good entertainment treat. 

There are plenty of water sports to explore here. To name a few, banana ride, parasailing, jet-skiing, and other activities attract tourists in large numbers. Enjoy the daytime indulging in adventure activities and in the night party hard whilst savouring seafood along with cocktails and beers.

Divar Island

Enjoy the best time of your vacations amid Divar Island. It is among the serene places to get close to nature. Whether you are a couple, solo travel or travelling with friends, Divar Island is an ideal place to enjoy a quaint time away from the maddening crowd. 

This island is a hidden gem of Goa covered with a magnificent natural environment. The town turns more beautiful during their festivals called Bonderam and Potekar. 

Colva Beach

 In search of places to visit in Goa on bike? Well, then include Colva beach on your travel list. Colva Beach is among the main highlights of South Goa.

Bask in the sun, kick your adrenaline with some adventure activities. The turquoise waves, shimmery sand complemented with palm trees is mesmerizing beyond words. Furthermore, pay a visit to the Colva village and explore the rich history and savour Goan cuisine.  

Lamgau Caves

One of the less touristy places of Goa is the Lamgau Caves. You can include this destination in your list of hidden places in Goa. Visitors can visit this place by trekking or by vehicle. 

The intrigue cravings and the overall structure of the cave is a true masterpiece. Additionally, the palm trees swaying all around is a feast to the eyes.  There is a Lord Shiva Linga and Nandi Image, Tulsi here. Furthermore, the beam, ceiling are also a masterpiece with intense architecture and deserve all the praise.

Butterfly Beach

Want to make your Goa trip romantic? Then, all your love birds need to head to Butterfly beach. It is among the best places to visit in Goa for couples. The beach is not as crowded as other beaches of Goa, thus you get some quaint time with your sweetheart.

Surrounded by dense forests, Butterfly beach is a perfect epitome of an alluring seascape. The mind-boggling highlight of the beach is to spot various butterflies as well as dolphins. 

Carambolim Lake

Are you tired of partying, beaches and shopping in Goa? Want to rejoice in the tranquillity of nature? Then, move towards Carambolim lake. The serene atmosphere, birds chirping, ducks flocking will soothe your soul. 

You can also find many migratory birds here. Enjoy bird watching and crystal clear water of the lake while clicking a few mercury rising photographs. 

Already dreaming of a Goa trip? Wait no more and book your tickets now. Include the above best places to visit in Goa and explore the sprawling beauty of this alluring land

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