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Posted On May 21st, 2022

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Facts and Complete Information about Red Fort Delhi

The famous historic fort of Delhi that garners the attention of all its visitors is the humongous Red Fort. Delhi has a rich share of many stunning forts, and Red Fort is one of them. The importance of the Red Fort is from the time of the Mughal Empire, and still, it holds significance in Delhi. 

The red sandstone construction of Red Fort is a treat to your eyes. Every gate, corridor, nook and corner of Red Fort has a historical symbol. This place will make you feel the true essence of history and enjoy great architecture.

A complete guide to Red Fort

Historical monuments have a different charm. They take us back to an era brimming with royalty. Want to know the importance of Red Fort and all details relating to it?

Then have a look at the below guide and study the importance of Red Fort. Moreover, this guide will also help you explore the Red Fort conveniently. So, continue reading!

Let’s have a glimpse at the history of Red Fort

In the year 1638, the mighty emperor Shah Jahan shifted his empire from Agra to Shahjahanabad, which is now Delhi. While planning the construction of the new city Shahjahanabad, he was also deciding the base of his new palace, Lal Quila (Red Fort). The red fort was named Lal Quila before.

This fort has more comfort features than the Agra Fort. It is one of the best and most well-planned architectures of ancient times. And the most surprising part is it took almost a decade to complete this royal fort. Imagine, how intricate the work would have been.

For about 200 years, this place was the royal abode of Mughal kings. Later, the Britishers took up the charge. So the red fort was built by Shah Jahan, and the magnificence of the place is still evident.

Sound and light show

The main tourist attraction of the Red Fort is the sound and light show. It is the best show to attend in Delhi to learn about the importance of Red Fort and its history.

If you are in Delhi, you should visit this show. It is visually appealing and a great way to imbibe the knowledge of Indian history. Moreover, for history buffs, it is a great place to gain insights into this ancient fort. This place is recommended for kids and adults. The show continues for one hour, there are different timings for Hindi and English shows. You can book the show online or purchase tickets once you reach here. 

However, confirm the timings of the show beforehand, as there may be changes in the timings. 

Ticket Cost:

About Rs 60 for adults

About Rs 20 for kids

Note: There may be changes in the price on national holidays and weekends

Surprising things you never heard about Red Fort

  • The actual colour of the Red Fort was white.
  • The fort’s original name was “Qila-e-Mubarak”.
  • There are two main gates of the fort Lahore and Delhi Gate. It got its name as Lahore gate before the India-Pakistan partition. It also meant it is the gate towards Lahore, which is now a part of Pakistan.
  • The features of Red Fort are sprawling over 256 acres. It has an octagonal shape from a panoramic view.

You may find information of Red Fort in many places, but there is nothing like visiting it and witnessing it yourself. This is the place where Mughals ruled, and many historic events and decisions took place. 

Visit this place and witness an architectural wonder. So, when are you visiting Delhi?

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