Top 7 places to visit in India at Christmas time

It is the end of the year when you get a chance to celebrate a festival to express your happiness in the midst of the intense cold. Christmas is the time when the sparkling X-Mas tree, fragrant plum cakes, and sweet candy all begin to merge with joy in the best way. As well as a huge discount on shops brings you the pleasure of shopping. But this thrill can increase even more if you travel to a delightful Christmas place during this time. Here is the list of top places to visit in India during Christmas time.

Places to visit in India at Christmas time

The biggest problem with Christmas is that where should you go this time? India is also a charming tourist destination according to festivities. On Christmas, you and your family can visit the list below where you will enjoy secularly exquisite traditions, fun rituals, sparkling markets, and delicious cuisine.

1. Goa

There is no doubt that the most joyful of Christmas can be celebrated in a place like Goa. The church has young children singing melodious songs at midnight and the light and flower-adorned in Catholic civilization offers a beautiful panorama. Beach parties at night, as well as the fun of cocktails in the bar or pub with your friends and families. This is a nomadic place where you can never be regretted in your mind when you come. There is no doubt that New Year will come just 5 days after Christmas and Goa are famous for it.

Churches – Santa Cruz Church, Se Cathedral, Basilica of Bom Jesus

Things to do – Fireworks on the beach, midnight mass, explore the night market

2. Pondicherry

You might have wondered why Pondicherry is the best place for Christmas. Pondicherry doubles its beauty during winter and Christmas. In December, in the pleasant weather under the serene beach, the Cathedral civilization has a furnished location and the Gothic church proclaims a different experience. There is a time when travelers enjoy their gift exchange, Christmas tree, gourmet crispy candy, shopping at shops, and a multitude of activities. After knowing so much about Pondicherry, no one should miss this place at Christmas time.

Churches – Domus Dei Cathedral, St. Andrew’s Church

Things to do – Christmas market, A culinary shrine, beach hoboes

3. Kolkata

Go to Kolkata this Christmas, don’t sit at home and wait to get your gift from Santa Claus. Kolkata is such a special place that people here celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ with full enthusiasm, as is celebrated in South India. The way to celebrate Christmas here is also completely different. The display of sparkling lights, beautiful decorations, rock music, and huge discounts while shopping makes the Christmas festivities a great experience. Undoubtedly, Kolkata is a place to visit India at Christmas ever once in a lifetime.

Churches – St. Philomena’s Cathedral, Basilica of Bom Jesus

Things to do – Tram Ride, the Christmas Carnival, Kolkata Church Tour

4. Mumbai

It would seem unusual to hear why you celebrate your Christmas in a crowded city. The answer is diversity especially when you are from a small town. Big Christmas trees flaring on the pavement, tongue-watering cakes and puddings, the malls and markets look like a sparkling theater, and the delicious aroma of dates will inspire you to come to Mumbai. If you want to see great grandeur, no one will be the best city for Christmas. And by the way, if Mumbai is a city, then enjoy the place.

Churches – Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount

Things to do – witness large-scale events in a church

5. Daman and Diu

If you are unable to find a place where you should go at Christmas, then include Daman and Diu in your list. You cannot experience a festival like this anywhere in India at this time. Lots of cultural shows, Portuguese dance performances, midnight prayers with people in the church, and millions of candles and lingering streets make this place stand out. It can be said without any doubt that the place which makes your Christmas happiest is Daman & Diu.

Churches – Cathedral of Bom Jesus

Things to do – Midnight mass at churches,

6. Manali

It is not always necessary that you celebrate Christmas at beaches. hill areas can also be a good point. Although there are many such places in Himachal Pradesh, Manali will be the best for Christmas. This place is something that will make you feel like a fairy tale Christmas celebration. Adventure sports like skiing and snowboarding will be experienced, but the glittering snowy Christmas tree, sitting under the hut, heating the fire, and eating hot chocolate make your Christmas more delight.

Churches – Arcot Lutheran Church, Gilgal Prayer House church

Things to do – Shopping at Manali Mall Road, visit Cafe

7. Sikkim

This place is the most unique and amazing in this whole list. Especially when you are newly married or your love is still young. How magnificent Christmas experience can be at an altitude of 5410 feet. Although this place is popular for trekkers and hill enthusiasts, during Christmas there is a huge celebration. The most special thing done at this place is that the people here will welcome you in a very spectacular way.

Churches – Baptist Chruch of Sikkim, HopeCity Church

Things to do – Visit the illuminated attractions in the city, fancy Christmas gifts

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