Captivating Places In Pushkar That Can’t Be Ignored

Posted On February 5th, 2022

Jaipur Ajmer Pushkar Tour

The ethereal town of Pushkar is known for its culture, heritage, scenic beauty, temples, shopping and vibrant cafes. Visitors are sure to soak in the traditional vibe of this quaint town in the Ajmer district. 

Encapsulated in the scenic landscape, Pushkar will lure your senses with surprises in every corner of the town. Unleash some of the best places to visit in Pushkar and make your stay remarkable.

Spellbinding places to explore in Pushkar

Are you looking for some of the best landmarks in Pushkar city? Follow the below guide and explore the scenic places of Pushkar. 

Pushkar Lake

The first place to start your excursion to Pushkar must be Pushkar Lake. Whether you are searching for places to visit in Pushkar at night or day, this place is always vibrant. 

The lake also has religious significance connected to lord Brahma. People visit the holy lake to take a dip and purify their past sins. Moreover, the scenic surroundings with hills and birds chirping are peaceful. There are many colorful species of fish in the lake, plus the religious vibe adds to the beauty of Pushkar Lake. 

Man Mahal

Want to explore palatial living? Well, then Man Mahal is your best bet. Perched by the tranquil setting of Sarovar Lake, Man Mahal will flutter your heart with natural scenery. You can also include Man Mahal in your places to visit in Pushkar in 1-day itinerary. 

However, the palace today is a heritage hotel. Earlier, Man Mahal was the guest house of “Raja Man Singh I”. Also, one of the perfect places in Pushkar to click Insta worthy shots. Spend your day witnessing the outstanding architecture of Mughal and Rajasthani influence. 

Rose Garden

Do pretty colourful flowers bring joy to your heart? If yes, then the Rose garden is a must-visit in Pushkar. The rose farms in Choti Basti will soak you in its awe-inspiring environment. Rose Garden is also among the great places to visit in Pushkar for couples

The sweet scent of flowers amid the desert will boost your romance. One can find flower species from all over the world. We bet photography aficionados will fall in love with Rose garden. Stroll around, and strike a pose with the backdrop of colourful roses. 

Brahma Temple

One of the rare temples with extreme significance is Brahma Temple in Pushkar. It is among the top-rated religious places to visit in Pushkar. As a result of the curse of Brahma’s wife, the temple of Lord Brahma is limited, of which the Pushkar Temple holds high reverence. 

Also, the entry of married men is prohibited here. There are also popular folklore stories associated with the temple, one should not miss such ancient anecdotes when in Pushkar. The architecture of the temple is marvellous. The stone and marble construction, the red pinnacle of the temple is unique. Visit this holy place and purify your soul. 

Sarafa Bazar

Hey! All shopaholics, Want to explore the colourful variety of Pushkar market? Well, then head towards Sarafa Bazar and fill your shopping bags with exclusive items. Other than shopping, you can get hints of Rajasthani tradition in this market. 

The different shops lined up with colourful items is a delight for shopaholics. You can find the best leather items, idols of deities, handicraft materials, textiles and outstanding embroidery work. However, excellent haggling skills is a must in Sarafa Bazar, as the price is always overrated. 

Savitri Temple

Another place with religious significance is the Savitri Temple in Pushkar. Being a holy land, Pushkar oozes different spiritual places, among which Savitri temple is a must-visit. This temple is dedicated to Lord Brahma’s wife. 

The temple sits on the hilltop, and you can go trekking for about 1 hour to reach the temple. Do you know the most exciting thing after reaching this destination? Well, the panoramic view from the Savitri temple is just breathtaking. You can find idols of Lords Brahma’s two wives, i.e Savitri and Gayatri. Join your palms, bow down and make a wish from your heart.  The holy temple is known to fulfil all the desires of the devotees. 

Pushkar Camel Safari

The best way to soak in the beauty of Pushkar is through Camel Safari. Apart from Camel Safari, visitors can enjoy horse riding and jeep safari. Get a chance to witness the stunning view from the camel safari ride. 

There are also many places to stay in Pushkar nearby Camel Safari, Visitors can also book a tent in this camel safari and camp under the starry skies of Pushkar. 

Sunset Cafe

One of the best places to visit in Pushkar at night is the Sunset Cafe. The view of the cafe is very alluring. How about sitting elegantly by the lakeside, sipping coffee and relishing delectable appetizing food? Fantastic, isn’t it?  Well, this is the reason Sunset Cafe is a favourite among tourists. 

Sunset Cafe is also a perfect place to plan a dinner date. Visit the cafe and explore a gamut of dishes while enjoying lake scenery. 

Bookmark this list of places to visit in Pushkar to create an impeccable travel story. So, when are you planning a trip to Pushkar or have you already visited these places?

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