Where to Stay When Travel in Rajasthan

The land brimming with royalty surrounding splendid places is the beautiful Rajasthan. Words can’t define the glories of Rajasthan, only when you visit here, you can feel its exclusiveness. And to experience the joy of a stunning place, you need a comfortable stay. This will double your fun, as comfort is all we keep searching … Read more

Best Places to Visit in Walt Disney World

Ditch the real world, and enter a fantasy land at Walt Disney World. A place away from stress and where imagination turns real is Disney World. The sprawling area of 47-square miles entertains every person irrespective of their age category. However, choosing the best places to visit in Walt Disney World gets difficult. The reason … Read more

Best Beaches in Vendee France

Beaches are the best way to relax your mind and get connected to nature. The beautiful sunset, sandy beaches, sundowners, and inviting waves are all a part of beach life. If you are someone who needs Vitamin sea, then the best beaches in Vendee will never disappoint you. Vendee is famous for its beautiful coastline … Read more

8 Incredible Places to Visit in Shimla – The Queen of Hill Stations!

Hill stations are the best place to unwind and relax. The snow-capped mountains, gushing rivers, pine trees, and greenery are some of the prime reasons to visit hill stations. What if you get a chance to travel to the queen of hill stations? Yes, we are talking about Shimla. There are marvelous places to visit … Read more

Best Hill Stations in India For A Memorable Holiday

Whether planning a romantic honeymoon destination, summer vacation, or winter holidays, hill stations are always the first choice. The reason is its evergreen beauty and soul-soothing environment. Hill station of India offers the best sightseeing places, adventure and a romantic environment perfect for lovey-dovey days and to beat work blues. From North to south, there … Read more



One of the beautiful places located in the Huelva province is the dazzling Aracena. Spain has never let down its visitors to entertain and soak in its natural charm. Similarly, Aracena will charm you to bounds, and the credit goes to its dreamy destination. There are many best places to visit in Aracena including lofty … Read more

5 Best Things to do in Madrid

madrid tour

Spain has numerous places to treat its visitors. However, its capital Madrid has an exclusive charm to lure its guests. Madrid is home to historical monuments, vibrant nightlife, flamboyant fashion, delicious cuisines, art museums and serene gardens. As you explore this place, you will figure out there are neverending best things to do in Madrid … Read more

Best Places to Travel as a Solo Female


Solo travelling is adventurous, fun and challenging, so why not all you ladies experience this feeling? It’s your time to enjoy your freedom and explore the world. Many a time, we wait for our family and friends to plan a trip, but exploring the world while travelling alone is a feeling of pride and freedom. … Read more

Enjoy Rafting in Manali Tour Package

Rafting in Manali

Manali features a set of entertainment and scenic places to visit. Thus, Manali is one of the favorite tourist destinations in North India. Be it a long vacation or a quick weekend getaway, Manali will never disappoint you. And when it is about adventure, Japji Travel helps you book rafting in Manali.  One of the … Read more

Soak in the Mesmerising Charm of Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett, Nainital

Uttarakhand is famous for its heavenly destinations. Every place here has a magical charm. One of the best places here is the beautiful Nainital. And when in Nainital, you can’t miss Jim Corbett National Park. There are many best places to visit in Jim Corbett and many enticing things to try.  Jim Corbett National Park … Read more

Luxurious 27 Seater Coach Rental


Enjoy a Luxurious Journey with 27 SeaterCoach Rental Travelling is always fun as we explore new places we refresh our minds. No matter whether the trip is with family, friends, or a solo journey, traveling offers a unique experience every time we travel. However, without a comfortable vehicle, our journey can never be memorable. Do … Read more

International Honeymoon Destinations that are Budget-Friendly

united kingdom

Honeymoon is a lucky time where love and romance dominate your mood. You may want to plan the best destination to make your honeymoon special. Are you planning for your honeymoon? Well, International destinations are lovely to spend your honeymoon days. But we try to compromise, thinking they are high on our budget. However, there … Read more

The Most Beautiful Places To Visit in Canada

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Whether you plan a solo trip, family vacation or honeymoon, Canada will never disappoint you. The reason is its enticing beauty and unlimited adventure. If you have travel plans to Canada, you are lucky enough to explore its sheer charisma. The first thing that pops up in our mind is, which are the most beautiful … Read more

Beautiful Hotels in Maldives For Honeymoon

kandolhu island maldives

Maldives is all about romance in the tropical seascape. And the lush greenery, emerald beaches, fascinating culture, marine life, food and exclusive landmarks add to the beauty of Maldives. If you are planning your honeymoon here, you need to book the best hotels in Maldives for honeymoon to relax and enjoy the best time. No … Read more

Fun Things To Do in Thailand


There are many tourist places around the world, but Thailand is a place that instantly boosts your adrenaline. And the reason is its adventure activities, sparkling beaches, shopping, spa, luxury hotels and mouth-watering cuisines. While there are many fun things to do in Thailand, you should know the best place to try those activities.  Many … Read more

Free Things To Do in Dubai For a Budget Trip

dubai package

Dubai is one of the most luxurious countries in the world, every nook and corner of Dubai is brimming with a plush lifestyle. The high-end malls, lofty Burj Khalifa, decadent cuisine, expensive cars, Burj Al Arab and other swanky hotels describe Dubai’s luxuriousness. Did you know there are also secret free things to do in … Read more

The Most Haunted Locations of Shimla That is Equal to a Scary Horror Movie

haunted places

Shimla is the place that will stun you with its exquisite charm. The verdant valleys, ancient architecture, famous churches, temples, snow-clad mountains contribute to the beauty of mesmerizing Shimla. Do you also love visiting Shimla? Well, mountain lovers can’t ignore this heavenly destination of Shimla. However, with its evergreen charm, there is also a dark … Read more

Romantic Places in and around Delhi To Spend a Quaint Time

qutub minar delhi

The daily busy routine, work schedule, laptop, hectic life will somehow trigger your love time. Are you facing a problem spending quality time with your special one? Is the hectic schedule a villain in your love story? Well, we have a solution for this problem.  All you need to do is look for romantic places … Read more

Romantic Places to stay in Kashmir

dal lake srinagar

Amid the serene valleys, mountains, glistering lakes, the picturesque beauty of Kashmir is perfect for romance with your love. Every nook and corner of Kashmir has a mesmerizing charm to evoke romance. The place is no less than heaven, and what can be better than romancing in heaven? No doubt, there are many romantic places … Read more

Places To Explore The Tranquillity Of Jibhi, A Hidden Gem Of Himachal Pradesh

With touristy places like Shimla, Dharamshala, Manali and Kasauli, some destinations of Himachal Pradesh is unknown to the world. One such untouched beauty of Himachal Pradesh is Jibhi. Well, you may have recently heard about it on a Youtube channel or a blog. Right?  Well, that’s the reason you are here to explore more about … Read more

Offbeat Destinations Of Jaipur For Blissful Holidays

hawa mahal

Jaipur has always been the favorite destination of all travel wanderlust around the globe. Dotted with picturesque landscapes, royal palaces, serene lakes, and ancient temples, the charm of Jaipur is undeniable. However, being one of the popular tourist destinations, you can expect chaos all around. Want to ditch the hustle and bustle? Well, then you … Read more

Outstanding Memorable Destinations To Visit In Bikaner

This blooming city encapsulates what paradise is. Bikaner will astonish you with alluring destinations and cultural heritage. You can’t believe your eyes once you step in here. The colourful atmosphere, historic forts, the desert are the features that define Bikaner’s charm. Moreover, you can feel the religious vibe in the ancient temples and royal atmosphere … Read more

Scintillating Destinations To Explore In Jaisalmer

The sand dunes, exhilarating forts, natural beauty, traditional culture and invigorating history define Jaisalmer. Dotted with enticing places, Jaisalmer is perfect for laid-back and enthusiastic holidays.  Are you planning your next vacation to Jaisalmer? Then, follow the below list of places to visit in Jaisalmer and feel the visual treat. Align with ecstatic energy with … Read more

Exquisite Destinations Of Mount Abu To Bask In The Ethereal Beauty

A relief from the scorching heat surrounded by lush forest and ethereal vistas is the Mount Abu of Rajasthan. While Rajasthan boasts different places to entice travellers but Mount Abu is special. Why? Because in the desert terrain of Rajasthan, it is the only hill station offering serene surroundings with the best climate.  Want to … Read more

Captivating Places In Pushkar That Can’t Be Ignored

Jaipur Ajmer Pushkar Tour

The ethereal town of Pushkar is known for its culture, heritage, scenic beauty, temples, shopping and vibrant cafes. Visitors are sure to soak in the traditional vibe of this quaint town in the Ajmer district.  Encapsulated in the scenic landscape, Pushkar will lure your senses with surprises in every corner of the town. Unleash some … Read more

Things To Consider Before You Book A Hotel On Your Next Holiday

Among millions of hotels, choosing a perfect stay is an arduous task. Agreed? Be it a family trip, official or a romantic getaway, if your hotel isn’t your type, then the whole trip is a nightmare.  However, with simple planning and a few tips, you can find a luxurious stay to amp up your fun … Read more

Lip-Smacking Cuisines To Try In Jaipur To Pamper Your Taste Buds

The pink city never disappoints the visitors with its royal authenticity and visual retreat. Dotted with magnificent palaces,  gardens and forts, Jaipur is an overall full-filled destination to plan your vacation. Want to know the other reason to visit Jaipur? Well, it’s mouth-watering Jaipur food that will make even the fussy eater drool. Forget the … Read more

Offbeat Marvellous Places In Rajasthan To Experience Serenity At Its Best

gadisar lake

The royal charm, gripping landscapes with a blend of modern comforts and ancient tradition defines Rajasthan.  This idyllic city has many places of interest to make your trip relishing. However, if you want to hide from the city chaos and experience tranquillity, Rajasthan’s offbeat places are a beautiful and cozy experience.  Secret spots in Rajasthan … Read more

Mind-boggling Places To Visit In Udaipur To Encounter Enthralling Natural Beauty


Are you looking for an extravaganza yet cultural tour? Well, then Udaipur is your best bet. From exclusive heritage to serene lakes, mouth-watering cuisine to binge-spree shopping, Udaipur will entice every traveller. Dotted with exclusive landscape, Udaipur is also an alternative to Venice. To know more about places to visit in Udaipur, scroll down! Escape … Read more

Pilgrimage Places In Varanasi To Evoke Your Inner Spirituality


The city that holds reverence in the Hindu religion is Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. You can feel the transcendental connection as soon as you step in here. The age-old temples, chanting, bathing in the holy river is a soul-lifting experience.  In this article, we will disclose some of the magnificent religious places in Varanasi. We … Read more

Unexplored Destinations Of India That Should Be On The List Of Every Travel Enthusiasts

jallianwala bagh amritsar

India is fascinating beyond words. The rich fabled land is known for its marvelous landscape and rich diversity. While you may have heard a lot about popular destinations of India. However, if you want to shield yourself away from the busy life, the offbeat places in India will surprise you with their mystical charm. Explore … Read more

Most Gorgeous Places In North India To Spend Christmas Vacations

merry christmas

Christmas opens up for a lot of fun and celebrations. And a vacation amid the celebration is a cherry on the cake. Are you also planning a Christmas vacation? Well, then North India will allure you with its pristine locations. The verdant landscape, snow-covered mountains, frozen lakes, waterfalls define the beauty of North India in … Read more

Stunning Places Of Goa- Don’t Leave The Town Without Visiting These Alluring Destinations

goa tourist destinations

The sizzling beach atmosphere, night parties, ancient churches, serene nature view, enthusiastic clubbing places, ravishing cafes are all about holidaying in Goa. Moreover, the cruises, adventure and mouth-watering cuisine of Goa are perfect for a soul-searching tranquil and passionate holiday. In this article, we will reveal some of the best places to visit in Goa … Read more

Offbeat Beaches In Mumbai That Are Perfect For New Year Celebrations

new year celebrate mumbai

It’s December, the last month of the year. So, what are your new year’s plans? Is your soul craving for beaches or mountains? Or would you like to enjoy the serenity of nature or hit the party deck?  Well, most of us choose Goa to spend our new years eve. However, offbeat beaches in Mumbai … Read more

The Most Attractive Palaces In India To Feel The Royal Bygone Era

gadisar lake

India is a synonym for an alluring land, thanks to its rich heritage and culture. The land, once ruled by the Maharajas will win your heart with its ancient palaces. While some palaces are now luxurious hotels. However, a tour around the grandeur palaces in India is a memory to cherish. To help you attain … Read more