Top Seafood Restaurants To Satiate Your Seafood Cravings In Mumbai

Located in the coastal zone, Mumbai is the best place to savor delicious seafood. The freshly hunted fish, crab, prawns, lobsters, oysters- when cooked with rich decadent gravy can make anyone drool. Especially the whiff while passing by a good seafood restaurant in Mumbai will “keep you on your toes”.

However, you need to choose the best restaurant to savour the original flavor of seafood. So, when we are at your service, we make sure you get to taste the best of seafood in Mumbai.

The top restaurants in Mumbai that serve the best Seafood

Looking for the best seafood restaurant in Mumbai? We have prepared a complete list after a thorough investigation. So, let’s begin exploring.

“ Mahesh Lunch Home”

Savour the best Manglorean style seafood at Mahesh Lunch Home. It is the most famous and among the best restaurants in Mumbai for seafood. The food here will make you tempt for more and more. From best service to authentic seafood, no one can beat the “ Mahesh Lunch Home”. Serving the best seafood since 1977, it is the king of seafood restaurants.

Address- Outlets in Juhu, Fort, Andheri, Vashi, Thane and Pune

Best Cuisines to try- Surmai curry with Neer Dosa, Pomfret tandoori, Butter pepper garlic prawns and Tandoori Crab.


If your love for seafood is as paparazzi’s love for celebrities that are unavoidable and irresistible, then head to Trishna restaurant. It is one of the best seafood restaurants in South Mumbai.

Trishna is a renowned restaurant in town and famous for exclusive seafood. You can explore a gamut of seafood delicacies here. The food here is prepared with utmost care and it reflects in its authentic flavour.

Address- “Kala Ghoda, Fort”

Best cuisines to try- Chettinad prawns, Butter garlic crab and Rawas Hyderabadi.

“Pratab Lunch Home”

This restaurant is effortlessly pizzazz serving the best seafood since 1961.  It is a paradise for all seafood lovers. With exceptional service and an enthralling ambience, it is a perfect place to savour seafood.

The restaurant is known to balance spices and enhance flavour in all their seafood dishes. In addition, the presentation and the whiff will make you go “weak in your knees”. So, if you are in search of a good seafood restaurant in Mumbai, then Pratab Lunch Home can satiate your tastebuds.

Address- “Janmabhoomi Marg, Fort”

Cuisines to try- Bombil Fry, Crab Mongolian, Surmai Tawa Fry and Prawns Koliwada.

“Ankur-The Coastal Bistro”

Excerpt the taste of seafood only at Ankur restaurant. It is of the fancy, dine-in restaurants in town. The restaurant will treat with the true essence of seafood. The options are limitless and every dish has a special taste to treat the diners.

Seafood when blend with Mangalorean masalas is a taste to relish. Ankur restaurant knows the trick to blend the flavours perfectly. Moreover, if you are not into spicy food, you can also make adjustments to your dishes.

Address- “M Shetty Marg, Kala Ghoda, Fort”

Cuisines to try- SquidKoliwada, Prawns Gassi, Rice with fish curry and Fish tikka.

Fresh Catch

When in Fresh Catch you get to bite the best of seafood. The highlight here is the various Crab dishes. Your hunger and cravings will thank you for visiting Fresh Catch.

From Tawa fry to tandoori every variant is special here. The variety in its menu will spoil the diners with its choices. Hence, Fresh Catch is one of the best restaurants in Mumbai for seafood. Furthermore, the atmosphere and hospitality will never disappoint you.

Address- “PN Kotnis Road, Mahim (W)”

Cuisines to try- Crab Butter Garlic, Prawn Rice and Squid Masala.


Another popular restaurant on the list is Gajalee. They have three outlets in Mumbai. If you love Malvani-style seafood, then Gajalee is your way to go. The luscious seafood when cooked with Malvani spices is sure to give your tastebuds a fiery kick.

Their unique dishes and the original taste make the customers come back again and again. The tandoori crab here is just a paradise of tastefulness. Visit Gajalee and discover a delectable variety.

Address– Outlets in Andheri, Lower Parel and Vile Parle

Cuisines to try– Bombil Fry, Prawns curry, and Tandoori crab.

Apoorva Restaurant

If you are searching for the best seafood restaurants in South Mumbai, then head to Apoorva Restaurant. The humble staff and the delicious seafood will win your heart. Moreover, their seafood taste is perfectly balanced with spices and other ingredients. Apoorva Restaurant can win over any fussy eater with its perfectly cooked seafood delicacies.

Address- “SA Brelvi Road, Fort”

Cuisines to try– Koliwada Prawn, King Crab Masala and Shellfish curry.

The options of a seafood restaurant on the picturesque coastline of Mumbai are limitless. The aforementioned list is among the top-rated restaurants. So, pick the good seafood restaurant in Mumbai and bite into lusciousness.

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