Best Beaches in Vendee France

Beaches are the best way to relax your mind and get connected to nature. The beautiful sunset, sandy beaches, sundowners, and inviting waves are all a part of beach life. If you are someone who needs Vitamin sea, then the best beaches in Vendee will never disappoint you.

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Vendee is famous for its beautiful coastline and is a paradise for nature lovers. It is one of the popular holiday destinations in France, and now its popularity is spread among foreign tourists. Vendee beaches are perfect for family entertainment or a trip with your partner and friends. 

List of Best Beaches in Vendee France

  • Ovaires Beach
  • Grande Plage
  • Corniche Beach
  • La Plage Du Veillon
  • Plage de Sauveterre

Top-rated beaches in Vendee for beach lovers

Vendee is beautiful beyond words surrounding scenic attraction, and beaches are the best reason to plan a holiday to Vendee. Apart from soaking in the sunshine on the best beaches in Vendee, you can find many water activities to boost your adrenaline.

Even if you are travelling with kids, there are activities for them to engross their attention. Want to learn about the best beaches in Vendee, and what are the activities here? Check out the below listicle:

Ovaires Beach

One of the most popular beaches of Vendee is Ovaires Beach. It is a leisurely place to spend a relaxing holiday on the white sand. Ovaires Beach is the best picnic spot for tourists.

You can hire a tent here and relish your afternoon by the sea waves. During summers, there are water skiing activities at Ovaires Beach. With activities and a pleasant environment, this tropical landscape can never let you down.

Grande Plage

You can’t miss Grande Plage in the list of best beaches to visit in Vendee. This beach has an attractive vibe with different eatery stalls and entertainment. 

This beach is in the centre zone of the best restaurants and shopping zones. So, travelling from this beach to other attractions is also easy. There are beach tents to soak in the comfort of the beach environment. And you will also find beach clubs to keep your kids entertained.

Corniche Beach

Want to enjoy water activities like kitesurfing and windsurfing? Then Corniche Beach is your adventurous place. Along with a backdrop of a tranquil environment, isn’t it great to try some adrenaline-boosting activities? As you step in to try these water sports, you will feel the amalgamation of joy and excitement rushing in your blood.

Relax on this sandy beach, get some vitamin D, and enjoy great beach cuisines. It is also one of the safe beaches to swim around, even if you are not a pro at swimming. 

La Plage Du Veillon

This beach is one of the most attractive sightseeing places in Vendee. As the river joins the seawater, the sight is mesmerising and worth capturing beautiful pictures.

Tourists have always regarded La Plague Du Veillon as one of the best beaches in Vendee. In the wide expanse of the beach, there are restaurants and cafes to treat your hunger pangs. There’s also a mini golf and surf school here. 

Plage de Sauveterre

A stunning beach surrounding the pine forest is Plage de Sauveterre. It is all about getting close to nature at this beach. You can also learn surfing here in the quaint environemnt.

This rocky beach is all set to entertain you, plan your trip here whenever you visit Vendee. Say bye to the hustling crowd and enjoy a peaceful time at Plage de Sauveterre.

Bottom Line

Relish your time on these best beaches in Vendee, and we are sure you can never forget this time. Start packing your bags as the beaches, sand, and sun of Vendee is waiting for your visit.


1) Which are the famous beaches in Vendee?

Some of the famous beaches in Vendee are:
1) Ovaires Beach
2) Grande Plage
3) Corniche Beach
4) La Plage Du Veillon
5) Plage de Sauveterre

2) Which beaches are budget-friendly in Vendee?

If you want budget-friendly beaches in Vendee, then check these places:
1) La Grande Plage
2) Plage des Sableaux
3) Madeleine Beach
4) Boisvinet Beach

3) What are the fun activities to try in Vendee?

Some of the fun activities to try in Vendee are:
1) Fishing
2) Kitesurfing
3) Mountain Biking
4) Coastline Cycling

4) Is Vendee beaches good for kids?

Yes, Vendee beaches are excellent for kids, and there are also many entertaining activities for kids here.

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