5 Secrets About Jaipur Rajasthan That Nobody Will Tell You

Posted On November 21st, 2022

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Jaipur has an array of places blessed with great architecture and natural charm. Jaipur also known as the pink city is capable enough to steal your heart and mark a remarkable memory. 

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Every year tourists from around the world come to explore the beauty of Jaipur. However, there are unknown secrets of Jaipur, that will surprise you with their interesting facts. 

Surprising facts about Jaipur that will stun you

Everyone is aware of the popular facts about touristy places, but when it is about unknown facts, everything is a secret. Today, let’s go through some of the secrets of Jaipur that is a complete surprise for you.

Ready to get stunned? Then, check the below list stating the secrets of Jaipur:

1. The most lavish hotel suite

Rajasthan is synonymous with royalty and luxury and keeping this standard in mind there are exclusive hotels in Jaipur. All the more, Jaipur is one of the popular destination wedding spots in India.

One of the interesting facts about Jaipur is the Raj Palace Luxury Hotel. And one of the suites of this hotel costs $50,000 per day. Woah, that’s a whopping amount. 

2. India’s first planned city

Most people think of Chandigarh as the first planned city in India. However, peeps, you are wrong! Jaipur city was constructed in 1726.

The entire Jaipur city was planned following Vastu Shastra. And the most intriguing part of Jaipur is the city was ready within four years of planning. Isn’t this fascinating?

3. Connection to Prince of Whales and why it’s named Pink City

Jaipur is famous for its Pink hue, but did you know why it is painted pink? Well, During the rule of Maharaja Ram Singh, the Prince of Whales visited India. Regarding great hospitality, the king decided to paint Jaipur pink and welcome the Prince. 

While the hue pink is regarded as the colour of great hospitality, the Prince of Whales was impressed by this presentation. And therefore, he named Jaipur the Pink city

4. Explore free Literature Festival

Among the secrets of Jaipur, the free literature festival is more to keep hidden. Not many people are aware of this festival, but writers all around the world know about this event.

So, if you like reading books, you should attend this literature festival. This festival is hosted in January, and you can reserve your place through online registration. 

5. Jaigarh Fort has an undiscovered treasure

jaigarh fort jaipur

Jaigarh Fort is known for its marvellous location and beautiful architecture. One more fact about this fort is that it has undiscovered treasure.

It is believed that Kings of the bygone era used to hide their previous jewels in this Jaigarh Fort. Even after several attempts to find the hidden treasure, still, no one is successful. 

So, now you know all the major secrets of Jaipur. It’s high time you plan a holiday in this pink city. To book a tour package at the most reasonable rate, you can contact Japji Travel. 


Which are the famous places to visit in Jaipur?

When in Jaipur, plan your itinerary to:
Hawa Mahal
Nahargarh Fort
Amber Fort
Jal Mahal
Jaigarh Fort

Are there haunted places in Jaipur?

There are many folklore stories connected to haunted places. Some of the haunted places near and around Jaipur are:
Bhangarh Fort
Nahargarh Fort
Brij Raj Bhawan
Rana Kumbha Palace

Which are the best places to watch the sunset in Jaipur?

You can watch the beautiful sunset from:
Amer Fort
Nahargarh Fort
Jal Mahal
Surya Mandir

Can I plan a solo trip to Jaipur?

Yes, you can plan a solo trip to Jaipur. But make sure the booking is made in advance, and you hire a local guide. 

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