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Top 5 gardens in Chandigarh to explore

Chandigarh the "Garden City of India" is also worldly widely embraced as international garden cities like Canberra, Hellerau, Welwyn. The city is all set to blow your senses where the lush green carpeted rugs, enchanting bushes, and beautiful gardens with these lovely shrubs create a unique landscape. Not only indigenous but also exotic design gardens are enough to experience your life by nature. 

This question will definitely be in your mind that "how can we see these best gardens and its scenic beauty" in the shortest possible time. Then we have prepared this list of Top 5 gardens in Chandigarh to explore after much research where you should cherish the attraction of Chandigarh. 

1. Rock Garden

The Rock Garden was built in 1957 by former road officer Nek Chand. Situated in Sector 1, this garden is also called Nek Chand's Rock Garden. Nek Chand's imagination and novelty are considered to be limitless symbols as a rock garden. Defining arts and crafts perfectly, this garden is equipped with 5000 sculptures. You will find things made of industrial waste like bangles, bottles, lighting, utensils, ceramic pots. 

Rock Garden, located between the Capitol Building and Sukhana Lake, is known as the "Best from Waste". You will get all the modes of transport easily here. Undoubtedly this is one of the best gardens to explore in Chandigarh places

2. Zakir Hussain Rose Garden 

The 27-acre Rose Garden is named after former President Dr. Zakir Hussain. There are about 32000 ways of plants and trees inside this garden, out of which 1600 is roses and 825 is a variety of flowers. The Rose Garden was built in 1967 and is the largest garden of its kind in Asia. this garden is an amazing sightseeing place in Chandigarh.

The time from February to March is considered to be the best time to visit here when the beautiful buds of roses will delight you with their petals. The layout of this garden is designed in such a way that symmetry is visible on every corner. This place is very much liked by the tourists in Chandigarh, especially those who have come for their honeymoon.

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3. Garden of Fragrances 

The specialty of this garden is hidden in the name of this garden. This garden is well-known throughout Chandigarh because of its aromatic plants such as Raat ki Rani, Champa, Jasmine, Mehndi, Motia, Mogra, and Damask Rose.

The time of winter will be best to visit this garden, where you can take full pleasure by taking a walk here. You can also enjoy a picnic by arriving here with your family, friends and life partner. Quickly put this garden on your Chandigarh tour list or else you will miss seeing something fresh.

4. Terraced Garden 

This garden, built-in 1979, is known as Terraced Garden due to its different shapes, levels, and roof design. Shattered over 10 acres, this garden offers lush greenery and rich flourishing views. The terraced garden is liked by the people because, during the evening, the fountain running amidst the light follows the folk songs here.

This garden is also very much liked by newly married couples and young people. You will definitely want to share your evening at this Garden in Chandigarh, which will be a pleasant experience for you. 

5. Japanese Garden 

The Japanese garden is a very amazing place to see in Chandigarh. Here you will discover beauty-filled parks, pagoda towers, water bodies, meditation centers, waterfalls, figurines, and structures. An underground tunnel has been built inside this park which is divided into two parts depicting Japanese artwork and intellectual crafts. 

If you are interested in spirituality, Buddhism practice, and yoga, then this will be the best place for you. This place in Chandigarh is a symbol of peace where thousands of tourists like to come every year. You must explore this garden in the Chandigarh tour. 

Chandigarh is a treasure house of gardens. If you came to this land and you did not absorb the beautiful views here, then you will miss a lot in your life. Get ready and take the help of this list top 5 gardens to explore for your Chandigarh tour.


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