10 Beautiful Lakes of Rajasthan

10 Beautiful Lakes of Rajasthan

Posted On : 2022-07-01

10 Beautiful Lakes in Rajasthan

When you think about the royal state of Rajasthan, things like towering forts, golden dunes, and scorching heat pop up in your mind. But this land of kings has its share of tranquillity and bliss in the form of 10 beautiful lakes of Rajasthan that beautify the state's landscape. 

Ancient ruins, marble or sandstone palaces, lush green forest, sandy desert, or the engulfing Aravallis Hills surrounding the water make these lakes look even more charming and worth visiting. Along with the majestic palaces, towering hill forts, temples with beautiful architecture, and fascinating step-wells, this desert state becomes an even more wonderful tourist spot with these 10 beautiful lakes of Rajasthan

Here are the 10 beautiful lakes of Rajasthan-

1. Lake Pichola (Udaipur) - This is the most romantic lake in Rajasthan and is surrounded by towering Aravallis Hills, the majestic City Palace of Udaipur, and royal bathing ghats, beautiful temples, luxury hotels, and many heritage buildings made of white marble. Built-in 1362 AD, it has 2 islands- Jag Mandir (a high-end restaurant) and Jag Niwas (The Lake Palace Hotel). The full panoramic view of this place is breathtaking and is the most popular tourist attraction of the city of lakes- Udaipur. Enjoy a romantic boat ride in the evening. No wonder it tops the list of 10 beautiful lakes of Rajasthan

Best time- November to March and monsoon months July-August.


  • Boat ride
  • Doodh Talai
  • Musical Garden 
  • Ambrai Ghat
  • Bagore Haveli
  • Jag Mandir Restaurant

2. Fateh Sagar (Udaipur) - This lake will make you believe that Udaipur is the 'Kashmir of Rajasthan .' Maharana Fateh Singh built this stunning lake in 1680 AD, which houses 3 islands-. Nehru Garden, Water Fountain, and Solar Observatory of ISRO. Surrounded by rocky Aravallis, you get an enthralling view of the lake while walking its shores. 

Best Time- November to March and monsoon months of July-August.


  • Boat ride to Nehru Park
  • Eating street food in lakeside stalls
  • Enjoying the sunset
  • Maharana Pratap Memorial

3.  Jaisamand Lake (Jaisamand Town, Udaipur) - Boating is a marvelous experience in this India's 2nd largest artificial lake. Jaisamand, with a whooping area of 36 Sq. Km. has a few islands, and the Aravallis Hills surrounding the lake make a beautiful panoramic landscape. Its outstanding natural beauty makes it a part of our 10 beautiful lakes of Rajasthan. Originally called Dhebar Lake, it is a delightful place with six alluring cenotaphs, a Lord Shiva Temple, and a charming medieval Summer Palace built for the queens on its dam. All these buildings are made of marble, and you can even book a stay in the luxurious Island Hotel Resort on one of the lake's islands.

Best Time- Monsoon months of July-August and October to March 


  • Island Resort Stay
  • Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Boat ride
  • Summer Palace overlooking the lake

4. Ana Sagar Lake (Ajmer) - Lush green gardens surround this gorgeous artificial lake, and marble cenotaphs beautify its pavilion. You can spend a lovely evening strolling and boating here. Built by King Anaji Tomar in 1135 AD and situated in the heart of Ajmer city, this charming lake ranks high on our 10 beautiful lakes of Rajasthan list. 

Best time- October to March and July-August.


  • Garden strolls
  • Boat rides

5. Gadisar Lake (Jaisalmer) - The lake is a scenic oasis in the harsh Thar desert. Maharaja Gadsi Singh commissioned this lake, and it is encircled by beautiful historic buildings made of golden sandstones. Experience an alluring sunset and watch the migratory birds play with water while enjoying a slow boat ride here. Now, it's one of the most visited lakes in Rajasthan and holds a position on our list of 10 beautiful lakes of Rajasthan.

Best Time- November to February. 


  • Bird watching
  • Lakeside walks
  • Boating,
  • A museum at the lake entrance
  • Island cenotaph
  • Salim Singh's Haveli
  • Sonar Fort

6.  Balsamand Lake (Jodhpur) – If you want an un-crowded location of scenic beauty, visit this calm lake built in the 12 Century AD by Gujar-Pratihars. This breathtaking lake was a picnic ground for the royals of Jodhpur, surrounded by lovely gardens with lush trees of mango, papaya, pomegranate, and banana. You can even enjoy a stay at the lakeside summer palace, which is now converted into a luxury hotel. Presently, as it is a fantastic picnic spot with an amazing view of the sunset, it deserves mention on our 10 beautiful lakes of Rajasthan list. 

Best Time- November to February.


  • Boating during Sunset
  • Garden strolls
  • Picnic spots
  • Machia Biological Park
  • Bal Samand Palace

7. Man Sagar Lake (Jaipur) – An artificial lake with an island summer palace called Jal Mahal for the queens, Man Sagar Lake creates an alluring fairytale-like landscape surrounded by the Nahargarh Hills. You can enjoy watching pretty-looking migratory birds like a wagtail, blue-Tail Bee Eater, and Grey Heron. A boat ride is not allowed here, but you can enjoy a yummy ice cream from the carts while taking a relaxing lakeside stroll. The hilly terrain makes the water body one of the 10 beautiful lakes of Rajasthan.

Best Time- October to February and monsoon months of July-August. 


  • Watching the sunset and Strolling
  • Vrindavan Gardens
  • Amer Fort
  • Nahargarh Fort
  • Hawa Mahal

8.  Pushkar Lake (Pushkar, Ajmer) – This adorable world-famous lake surrounded by 52 Bathing Ghats is a sacred pilgrim site for Hindu devotees. Surrounded by 500 ancient and medieval temples, the lake water is said to have medicinal properties. Pushkar is known as Tirtha Raj- a king among pilgrim sites. And it is said that if you take a dip in the lake, all your previous sins are washed away. Visit the renowned Brahma Temple and shop in the local markets for artifacts. A stay in this town will be a rich spiritual experience, and this lake is one of the 10 beautiful lakes of Rajasthan

Best Time- October to March and monsoon months of July-August.


  • Rangji Temple
  • Man Mahal
  • Apteshwar Temple
  • Pushkar Markets
  • Brahma Temple
  • Israeli cafes 

9. Nakki Lake (Mt. Abu) – Surrounded by Aravallis Hills, the charming Nakki Lake at 1200 meters above sea level is a must-visit. You can enjoy Shikara (Kashmiri boats) boat rides and enjoy the lake while strolling in one of the many lovely gardens surrounding it. One of the unique features is the rock formations (Toad Rock) visible on top hilltops from the ground. You can shop at the bustling tourist market nearby and relish the jumbo size ice-cream cones. Head to the boat-shaped cafe beside the lake and enjoy the sunset while sipping your coffee. For all these things, it has effortlessly earned itself a spot on our 10 beautiful lakes of Rajasthan.

Best time- October to April and monsoon months of July-August-September. 

Attractions- Toad Rock

  • Gaumukh temple
  • Lake-side garden
  • Local market
  • Raghunath temple

10. Sambhar Salt Lake (Jaipur) – This is India's largest inland saltwater lake, much saltier than the ocean. Do you know it finds its mention in the epic of Mahabharata? Well, it boasts of being the largest salt producer in the country since ancient times. Today tourists visit it to enjoy safari trips, bird-watching, and admire the long stretch of land that meets the sky at the horizon. It's the most preferred site for pre-wedding shoots and Instagram posts. And you can say it's one of the best off-beat water bodies among the 10 beautiful lakes of Rajasthan.

Best Time – November to March. 


  • Sambhar Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Shahkambari Devi Temple
  • Safari trips, and Photoshoots

With so many beautiful lakes to see in Rajasthan, don't wait and pack your bags for a blissful adventure in the Land of Kings. The alluring lakes of Rajasthan are steeped in vibrant history and welcome travelers with open arms. There are many activities around these lakes to keep you busy. Book your trip with us, and we will give you a memorable time


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Where is the Crystal Gallery located in Udaipur?

A1. The Crystal Gallery is a hidden gem of Udaipur located in Hotel Fateh Prakash in the City Palace Complex. The ticket cost is 600 rupees, and cameras are not allowed.

Q2. Name 3 must visit lakes of Udaipur?

A2. Pichola Lake, Doodh Talai Lake, and Fateh Sagar Lake are the 3 major lakes of Udaipur City.

Q3. Where to eat in Jaipur?

A3. Jaipur is a cosmopolitan city with thousands of cafes and restaurants. Top-rated ones are The Steam in Rambagh, Spice Court, Shikaar Bagh, Forresta Kitchen and Bar, Masala Ministry, Bar Palladio, Baradari City Palace, Brown Sugar, and many more.

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