International Kite Festival Gujrat

International Kite Festival Gujrat

Posted On : 2021-04-14

Imagine a sky full of colorful kites of different shapes and sizes, painting a beautiful canvas of vibrant hues. This is exactly the view that you witness during the annual International Kite Festival in Gujarat. It is the time of the year when the place turns ebullient, teeming with groups of people assembled on their rooftops to celebrate Makar Sakranti or Uttarayan. On one hand, it signifies the harvesting season and on the other, it marks a change in whether from winters to summers. The occasion is annually celebrated statewide with much fervor and great zeal by kite flying competitions. Tourists from distant corners of the world visit Gujrat during this time to witness the liveliness and engage in the zealous festivities.

Historical Significance of the International Kite Festival 

Kite flying is an ancient art that emerged over time as a royal sport. The kings and Nawabs used kite flying as a means of entertainment and a tool to display their strength to their competitors. As time elapsed, kite flying grew into a serious game with a variety of kites being made using special strings for vicious competitions. Various experts in kite making and kite flying were invited and hired to display their skills and showcase their expertise. The tradition bloomed beautifully in the state of Gujarat that represents a perfect amalgamation of vibrant cultures and serves as an epicenter for trading activity.

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Highlights of International Kite Festival Gujrat

The International Kite Festival is a much-awaited sacred event celebrated enthusiastically in different cities of Gujarat. Although canceled this year because of the pandemic, the festival is celebrated every year during the month of January. The preparations start early with the making of vibrant kites of different shapes and sizes for friendly competitions. 

During festive days, people wake up early to reach their rooftops and enjoy kite flying in the favorable morning breeze. Several delectable Gujarati dishes are ceremonially prepared to celebrate the day. The markets are swarming with locals seeking the perfect kites. The lanes are filled with the aroma of delicious desserts. Gujrat even has a dedicated market in the old city of Ahemdabad called the Patang Bazar where you can get all sorts of kites. 

As the day unfolds with celebrations, the excitement never ceases at night. As the night falls, the sky is filled with lighted paper lanterns that create a spectacular mesmerizing view. Every year the kite makers come up with new innovative ways to mesmerize the visitors. Some attach multiple kites to a single string. Others get creative with shapes, sizes, and materials used. Imagine a beautiful hand-painted artistic kite dancing with the wind in the sky. How about box kites or the ones shaped like a windsock?

Join the Festivities With a Rental Ride

Gujrat is well-connected by road with all major cities. It is an excellent state with well-maintained roads and impressive civic facilities. Gujrat invites participants from all over the world to join the International Kite Festival. However, the festival is a visual delight not only for the kite lovers but every spectator as well. So, if you also want to soak into the magic of the International Kite Festival, book a rental ride and join the festivities. 

Witness thousands of people on rooftops and open grounds holding the strings to guide their kites. Regional celebrations are held in different cities of Gujrat. However, the best place to experience the charm of the International Kite Festival in Gujrat is indeed Ahemdabad. Do not forget to grab a delectable bite for sustenance as you admire the view of thousands of ravishing kites floating in the sky.


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