Best Cuisines to Try in Kashmir

Best Cuisines to Try in Kashmir

Posted On : 2021-07-18

Eight irresistible dishes to try in Kashmir to make you drool

The picturesque and serene land of Kashmir is a treat to the visitors' eyes. Likewise, the Kashmiri dishes are a treat to your taste buds.

The local spices of the natural valley region add an authentic spike to your taste buds. Whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, the “Zaeka-e-Kashmir” will never disappoint you with its choice. However, due to the influence of Mughal, non-vegetarian cuisine is the prime delicacy of Kashmir. So, if you are a meat lover, Kashmir is the ultimate place for you. 

Let’s get drooling over some of the famous delicacies of Kashmir. Here we go!


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  • Rogan Josh: Aromatic tempting lamb curry

One Kashmir food that you will always remember is Rogan Josh. It is a Mughal-style lamb curry. The exquisite flavour of Rogan Josh is from caramelized onions, Ginger, Garlic, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, and Yoghurt. The traditional way of preparing Rogan Josh is with clarified butter.

The various spices when sauteed with clarified butter spread a tempting aroma around. Lastly, the final look of the tender lamb when fused with Kashmiri red chillies is outstanding. You can enjoy the flavour of Rogan Josh with Naan, Roti, or rice. Enjoy this luscious tender meat and satiate your cravings!


  • Wazwan: The crowning royal meal

This is a rich Islamic dish served with a variety of 36 courses. The mouth-watering dishes usually require overnight cooking.

The taste of Wazwan dishes is just out of the world. And the meat items in the Wazwan platter are cooked with utmost care. Thus, it is worth tasting. Moreover, it is a staple in a Kashmiri household.

 The Wazwan platter with meat dishes also consists of rice, lentil dishes, seekh kabab, yogurt, dips, and chutneys.  Every special occasion in Kashmir is just incomplete without this staple dish.


  • Kashmiri Rajma (Kidney beans): A special treat to vegetarians

One of the staple dishes in the North Indian household is Rajma Chawal. However, the Kashmiri Rajma has a unique taste. The reason the Kashmiri Rajma tastes the best is that the Rajma (bean) is grown organically in the Kashmir region.

It is a simple dish yet enhanced with a rich flavor. The main ingredient to cook Rajma is onions and tomatoes. However, it is also combined with some spices. So, this is a must-try dish in Kashmir, especially if you are a vegetarian.


  • Dum Aloo: True delight to your taste buds

You might have ordered Dum Aloo in a regular restaurant. However, the secret is only Kashmiri cuisine can serve you authentic Dum Aloo. The real taste of Dum Aloo is only in Kashmir.

The main ingredient of Dum Aloo is baby potatoes. The baby potatoes are then fried with various spices combined with ginger powder, fennel, yogurt and red chilies. Don’t miss trying Kashmiri Dum Aloo as it is among the authentic Kashmiri veg cuisine.


  • Yakhni: Treat to your senses

Yakhni is another appetizing cuisine from the Kashmiri culinary plate. This yummilicious delicacy is prepared mainly with mutton and yogurt. The flavour is later enhanced with green and black cardamoms, mint leaves, Mawal flowers and onion paste.

The whiff of Yakhni is a treat to your senses. You can’t resist yourself once your senses whiff the authentic Yakhni.


  • Matschgand: Explore your gluttony side

This is a dish to tempt all meat lovers. Matschgand is minced meat spiced up with different spices. The final look of Matschgand is dark red. In some regions of Kashmir, even dry fruits are added to this dish to enhance its flavor.

So, if you are craving spicy food, then Matschgand is the culinary festival of your platter. Give this dish a try to seduce your cravings.


  • Phirni: Taste the sweetness of Kashmir

Have a sweet tooth? If yes, then you should not miss out on Phirni while in Kashmir. Phiri is a special delicacy straight from the Kashmir valley.

This is a decadent sweet dish prepared from saffron, dry fruits, milk, cardamom, and rice. Phirni is served in shikoras (earthen bowl), this will add a special touch to savour this rich sweet dish. Moreover, rose essence is added to enhance the flavor of Phirni. Taste this specialty of Kashmir, and we are sure you will visit Kashmir again just to taste Phirni.


  • Sheer Chai: Your luxury cup of tea

This call is especially for all the tea lovers out there. If you are a true tea lover, then you will relish having sheer chai. The color of sheer chai is pink. This is prepared by adding baking soda, milk, dry fruits, and a special kind of tea leaves.

Savour the sheer chai with noodles or Kashmir bread. While in Kashmir, add luxury to your cup of tea with sheer chai.

So, now you know about the famous Kashmiri dishes, you have enough options to satiate your cravings. Try these Kashmir delicacies while you enjoy the visual splendor of Kashmir.


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