How to Reach Sissu from Manali

How to Reach Sissu from Manali

Posted On : 2023-03-14

 Manali To Sissu- The Must Visit Tour!

Sissu, also known as Khwaling, is located in Lahaul, Himachal Pradesh, on the Chandra River's right bank. Visitors can travel to Sissu, which is surrounded by lofty peaks like the Gyephang Goh, by leaving the North End of the Rohtang/Atal Tunnel. Due to the spectacular view of the waterfall, known locally as Palden Lhamo dhar, it attracts a lot of tourists.

Although Sissu serves as the center of numerous nearby villages, including Labrang, the Labrang Gompa, a Buddhist temple, is accessible to outsiders. While the Hotel Triveni, Hotel Plm Dhara, and various homestays offer lodging, tea stalls sell snacks. There is also a helipad on site. This place is greeted with a new layer of snow in March 2023!

While in Manali, on the other side of the Atal Tunnel, a few kilometers away, is the Sissu valley. This region is part of Himachal's Lahaul District, which is overseen by the Border Roads Organization. 

Ways or sources to reach to Sissu from Manali

Route via car 

The distance from Manali to Sissu is manageable for a very great road trip.
The route from Atal Tunnel to Sissu Valley is spectacular, with clean mountain air, the Chandrabhaga (Chenab) river running on one side, and mountains and valleys covered in snow. Thus far, it appears to have been spared from tourism.
Snow boots are advised, it is powdery and flaky, and the feet are sinking. For thrill-seekers, there are ziplines. You will enjoy sizzling hot Maggi and chai (tea) from the food stands that are open. Also available is omelette. Government-run Atal Café was shut down.

Route via jeep

Travel around the beautiful place in a jeep. The journey from Manali to Sissu is filled with joy and enthusiasm. One cannot pass up the fantastic experience that the Sissu Jeep Tour gives. All of the visitors and backpackers are provided with an everlasting experience of joy and delight by the jeep ride.

As the distance is only about 40 km, a jeep road excursion would be the ideal mode of transportation. 40 kilometers is a lot more manageable distance when trying to picture the thrill and the excitement. The greatest option for this Manali Sissu Tour will be a jeep trip, which will allow you to explore the area while also providing you with a guide and driver, which is much more pleasant.

What is the comfortable transport from Manali to Sissu?

Route via Public Transport

Bus travel from Manali to Sissu costs between 2,700 and 8,000 rupees and takes two days and twenty minutes. The trip from Manali to Sissu via the Atal Tunnel is only 25 to 30 km, and Sissu also serves as the exit for the currently under construction Rohtang Tunnel, which will link Kullu Valley with Lahoul Valley and make Lahoul Valley accessible all year long. The best way to travel to Sissu, which is located around 40 kilometres from Manali, is by bus.

Things to do in Sissu valley for tourists

Do you enjoy camping? The environment at Sissu is ideal for camping. It's a fantastic campsite because of the Chandra River, nearby snow-capped mountains, and lakes. Make your own camp and experience what it's like to spend the night amidst nature. Choose the ideal spot for you, or go with a private campground.

Trekking is one of the top activities in Sissu. How can you leave Sissu without going on a hike or a trek? In the community, these two pursuits are the most popular. There are both short and long treks accessible here. The most well-known trip is the Ghepan Ghat Lake Trek, where people go to backpack, camp, and observe birds.

Who doesn't adore the peaceful feeling of gazing up at the stars? Lahaul's high elevation makes it a great location for stargazing. Even in the Mountains, you can see the Milky Way. Bring your telescope with you if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature.

If you visit Sissu, you must see the stunning Sissu waterfall before leaving. Your eyes will be treated to a beautiful view as the waterfall plunges from a height of 50 metres. Although you can see the waterfall from the highway, making the hike to its base is essential. It looks utterly mesmerizing with its lush green greenery.

What is the best time for snowfall in Sissu valley?

  • Sun to Sat, 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM, Sissu Valley is open.
  • The ideal times to travel to Sissu are from September to December and from February to June. Throughout these months, you can encounter Sissu in all of its facets.
  • The autumn season in Sissu, when the leaves begin to fall from the trees and the entire landscape transforms into a mystical wonderland, lasts from September to October.
  • Sissu in Winter - For snow enthusiasts, Sissu is best visited in the winter, when temperatures can dip as low as minus 30 in January and snowfall is active.
  • Sissu in the Summer - In the summer, this settlement is photographed against the lush backdrop of the Himalayan Mountains.

Some extra information

The roads from Manali to Sissu are in good shape. The majority of Himachal's high altitude roads are created and maintained by Border Road Organization.
One can schedule their journey accordingly since tourists are permitted until around 4 pm. One could also become stuck in a traffic gridlock.

Domestic travel is not prohibited. However there may be some restrictions:

  • Masks for the face are advised.
  • There are regional restrictions in force.
  • Further limitations can be imposed suddenly.
  • Follow COVID-19 safety guidelines.


Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How is the Sissu-Manali road doing?

A1. The roads from Manali to Sissu are in good shape. The majority of Himachal's high altitude roads are created and maintained by Border Road Organization.

Q2. Sissu Trek lasts how long?

A2. This 21.0-mile out-and-back track may be found close to Keylang, Himachal Pradesh. It requires an average of 12 hours, 16 minutes to finish, and is generally thought of as a difficult route.

Q3. Which Himachal trek is the most challenging?

A3. One of the hardest treks in Himachal is the Pin Parvati Pass trip, which is situated at a dizzying elevation of 5,320.8 metres. However, the effort is lessened by the abundance of breathtaking views along the way. This walk connects the Parvati Valley in Kullu with the Pin Valley in Spiti.

Q4. Is Manali's ropeway operational?

A4. From 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM, you can ride the Manali Ropeway at Solang Valley and enjoy the breathtaking views of the valley and the Himalayas.

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