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Best for Relaxation: Kerala Backwaters

Best for Relaxation: Kerala Backwaters

Posted On : 2022-03-05

Best for Relaxation: Kerala Backwaters

Kerala is quite popular as God’s own country. It has always been a destination for romance and group travel for more than 600 years. When you travel to Kerala, also famous as the Silver State of India’s south. You get swayed away with the amusing scenic legacy captivating, enthralling, and exhilarating. The Kerala Trip cannot be said to be completed unless you visit the shiny and sparkly backwaters. The turquoise water of the Arabian Sea takes your heart away with its flow alongside the lush green palms. The exotic Coconut Plantations have a diverse lineage. You will say what more I can as for once you visit the destination.

There are many unknown still highly acclaimed backwaters of Kerala. The places will give you goosebumps for sure.


Ø Valiyaparamba Backwaters, Kasaragod

The place is in Kasaragod. It is situated in the northernmost district of Kerala. It is the most enchanting and vivacious backwaters destination in Kerala. It gets formed by four rivers alongside a small island. Valiyaparamba is situated in the proximity of a mere 30 km from Bakel. They have offerings of ferry rides and Bekal fort. The beaches like Pallikere and the Kappil are great weekend escape destinations for perfect rejuvenation.


Ø Kavvayi Backwater at Payyanur

Kavvayi Backwaters at Payyanur is the most famous and largest backwaters in northern Kerala. You can enjoy the exquisite houseboats around. You can visit the destination with your family, loved ones to explore the massive variety of scenery around. In case you are looking for some exposure to a new culture or exploring the cultures. Then you may like to attend the Theyyams and Temple Festivals, a consistent in Payyanur. The Edayilakadu Island is another location of forest dedicated to worshipping holy snakes – it is unique and happens only in Kerala!


Ø Marine Drive, Kochi

Marine Drive in Kochi is an apt example of the exquisite nightlights of the city. It is forming a backdrop of the cool breeze ascending from the backwaters. You will have quality time here and can watch the sunset or laze around the Marine walkaway. The evening at Marrybrown, DiMark is quite enjoyable. You can have your Coffee at Coffee Bar or can also go shopping at the GCDA Shopping Complex. There are other attractions such as the rainbow bridge and the China Net Bridge.


Ø Padanna Backwaters, Kasaragod

Padanna Backwaters is the utmost serene backwaters near the Padanna village. It is in the northernmost district of Kerala. It is one of its kind theme village situated in Kerala, having the centre of oyster harvesting. It is one of the predominant occupations here. Other than relishing the backwaters on houseboats, mussel farming is another attraction here. It is one of the major attractions of this place. You can satisfy your taste buds with the cuisine prepared out of the locally harvested mussels. Another spot to visit is Kareem’s forest. The forest is spread over more than 32 acres. You can also enjoy the plantations including coconut, areca nut, spices and cashew.


Ø Thiruvallam Backwaters in Thiruvananthapuram

You can go for a ride on kettuvaloms via this exotic backwater. It starts from Thiruvananthapuram and goes up to Kovalam. Other than water sports, you can also go for the floating bridges and short village trips. In case your travel plan allows then the Parashuram Temple is a must-visit destination. In the temple, all locals worship the mythological creator of Kerala, Parashuram.


Ø Ashtamudi Backwaters, Kollam

The Ashtamudi backwaters are composed of 8 channels, forming the second-largest backwaters in Kerala. This 16 km long lake provides an excellent network to all the prominent backwaters in Kerala. The lineage of high-end resorts around this place adds to the richness of this backwater. Some great staying options include Palm Lagoon Backwater Resort and Aquaserene Backwater Resort. You may also like to spend a day or two on the floating huts or the houseboats mesmerizing in the beauty of the coconut trees lining this natural heritage.


Ø Alumkadavu, Kollam

Alumkadavu is the place of origin of the famous houseboats prevalent in the Kerala backwaters. The kettuvaloms are modified and add to their beauty and catch the attention of the visitors. The houseboats are crafted by the finest and most highly trained craftsmen with eco-friendly resources. The backwaters are home to the coir producing industries. You can visit the nearby coir producing industries and learn about the magic of coir production.


Ø Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom

Looking for a perfect spot for picnics, boating or fishing, or sightseeing? Then Vembanad Lake is the perfect place. The lake has been blessed by nature with rich scenic beauty, captivating enough to gain the attention of the tourists. In the vicinity, you will find a village known as the Kumarakom Tourist village. During the time of Onam festival season. You may find historic snake boat races here. It is amazing to notice a hundred men rowing a single boat and rushing towards the banks through these calm backwaters.


Ø Sasthamkotta Backwaters: The Queen of Lakes, Kollam

Sasthamkotta is known as the Queen of Lakes. It is one of the largest lakes in Kerala and is surrounded by hills. The lake has got great religious importance. The very popular Sastha Temple of Lord Ganesh and Lord Ayyapa is a place of worship here. It is visited by numerous tourists for their adoration to the Gods. Feeding fruits and nuts at the Sastha temple to the monkeys is considered a divine ceremonial.


Ø Pathiramanal Backwaters

Pathiramanal can be considered as the temporary residence of hundreds of birds who migrates from various parts of the world. In case you wish to watch birds with the backdrop of the vibrant backwaters. You will find various species of birds such as Pintail Ducks, Night Heron, Cormorant, Common Teal, Darter, Indian Shag, Purple Heron, gulls, terns, large egrets etc.