Advice For Solo-Travellers Travelling To Kerala

Advice For Solo-Travellers Travelling To Kerala

Posted On : 2021-07-19

Tips On Exploring Kerala As A Solo-Traveller

Kerala is undoubtedly the most sought-after destination in India. Blessed with tranquil backwaters, picturesque coastlines-everything seems to be magical here. Moreover, intensive tea cultivation, scrumptious South-Indian food are some of the attributes of Kerala.

 You could make the experience most interesting while solo-traveling. The best part is once you reach Kerala, you are no more a solo traveler- the atmosphere is so friendly. You can also opt for the Kerala solo trip package to make the most of your journey. Moreover, traveling solo means the world is your oyster!

Here is a little advice for people traveling without their fam-bam. To ease your solo trip to Kerala, we have jotted down the best advice. So, let’s get started!


  • Planning: Plan the perfect escapade

Solo-traveling calls for good planning. You need to at least plan the outline of your trip. No doubt, you can plan your trip after mingling with locals. However, you need to arrange for your stay booking in advance. This is a crucial factor if you are traveling solo to Kerala.

If you are a solo woman traveler, then a pre-booking of your stay is recommended. A clear outline of your trip and also the places to visit can save a lot of time.


  • Best places for a life-changing experience

An ample definition of solo traveling is discovering yourself. It is a way you investigate your inner personality. You can head over splashing discovering multiple places with full freedom. In solo traveling, there is no limit to your choice.

However, there are destinations in Kerala which is best for solo travelers. Such as Kochi, Munnar, Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram, Alappuzha, Kottayam, Idukki, Varkala, Thekkady and Wayanad. These are the prime places for solo travelers to make the most of their escapade.


  • Set on a journey with packing light

As mentioned above, there are different places for solo travelers to explore. So, to ease your journey, pack light.

Transportation and the scorching heat of Kerala can drain your energy. Of course, you need to pack essential items. But make sure it does not load your luggage. Therefore, you should ponder about packaging light items during your solo trip packages. Pack light and enjoy the bright weather of Kerala!


  • Interact with the locals to discover hidden gems

The best way to know about a place is to interact with the locals. Strike a conversation with the locals about the off-beat places of Kerala. Truth be told, these hidden gems are the ideal place for solo travellers.

Quite and away from the prime city; Moreover, if you want to explore Kerala on a shoestring budget, local people can be your ultimate guide.

You can communicate with locals in English. Or else learn a few lines in Malayalam to base a good impression. Some of the off-beat places in Kerala are Gavi, Nelliampathi, Chembra Peak, Ayyampuzha, and Vagamon.


  • Savour local street delicacy

This piece of advice is not just for the Kerala solo trip but for all the avid travellers. If you want to savour the sheer delicacy of any state, try the local street food. Local street food is pocket-friendly and authentic.

Some of the famous street foods to try in Kerala are Erissery, Idiyappam, Malabar Parotta, Sundal, and Puttu. Savour the diverse range of yumminess when in Kerala!


Kerala arguably will delight you with its exclusive places. You need to decide the right destination wherever you please. Moreover, create a perfect plan to delight your trip.

Search for a Kerala solo trip package to traverse across the state. These trips are well planned and will never disappoint solo travellers. Follow the above rules and soak in the delights of unending blissful places in Kerala!


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