Best Time to Visit Jibhi & Tirthan Valley

Best Time to Visit Jibhi & Tirthan Valley

Posted On : 09-10-2021

Best Time to Visit Jibhi & Tirthan Valley

Planning to have a vacation at Hill Station for the mesmerizing experience and want to make cherishable memories. One place that will suffice all your needs and ensure you the best experience is Tirthan Valley. The Jibhi & Tirthan valley. January is one of the best times to visit Tirthan Valley as the temperature is super awesome and comfortable and varies from 3 Degrees to 12 Degrees Celsius. The Snowfall is quite common during this time especially 2nd half of January Month.

Is it safe to Travel to Tirthan Valley now these days?

Tirthan Valley is also known as a mesmerizing "hamlet" because of its location amidst the lush green forests because its surroundings having a variegated mountain, Jibhi is an appropriate destination to relax and spend isolated and peaceful moments with your loved ones. Of course, thinking about the Pandemic or Corona impact or safety of you and your family, yes, it is least impacted and safe to travel to Tirthan Valley.

Attraction and Must visit Places Tirthan Valley

Picturesque Jibhi

It is referred to as heaven for the trekkers. It is one of the beautiful villages having lush green and dense forests which ensures to provide you with peace and tranquility! It is an unexplored and untouched location by tourists and situated at a beautiful location in the lap of the Himalayas. It deserves at least an overnight stay by all tourists who are visiting Tirthan Valley. It will give an enchanting and mesmerizing experience to the visitor because of its serenity of the environment. The place has been blessed with Victorian-inspired cottages and estates.

Stunning Jalori Pass

In case you are a trekking, camping, and grabbing enthusiast then nothing can be better than the gorgeous picturesque views of the Dhauladhar stretch! Jalori Pass can easily be reached from Tirthan Valley and the distance is hardly around 80 km from beautiful Kullu. The lovely trek has to offer the encapsulate the beautiful views to the pass. One can always enjoy the stunning locale, setting up a campfire, and getting mingled with the residents who can narrate your tales unknown.

Beautiful Serloskar Lake

The best of the attractions also includes the beautiful Serloskar Lake in Tirthan Valley and is situated hardly 5 km from Jalori Pass. One can imagine the charm and fascinating locations at Jalori Pass, the views would be one of the best at exquisite Serloskar lake. The lake is famous for its feel like home for the amazing temple of Goddess Budhi Nagin, the sons of the Goddess Budhi Nagin are considered to be the guardians of the valley. Numerous interesting stories are being narrated, also the thick oak trees and lush green and dense forests offer a great amount of calming and tranquilizing emotions!

The Great Himalayan National Park

Spread across an area of 90000 hectares is one of the astounding Great Himalayan National Park. Having a lush green and dense oak and pine trees decorates the canvassing the park-like anything, it is rendered as the Himalayan biodiversity hotspot to having a slew of varied flora and fauna. The animals like snow leopards, beautiful Asiatic black bear, the Himalayan blue sheep, or musk deer, and many more to name are quite common to be spotted. One should not afford to miss this beautiful place if nature is an interesting area while visiting Tirthan Valley. Numerous treks and trails starting from the park's premise, include the Raktisar trek, the beautiful Rangthar trek, etc.


It is one of the amazing and eye-catching villages known as Gushing village situated in Tirthan Valley. Gorgeously placed on the banks of the Tirthan river, it gives a soothing experience and a sight to sore eyes for sure. Situated merely 10 km from the Great Himalayan National Park. It can be clubbed with the two expeditions and can be a good choice for homestays while visiting the Tirthan Valley.

It has got many outdoor activities to offer Gushaini village namely angling, camping, hiking, of course, river crossing, and many more to name.

Chain Kothi

It is a tower-like structure one can find in the village called Chain village, and in the vicinity of Tirthan Valley only. It is in the very vicinity of that of Chain Fort. It was built in the 17th century for the sole purpose of defending the village from any attacks by outsiders. Himachal Pradesh is full of villages that do not allow outsiders to enter or touch because of their sacredness. Chain Kothi does not allow visitors to climb as well. However, the place can be visited in Tirthan Valley to enjoy the cultural bliss of Chain village.

Things to do in Tirthan Valley

Trekking, Day Hiking, Sightseeing, Fishing in Tirthan River, camping at various locations, Stargazing: -Undoubtedly, it is heaven for trekking lovers and one of the best and lustrous places to trek not only in Himachal Pradesh but across India. The beautiful river flowing, and its trail exposes with the exquisite flora and fauna, a trek is amazing to give you best of the trekking experience. It consists of two days treks in the vicinity of the valley, and having its challenges of 10-day, takes you to the snow-capped Himalayas. The higher, one goes on the altitude, the higher the challenges to climb and the environment would get.


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