what to see in and around darjeeling

what to see in and around darjeeling

Posted On : 31-08-2021

What to See in Darjeeling - Must Know Before Plan

Darjeeling is a hill town located in the State of West Bengal. This place is located at a height of 6710 Ft making it a cool place with a chilled climate throughout the year. The climate here can vary from  8•C to 15•C in summer and from 1•C to 6•C in winter. The climate changes here frequently and it starts raining at any point in time thus carrying an umbrella is a must while visiting this place. The best time to visit Darjeeling is between September to mid-December. Darjeeling is also well known for its tea plantations. The aromatic fragrance of these tea plantations will leave your hearts filled. There are a lot of places to see and visit in and around Darjeeling.

The nearest railway station here is New Jalpaiguri and the nearest airport from here is Bagdora. From New Jalpaiguri one can take a cab to Darjeeling to visit the places in and around Darjeeling. It will take about 3 to 4 hours approx to reach Darjeeling from New Jalpaipuri depending upon the traffic. 

One can book a hotel at Gandhi Road/Mall Road/ Zakir Hussain Road which is located at the heart of the city and traveling to and fro from there is very convenient and visit different places in and around Darjeeling becomes easier. Also, you can find many good hotels and different food options on these streets.

If you are wondering is in Darjeeling what to see, what to visit in and around Darjeeling then here you go, we have a 3 Day itinerary for you:

Day 1: Enthusiastic Travel

There are lots and lots of things and places to visit in and around Darjeeling, One can catch a cab from Ghantaghar to see different attractions and to visit different places in and around Darjeeling.

1) Happy Valley Tea Estate:

Attraction: Located at an altitude of 6000 Ft this place is must visit for the beautiful view of Darjeeling and fruitful aromatic fragrances of tea.

2) Ranjeet Valley:

Attraction: This place offers a ropeway ride which is of approx 40 minutes and takes you up to the breathtaking view of Darjeeling and the snow-clad mountain peaks and exquisite landscapes.

3) Tenzing Rock:

Attraction: If you are adventurous you can try rock climbing at this place which is done with utmost care and under supervision.

4) Himalayan Zoological Park:

Attraction: One can then travel to this zoo where rare species of animals and birds are found.

5) Himalayan Mountaineering Institute:

Attraction: If you are interested in getting some nostalgic moments of your college life and if you want to learn some mountaineering techniques and courses you must visit this place.

6) Himalayan Mountaineering Museum:

Attraction: This place holds the rarest items that people have gathered during their mountain trips and treks.

7) Bengal National Holiday Museum:

Attraction: This place is a fascinating collection of more than 4000 specimens being exhibited located in the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park in Darjeeling.

Day 2: Peaceful Travel

8) Tiger Hill:

Attraction: The mesmerizing view of sunrise falling on the twin peaks of Kangchenjunga, along with a panoramic view of Everest peeping can be witnessed from this point.

9) Senchal Wildlife Sanctuary:

Attraction: This place inhabits various high-altitude animals and birds namely the red panda along with various oak trees, Bamboo Trees Magnolia Trees, etc to add to the beauty of this reserve.

10) Shruberry Nightangle Park:

Attraction: This place holds a beautiful view of Sikkim along with a treat to nature lovers by its ravish scenic beauty. This place also has a divine giant statue of Lord Shiva.

11) Guru Sakya Monastery + Yiga Choeling Monastery + Samten Choeling Monastery :

Attraction: You can visit this monastery to experience the essence of the place. Visiting these monasteries will get you well versed with the kind of culture that is followed here. All these monasteries are located within a radius of 1-1.5 Kms.

12) Japanese Peace Pagoda:

Attraction: This is a glistering white structure of about 70 years old history. This structure was built under the supervision of a Japanese monk. It's worth a visit.

Day 3: Adventurous Travel

13) Batasia Loop:

Attraction: This place is located 5 Km away from Darjeeling. At this place, the toy train takes a 360-degree turn and descends by 1000 ft as it completes a loop.

14) Toy Train Ride:

Attraction: Taking a Toy Train ride when you visit Darjeeling is a must. The train has transparent windows which allow you to enjoy the view at the fullest.

15) Darjeeling Rock garden:

Attraction: This is a peaceful garden that has benches that are carved from different kinda rocks at different levels. This is located 10 kms away from the city. This garden is also known as Barboty Garden.

16) Singalila National Park:

Attraction: Located at a height of 7000 ft this park is well known for trekking and other adventure sports activities.

17)Mall Road:

Attraction: The perfect place to shop for yourself and your loved ones.

The above was while being in Darjeeling what to see, and for what to visit around Darjeeling, One can also prefer going to Gangtok from Darjeeling which will take a four-hour journey.


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