Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University Mount Abu, m

The Head quarter of the Brahma Kumaris is located in Mount Abu , Rajasthan. Their movement boasts over 4 lakh members and 5,000 centres in 87 countries. Their worldwide women-centric spiritual movement has one mission: to guide humanity towards its spiritual destiny and thereby help with the birth of Satyug.
The Brahma Kumari philosophy revolves around the premise that humans are souls and not the body. To establish this fact, it teaches Raja Yoga Meditation in all its centres. The meditator is required to focus on a point of light issuing from a lamp, as the teacher intones a combination of guided visualization and affirmations. In addition, it runs many workshops and programs at Mount Abu to which all are welcome. These programs are run at one of the three establishments: the headquarters at Pandav Bhavan; the Academy for a Better World in Gyan Sarovar which hosts workshops for 13 professional and special interest groups such as scientists, engineers, doctors, educationists, media, businessmen, politicians, farmers, women and youth; and at Shantivan, Taleti, on the plains of Abu Road.

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